When clicking on any of the menu items on my page, for example; clicking on the word blog, calls up the "tutorials" div, when only clicking the word "tutorials" should call up the "tutorials" div. Second issue is the #reachme div should be completely hidden behind the footer and only become visible when the word "reachme" is clicked, the second part of that action works, but as for it being completely hidden, not so !

This jQuery code works, but when translated to the actual page, it's jerky ?


[QUOTE=evstevemd;1596456]You haven't even answered rey's question. Show efforts before ask for help. Empty hands have to leave empty![/QUOTE]

I did read the replies, I have the code already done I would like some help on fixing it and getting it to work as well as adding some hijack features. I did say I'm learning Javascript not PHP that is the reason behind the question...arggghh !!!

I would appreciate if anyone can donoate. I get a discount only for a short while, on this item. The item is a video clip located [URL="

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Hello, I don't know where to go to start a donating system. I want to purchase an item that is [I]not[/I] expensive, but I'm short on the [I]money[/I]. Where would I go or how would I go about it to get a donation system going for, in this case approx [B]$34.00[/B] ([I]It's a small amount, therefore, easier[/I]) If anyone could help me, or if anyone wants to help me in regards to buying the item, I would appreciate it, [B]greatly[/B].

I would also show, what I'm doing with it, which [I]I hope[/I] would not disappoint, anyone.

I did manage to get Windows XP and Windows7 to talk to each other. My problem is when I ping the WindowsXP machine from Windows7 I get "[B]request time out[/B]", yet they can share files back and forth. It doesn't make sense.