From memory you can change the text of the button to what ever you want. So no big deal to show two values. as reference.

YourButton.Text = Value1 + " space " + Value2

If you need to convert a number to string there I'll let you look up the function.

How about an article with over 114 implementations in ... 114 computer languages?


I have a question. Why are your rate1 to rate4 the same numbers as I see in a 2010 discussion at ?

It would be incredibly coincidental if these were the same. If you are seeking homework help, just say so and share where we can find the assignment and remember that no one will write your homework for you. But you can get help on errors and more.

Took a look at your profile. Maybe you're a WordPress person. If so, look at and I see SEARCH with images and text. If they did that, then it may be close to what you asked for. You might have to ask the author how to tweak it to not be a shopping experience but at a glance, worth looking at. (I mean you look at it.)

You can research what fair use is. Here's my search:

And there it is, how this varies from the USA to the EU and more. If your content is strictly from the company you mentioned, you can almost be sure they will issue a take down notice or get it removed from Google and other searches. Only you know your sources.

Also that search on fair use does call out the usual four tests and "saving lives" isn't one of them. You can make your choice to ignore all that and take your chances. If you do, google up Leonard French as he's out there and has many videos and more on this.

As to 1,000 years to load you can build just a text page for searching (Control+F) and if you need a link to an image, that's nothing special (or is it?)

As to legal issues, you'll need a lawyer or just get ready for a take down notice. I do enounter folk that feel that if it's on the Internet they can copy and use as they please. Hard to reason or talk to such today.

brokehero commented: I really need to have pictures to help anyone at all. Would they not be considered "fair use" if used to educate people/save lives? +0

Let's try simple. Like (edited) we did over a decade ago. Put it all on a page and tell the user to press Control+F to find "Black Bart's Bicycle" or such.

All the users I encounter can search for text on a page and since you want to get this information out there, why not simple?

brokehero commented: I want to include links to the images if they have not been removed but I took screenshots and have a works cited for them. also dont want to be sued +0

War? War never changes.

I'm guessing you meant request pipelines such as noted at

This sort of work is usually done in your classes or seminars on middleware. Check with your instructor if they left out information like the docs.

Any thought about using the while statement?

Who says it's your code. Just last week, yet another find that changing a web mail setting cleared it up. In their case it was the old head to their Google account, select "Security" and scroll down to "Turn ON less secure apps".

My thought on basic functions like this is to always check Rosettacode.
There are over 126 solutions in most languages at

JamesCherrill commented: This is obviously a homework learning exercise, so getting a solution from a web site is a really bad idea, -3

Now that your code display is fixed can you answer more questions?

  1. Where are your brackets? { and }
  2. Line 8 looks odd. Read to see how to use cout.

There's more but as presented this won't work in any C++ compiler I know of.

It may be too late for you to fix your post. That first line in such a big font states include but what?

Also take time to share what's not working and the error messages since many may not load up your project to see what is amiss. Besdes the first few lines look off to me.

I've tackled CODECs so many times so how about:

  1. The FOURCC ?
  2. Examples abound for C# search with

This is not about your top question about IMDB but about getting at the codec information.
I'm guessing here you might want to try VLC's decoding information.

  1. Example at

Convert or connect? Two entirely different problems to solve.

Convert may have use export to a common format and import to SQL. Given all that's on the web, I'll stop here.
Connect to an existing DBF might be what you really wanted. Google shows me I shouldn't write more:

There appears to be missing code or steps in your post. Read for an example of the UNION but you may need to redo your query (I don't see that here) to use the UNION ALL as the error calls out.

bckelley commented: since this is the only place I can comment! [customerName] is a string from the database i.e. George, Fred, Alice whatever, that was a placeholder +0

For me this would have me check prior solutions such as

"That's not good."

Before you do much of anything try to get your W7 CDKEY out with MAGIC JELLYBEAN KEYFINDER. It's free and you need this in case of a meltdown of the W7 OS. You can find W7 ISOs so I won't write about that.

