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yeah, hence asking for the ip address of the post #8 and #9 made cause then i will check whether it matches with my ISP's ip address or not.

[QUOTE=crunchie;808934]Maybe someone is using your pc?[/QUOTE]

Thank you for your reply, but I alone use my computer and nobody else does. Hence, Pm'ing you about some information that i want to get about it.

Admins/Mods, to whomsoever it may conern, I dont know, but somebody is trying to spam with my id. I havent posted in this thread but as per the result it seems 2 days ago someone spam through my id.:( :X

Yeah, get OS reinstalled or die trying reaping backdoor. :P

Thats amazing... thanks for the info. i was about to post a similar one. thanks again!

[QUOTE=Suspishio;806981]I never want to be backdoored by anyone![/QUOTE]

Yes, but there is a saying that "As you sow so shall you reap".:P lol

[QUOTE=notuserfriendly;806966]You sir might have been backdoored by a script kiddie and hes having fun. try runing and AV scan and post an HJT log.[/QUOTE]

Yes man, he can post a hijackthis log here. For more information on HijackThis go to this link. [url][/url]

Hello Marco, Wazzup
Welcome here on DaniWeb, hope you have a good time here.

Enjoy the forums.

I guess you better reformat and reinstall the windows again for the smooth functioning of the OS.

Well, recently I bought a 160gb Ipod and I want to know how to put games in it. Katie, do you know a way to transfer games into it. Thanks

[QUOTE=The New Normal;706352]Yeah that's a fair call :)

The cheap quad is the Q6600.
For the new series, the Q9450 and Q9550 are exactly the same, it's just the 9550 has 8.5 multiplier compared to the 8x multiplier of the 9450. But right now a 3GHz dual core does game better than a 2.6GHz quad.

Just be aware those 2 cases are very big and designed for airflow, not silence, so take that into account.

[URL=""]Oh yeah, this site's got a few tech heads. Post up a list of things you want to buy and they'll give you some good tips.[/URL][/QUOTE]

How many years do you think this E8400 would be able to handle the new upcoming games, cause it is rite now an age of quad cores and after that prolly the nehalem's :P

Also, this cheap quad q6600 would be enough to outperform graphics things and all?

But anyways, Thanks for the headups, and also for the links.


I wont be overclocking it as it is going to be a new build and I dont want to stress at the very beginning. And for the card that you have mentioned, GTX280 is not available in our local market.

Also, I am not very comfortable with any other boards cause I am addicted to Asus. If any other board in Asus series is given then I will prolly go for it which should be in the same specs as well keeping in mind.

And for the processor I guess the Q9550 would be an overkill but I still want it in the Quad series as I wont have to upgrade later for this.

Ram suggestion looks good enough for me.

And for cooling and case, I would go for what is suggested.

Thanks for the help

Hello, long time no see.
Anyways, I want to build a gaming rig and for that I have already choosen some peripherals already except for ram, processor and cooling equipments.

Here is the list that I will be purchasing for intense gaming (also wouldnt mind if anything different from this list suggested):
DVD Re-Writable - DRU-845s-W
Seagate 250 GB Hard Drive
Corsair TX650W Power Supply

Now, I think the board and graphic card is enough for any game to be played, but which ram, processor and cooling equipments would be able to handle this type of specs and would be also for high end gaming. Also my budget is till 70k - 80kbut wouldnt mind to increase it to 1 lakh. Need your opinions very urgently. Thank you.

Hello, can anyone please tell me how to analyze Hijackthis or Smitfraud softwares?

seems to be some kind of virus problem, have you tried scanning out your pc with some anti-virus software. Also can you post hijackthis log here so that someone might have a look at what could be the problem.

Change is unavoidable

okies, lets cross our finger n hoping for the best....

[QUOTE]lol dont bump your own post its frowned upon here.

Looks like its a dead monitor or a dying monitor, I would chuck it or sell it on ebay theres always who will want someone elses junk! [/QUOTE]

the monitor is dying but not dead n thanks for the comments which was not helpful to me at all.
{Rather than helping, why hijacking thread with no useful comments at all?}

[QUOTE]computer display settings is higher than the monitor can handle,.
when computer starts to boot up start hitting the f8 key to go into safe mode,when you get there right click on the desktop and go properties /settings and change screen resolution to 800x640 ,save settings and Reboot computer .[/QUOTE]

thanks mate, u r really a helpful..
will try as suggested or will rma the monitor as i have myself bought a new one infact before creating a thread here.....


i cant fiddle with the settings cause i am barely able to see nything in the horizontal line, but yeah when i just give it a punch on the side of the monitor the horizontal line widens from 5 centimeters to 15-20 centimeters but after few seconds it again shortens.

the monitor is above 3 years old another wise i could have gotten it replaced.:(

i was just askin it theoritically but not practically cause i am too aware of the danger but yeah the cable is what i want to have a look at. rite.
nwyays thanks mate


i had a old lg monitor which i tried to connect yesterday in my comp n bang i only see a small horizontal line 5 centimeters in the middle of the screen with the logo of windows xp loading n rest of the up n down parts are covered with black. what do u guys think, the monitor can be cured or should i rma it?

monitor is lg 17" e700.

thanks fellas

well, after reading many threads on the same issues i think its the ide cable that is problamatic cause my hard drive is brand new.

one more thing, what if i am just hanging the hdd without it being fitted into the case,maybe causing all the trouble?

nyways your two cents of search really gave me some idea which is very much appreciated.

[B]The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D[/B]

this is the single error report that am getting in Sytem Log.


can nybody tell me what is this error code mean
[B]BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 81B16A98 BCP2 : 820A5C78 BCP3 : F8971CBC[/B]

i get this at every startup. Also my comp is acting wierd, for instance, the first time i start my comp in the morning i have to restart it for lets say 5-6 times so that it can properly boot. Os is xp xp2 & updated up to the latest drivers already with the windows update as well.
So, i would be glad if any nice soul out there can throw light upon this problem.



As we Sow so Shall we Reap

i think that its probably a corrupt cd.

have you tried to uninstall & reinstalling the driver for your sound card?