Passing in the /k flag then the command "mklink cmd" then and only then does it execute.

mklink can be run from any command path, therefore I'm trying to run mklink though runas by means of runas /noprofile /users:AdminUser mklink but I can get error that The system cannot find the file specified ? How can I tell runas to run the command mklink as I would when running mklink from any command prompt ?

Thanks, what I may do is do some basic understanding of C all the while begin to learn C++; as to understand their differences and structured programming.

Doesn't C help with understanding how computers and programming work to the core ? You can't write programs with C ? I won't be writting anytime soon Windows Apps or any App in general.

I assume I can use C to write to Raspberry Pi; as well ?

I'm completely torn between learning C or C#. I've been informed to learn C to which I can simply migrate to C++ fairly easy if I want.

Is C similar to C# (C-sharp); or are they completely different ? I was wondering if I should begin learning C# and the transition to C will be a tad bit easier ?

What kind of USB stick ?

I must always create the folder as well as the source code file with the commandcode . ?

I should be able to open the integrated terminal as mentioned here; and type python and it runs the file; unfortunately I get an error as integrated terminal opens Powershell; whether it's suppose to open Power shell or not; I can't run the code as mentioned in the tutorial ?


When download a large file or backing up my computer, it's typical the computer restarts; if this information helps ?

I'm running Windows Memory Diagnostics; in hopes, it gives me an error. If there is no error then I don't know what hardware is failing I'm a a loss.

I just want to get VSC setup so when doing something like print("hello mango") I see the result. I've been searching for someone who could answer my VSC questions.

I've checked event log etc. If this helps, some programs that run in the notification area have occasional animated icons; when I must restart the computer those notification icons stop animating they stick.

What if for months I was over heating the CPU due to circumstances I couldn't resolve the issue immediately before applying a better CPU cooler and since then this problem has been persistant. Could RAM DIMMS have got destroyed; GPU or parts of the motherboard ? Prior to that, never experienced this problem.

I'm hoping someone can help. For a long time I've been having the computer randomly restart or freeze; especially when backing up my computer to a network drive the computer freezes. I was informed it was the PSU; and so as of recently I replaced it with a brand new PSU unfortunatley the problem persists.

There are only two issues the GPU or RAM and I'm leaning on the advice given was wrong; although maybe it helped to some extent. Although to eliminate the problem competely I must replace all the RAM DIMMS ? Assuming the RAM DIMMS got destroyed but; when doing a Memory Test with MemTest x86 the results were error free.

What is the cause of this problem so as I can eliminate it, for good ?

More info on the problem; the screen will go black; the computer will restart or as mentioned when backing up to a NAS. The computer can operate for hours and hours sometimes before the screen goes black or restarts.

Where or can someone help me on using Visual Studio Code; as I installed a Python extension and I can't get the console / debugger to show the results of the code ?

I need some help why can't I create an instance of the child class without an error ?

class tv():
    def _init__(self,color,screen,frame):
        self.screen = screen
        self.frame = frame
    def DesOfTV(self):
        info = "The TV has a"+self.color+"and a"+self.screen+"screen"
        return info

class retroTV(tv):
    def __init__(self,color,screen,frame):

oldertV = retroTV("black","tuber","wood")

Thanks, wasn't aware you could append a string operation; then again strip() is a string operation :)
I'm learning both; some program API I'll be using only use Python 2.

Can't you do else within while loops ?

If the user enters only one character, I want it to prompt for the name again; otherwise print the persons name in ASCII. Instead what is happening is it's printing the name depending on how many characters are in the name ?

nameAsk = raw_input("What is your name?")
for name in nameAsk:
  if (len(name)>=2):

I understand. The first method I like although; neither is working in Codepen ?

  <mask id="chain">
  <path id="chainy" d="M70,11.6C70,17.9,65.3,23,59.5,23c-1.5,0-2.9-0.3-4.2-1c0.3,0.2-7-3.2-13.4-3.2C36.1,18.7,26,23,23.5,23
<circle class="LcircleChain" cx="25.3" cy="11.3" r="6.2"/>
<circle class="RcircleChain" cx="58.6" cy="11.3" r="6.2"/>

The #id chainy I want visible, while the other circle classes I want as by default, invisible. When attempt to load the #chainy

   <use xlink:href="#chainy" x="0" y="0" />

I don't see the circles within invisible ?

I can't understand how you are creating the gear with the circles, when the circles don't have fill="black" applied to each circle ?

Now you use I understand it better; like only with more flexibility.

I read you need to use, to read the reference file. Although I'm still unable to subtract one shape from another, I could have my black & whites in the wrong order ?

Class=gearMiddle needs to be solid (non-transparent) while, mCircleGearOne & mCircleGearTwo must be transparent or subtract a hole into Class=gearMiddle.

       <mask id="one">
              <circle class="mCircleGearOne" cx="25.3" cy="11.3" r="6.2" fill="black"/>
              <circle class="mCircleGearTwo" cx="58.6" cy="11.3" r="6.2" fill="black"/>
              <path class="gearMiddle" d="M70,11.6C70,17.9,65.3,23,59.5,23c-1.5,0-2.9-0.3-4.2-1c0.3,0.2-7-3.2-13.4-3.2C36.1,18.7,26,23,23.5,23
              fill="white" stroke="#4d5056" stroke-width=".83"/>

X & Y being position data obviously. Xlink is deprecated there doesn't seem to be an alternative besides which doesn't appear good for testing purposes.

It's not the complete graphic, the complete graphic isn't required; add the tag between the tag and it should work.

I'm attempting to mask out the circles with the gearMiddle, it is as straight forward as, what you want to mask out, you make black, what you want to keep you make white (punch out effect). How do I keep what is white to which I want to keep, visible; currently it's not visible ?

<mask> <path class="gearMiddle" d="M70,11.6C70,17.9,65.3,23,59.5,23c-1.5,0-2.9-0.3-4.2-1c0.3,0.2-7-3.2-13.4-3.2C36.1,18.7,26,23,23.5,23
    fill="white" stroke="#4d5056" stroke-width=".83"/> <circle class="mCircleGearOne" cx="25.3" cy="11.3" r="6.2" /> <circle class="mCircleGearTwo" cx="58.6" cy="11.3" r="6.2" /> </mask> <path class="RGearLink" d="M82.4,20c-0.5,0.1-1,0.2-1.5,0.2H68c-0.7,0-1.4-0.1-2-0.3c2.4-1.9,4-5,4-8.6c0-3.6-1.6-6.7-4-8.6
    c0.6-0.2,1.3-0.3,2-0.3h12.9c0.5,0,1,0.1,1.5,0.2c-2.5,1.9-4.2,5.1-4.2,8.8C78.2,14.9,79.9,18.2,82.4,20z" fill="black" /> <path class="LGearLink" d="M17.1,20.4c-0.5,0.1-1,0.2-1.5,0.2H2.7c-0.7,0-1.4-0.1-2-0.3c2.4-1.9,4-5,4-8.6c0-3.6-1.6-6.7-4-8.6
    c0.6-0.2,1.3-0.3,2-0.3h12.9c0.5,0,1,0.1,1.5,0.2c-2.5,1.9-4.2,5.1-4.2,8.8C12.9,15.3,14.6,18.5,17.1,20.4z" fill="black"/> </svg>

After years of not upgrading my goal is 10 or 18 - core system :)

@rproffitt - What do you mean they can't create user accounts ?

I don't have any account creation issues. I'm stating if you search for what is in the second last path of the url from my the dead link from two posts ago from myself; you'll see what I'm talking about.

Search the second last part of the URL since the link is broken.

It's the error that is seen when creating a guest account.