Lattitudes are usually pretty tame laptops so this is not a good sign. Try another bootable OS (Linux) but other distros. See if the BIOS is current too. Using old BART's or old Linux to me is not what I'd do. I'd try current releases.

Since "occurs twice" appears to be the cause and what you need to investigate, where is the code that sets up or handles the drag, drop and mouse events?

PS. The code supplied doesn't appear to be causing this.

Milla S. commented: Thank you! +0

You did it again. You've posted questions that have prior discussions that we can use today.

Can you tell the forum what you are really looking for here and not just a rehash of the same old question?

Welcome to Daniweb. Can you tell the forum what your concerns are?

You left out all the details.

  1. What are the needed tasks?
  2. How are you measuring "best"?
  3. It appears you are aware of Joomla, WordPress and others but left out why these don't work for you.

The answer to most if not all the questions is yes. I wish folk would number their questions and always end a question with a question mark so everyone can find the question and answer them by the numbers.

But I'm going to stop here and note that if the user can create the logins then there seems to be no reason to have any user security since this person created all 5 accounts. It's one really odd design and even odder to limit it to five. Hardcoding that limit may be adding complexity where leaving it to nearly unlimited might be better. That is, you do the usual please enter you account name then password and check if they are a current user and if so connect to their database.

And yes, SQL would be a great step up in learning the better methods and can push the security back into the database since leaving it in your app means the database is usually insecure.

As to being new, that wears off in time. Mostly by continuing classes and tutorials.

hyperion0 commented: Alright, thank you for informing me! +0

You appear to be asking for all the code for your application rather than help with your code. That's where you write your request for freelancers to create your app and deliver it good to go. Here we are fine with helping you with your code and it's trouble spots but for a total application and its code you need to post in a For Hire type posting.

Here's the exploit. Let's say you make FOSS of say Opera.

Evil person now takes that and makes an version that keylogs and sends files from the system to some other place.
Evil persons make fake web sites claiming we have the real Opera for download or "version 65 - Newest out today!"

Oh wait, that is exactly what is happening out there.

I feel this is far off topic but it's a real problem out there.

With py files being text what stops me from editing the app and showing what these variables are?

This is why I thought you could compile, and maybe do work in hiding the variables, XOR, and more with Pyarmor.

If you give up the source, where is this secure?

"Bamboozled again."

At some point the code has to exist somewhere. Let's say you distribute your .pyc files for others to run, they decompile, add prints and more?

  1. Security is an illusion?
  2. Now to fix this, make a a software as a service? (SAAS!)

As a test, take your .pyc and decompile it to see if your work at hiding the value is exposed with a decompiler.

This is why, if there is a secret number or string we can't just assign it to anything directly.

IOW, I don't know how deeply you think about all this but variables with secrets are dangerous as they live for a time where as something transitory will be short lived and not in long term memory. I'm a season microprocessor user (think embedded micros) so back to thinking about how to keep the secrets from being used for a variable directly is one thing then another is if said secret is used to make a system API call which can be exposed with most debuggers.

This rabbit hole goes deep.

While you are not looking for obfuscation, it's still possible to get at those values as noted in my last link using the tools and inspections they note.

I'm reminded of this old saying. "Any code devised by humans can be decoded by humans." So if you are looking for value security then you never place the final value in a single variable. Use as much security as you see fit for the task.

In parting I'm reminded again of where there was a secret value but the programmer passed it from a web service and they picked it off with a packet sniffer. This was one determined attacker so about all they could have done was to make it a few steps harder by adding some XOR or encryption to the value so it never lives in a variable. Also, Python and the security level you appear to want is something you'll have to work at. I also would take bet few consider this a bug.

I think a lot of what you are noting is indirectly covered at

You have to read nearly to the bottom where it writes about Pyarmor and:

  • Encrypt code object by DES to protect constants and literal strings.
  • Obfuscate byte code of each code object when code object completed execution.
  • Clear f_locals of frame as soon as code object completed execution.

So backing up all the way to the top and running at this again, old Python does not secure your internal constants, literal strings and more. It's not what Python does so you have to think of ways such as that XOR use or other ways if you want to obfuscate secrets in Python or for that matter almost all other languages.