I'm seeing bad call log information. This is not new so I'd stop spending time on this, delete the log and make sure you have your phone under your control from now on. Change your lock code too.

Again, this isn't the first report of this and so far it's a waste of effort tracking it down so either you burn up your time here or you move on. Until there is more data my advice is to delete the log, secure your phone and move on.

What I've done on other distros is yes to your question 1. After I have a working install I add users later.

"Red Hat uses strict trademark rules to restrict free re-distribution of its officially supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

So this is a Linux you pay for? Sorry, I'd go get a really free Linux.

@c. Sometimes folk leave out a key detail Such as "I don't have the password to unprotect the sheet." You didn't write that so I proceed as it's not a lost password issue. Just one where the user has forgotten where the menus are.

I wonder about line 107. room_flooring is called out but I can't find where that method is in that class.

https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Ffree-slots.games%2F tells me this may have been a rush job. Don't submit this site to your prof for grading.

In psuedocode to do this we read a file line by line then insert the text on each line then write the line to another file.
At the end of the file we close both files. Optionally you could delete the source and rename the edited file to the source's name.

Elsewhere we had a run of questions that were easy to get answers from Google. We (moderators) put it down to the Quora site and how you get points for putting up a new question no matter what. It was decided that we would not put a lot of effort into questions that the person that asked didn't put effort into.

In your case you are a "top rated digital marketing company" and yet ask a question like this. I'd remove this if I were you since that would be bad advertising for your brand.

What is that? Pi or something else? For Pi there are over 64 solutions at https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Pi
Given google I found even more. All skill levels arrive here so if this is to find Pi, why won't those work for you?

varie_nyoka15 commented: thank you +0

I'll start with "when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

That is, I see no reason you can't parse in javascript. It may not be easy or good looking but it is possible.

So far the Code Snippet Repository is for you to show your completed and working code. Maybe a moderator can change your post type?

happygeek commented: done +16

@c, the steps to unprotect are in the same menus to protect. I see 15amoer noted where to get a sip from a fire hose of information too.

Wow, memories there. The last Colorado drive I helped out on was in the 90's.

Thoughts: For the apps to work your OS should be same as before. And there is a catch 22. How to restore a full back to bare metal?
Tell more about the old and new PC OS.

I'd try Linux but only because long ago it had great support builtin to the OS for these drives.

Yes, no one I know has these any longer since the 1TB USB HDD is less than the cost of your tape drive and tapes for 1TB of backup. Most folk moved away from tape over a decade ago.

@Nemesio, there were only printer drivers for that model for Window XP to 10 so the answer is no.

If you hadn't buried your question we could chat about other ideas. Hint: Start a new discussion.

What we've learned is that there are other Cambridge Analytica's out there.

As RJ noted they learned there is little downside to such use.

For clarity tell if Google Script is "Google Apps Script."

https://developers.google.com/apps-script/reference/drive/drive-app shows no method hasNext.

Sorry but I don't work with this often enough to write your app for you.

Doodle23 commented: Or is there another programming language that I can use to do this? I've tried Google Apps Script since it seemed to me a bit easier. +0
cometody commented: The post is mainly for protecting excel sheet +0

Paypal does not pay the seller immediately so this may translate into the demo system. I'd get into the documentation to see how they simulate the escrow delay.

Can't really answer yet. Specification incomplete.

For example some wallpaper has you line it up on a pattern so there is some material loss.

That is, the wall is about 2.3 Meters (if you make an app, consider using The Metric System too.
So another field would be the pattern repeat distance. I'd also change Height to Maximum Wall Height just to cover that odd room.

Now that you have the repeat pattern entry you can work out the math.

Use the max wall height and bump that length up to the repeat line on the paper. Now it's not so hard as it's just the linear wall run of 2 times Length plus 2 times Width divided by the width of the paper. If there's a fraction you round up the full integer. That's the number of strips you will have to have.

Change the roll coverage of square feet to the roll's length. They used to always give you full repeats in the roll so we don't need to tackle that today.

At this point it's the integer you have now for the number of strips times their length gives you the total meters or feet we need for the project given that roll width. Now the last step to find the number of rolls is to divide this number by the meters in a roll and round up since you can't buy less than a roll.

After I read your post a few times, I have to write that "as a slideshow" is misleading. But hey, it's English

If I were to add the feature to graph further along the time scale I think I'd focus on line 29. That appears to be where you select what to plot.
Why not change that to the range you want to plot?

So how would one advertise in Venezuela? We are seeing cities (Aleppo) and countries turn to dust. It's scary to see collapses like that.

Maybe the future is the past.

Using strictly your requirement this appears to be a 2 line exercise. Nowhere did you write the user input the values with cin or much else. You wrote the program accepts the 5 integers. This is a good example where the specification means a lot more than some folk think it does. The spec you supplied did not demand user input. So this is pretty easy and I worry that you need to spend time on your class work.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
  int a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5;
  cout << a << b << c << d << e << endl; 
  return 0;

"Which compiler should I choose?"

Look to prior OS development to see what they use. Also, the target platform needs definition. For a Microchip SOA you would use Microchip's free IDE or others. For today's PCs give yourself a year to learn about the PC from the days of BIOS to today's UEFI.

To get an idea of how complex today's UEFI boot system is, watch https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Going+Deep/Inside-Windows-8-Chris-Stevens-Boot-Environment

It's become so complex that there is a team just for the boot loader.

My question to you is do you have the time to immerse yourself in just one eco-system?
Why isn't one of the dozens of PC OSes workable for your final project?

I'm all for it. If anyone is foolish enough to do this, the results have spoken on their own. It's like robbing a bank. It may work out then not.

Adding with edit. I also like it when others break the rules of the road since they pay the price and let those that are playing by the rules advance. If your competitors use black hat SEO, that's good news for those that don't.

Long ago I ran into a similar performance issue. To cut the graphics load I changed to BitMaP (BMP) files. No more decoding a compressed image. This trick was well known back then with machines of the day. Single core, under 1GHz, little RAM, no GPU.

And I thought you were some international conference organizer. Many ask this question because they are setting up a spam attempt (shilling) or just too lazy to research. This is not a new topic that you can't find priors on. I didn't downvote you but you are showing a tendency to be a spammer.

In the menu routine, add a line "There are x contacts." so you can see if you have one or more in that array.

I'd start this task with research.

This lead me to PyDrive in the first ten results.

runIT.py commented: It was pretty complicated for me as I don't know at all how Python works, so I moved on to Google Apps Script which seemed a little bit easier. +0

You only had one tag so let's go with that. In vb.net, C# and such you can use their form designer to have a datagrid and then code to pull your image and more from the database. You left me wondering if such work is eluding you. There are tutorials about this on the web.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkp4SzFsg-Y and I am NOT writing this applies but that you can find such and keep watching till something clicks for you.

You had me chuckle when you wrote "the next move should be" and this is supposed to be an AI at work. If you feel the result shall be deterministic then you code that up. If you want AI, then if you have Amazon Prime Video watch the AI Video making a cake.

What you have here is probably OK but being AI doesn't mean the outcome is certain. For certainty you code it to do as you wish.