Did you try line 26?

Even at 2 minutes you might be doing better than Windows File Explorer (WFE.) Keep in mind that I won't go over a lot of prior discussions but will note that unless you build up some sort of cache to avoid a directory call the speed is limited by the speed of the OS, API and disk speeds.

It appears you search for files from the root so you may be traversing OS system areas which you would want to exclude. Maybe just search from the user home folder is best as your app usually doesn't need to go outside their home folder.

Apple laptops were great but recently their hardware issues such as the butterfly keyboard and a terrible design flaw have me no longer telling folk to go for Apple laptops if they can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jahtu1_idVU may not seem to be all that terrible but when I was involved in embedded system design this was a thing we never did for the reasons you see in the video.

Today with so many stories of taking an Apple in for repair and what happens next is why I don't give the nod anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2_SZ4tfLns is an example where the store missed what it really was and quoted 1,200 for new board when it was a bent pin on a cable.

Apple appears to be working hard to impede other repair options.

More news about Edge. It appears this change will allow Chrome Add-ons. Very strange news give MSFT and GOOG relationships.

It appears your question isn't about finding such a tool but maybe about learning more about PHP. The PHP scripts are there for the taking but it appears something else is now the question.

I doubt MSFT will fix this as they are on IE11 now.

You left me confused. You wrote you don't share code then proceed to try to use shared code.

Beyond that, the C code you shared looks to be old command line stuff and no indication a windows system was in use.

For decades when I ran a small C app from the command line to today, it's the same as it was 2 decades plus ago with an exception I might be using Gnome or another system. Just open a bash shell, run the command or C app and all is fine. Not once does the base shell in a window system close on me.

By now you figured out that without asking what printer to print can't be avoided.

From my view I would be looking to read the usual JSON file in Python. But all that aside I do see folk kicking this and my approach around in prior discussions. Not much new going on here.

Read priors with https://www.google.com/search?q=convert+JSON+into+Python+data

That was interesting. When I went to find that opening message the navigation here didn't help.

OK, I want to get to my profile. No such menu at the homepage.

What is this Control Panel? Oh, that's my user settings.
OK, where is that member greeting? Don't see it in each area of the user settings. Nope, it's on a page that you click on "Continue to step 2" or such.

The more you look around the more you find stuff like this. If this was an Alpha release we would go with it but I feel sorry for newbies that land at the home page right now.

"Continue to Step 2 of 2" to me doesn't tell the there are more options. In my apps steps are steps and when there are pages of options we use "More options/settings."

Definitely needs testing with users that are new to DW and you give them simple tasks like "Edit your profile." Control Panel does not tell me I'm going to get to my user settings or profile. There's a disconnect from the menu text and where I'm going.

Of course once you get there by looking around then you know. Navigation signs need work.

So I went to my https://www.daniweb.com/connect/profile/update and I see Pitch but no Introductory Message.

Maybe I'm not in my profile yet? To me it seemed odd to tell a person to check their Profile but how to get there (could be wrong right here) was to click on your avatar then Control Panel.

I can't find this "Introductory Message." Never mind, it shows when I click Continue to Step 2 or 2. Still feels like this system is for folk that know where things are.

Backstory. A member messaged me about a moderator action so I wanted to see their discussions. How to find their discussions looked elusive.

Here's how to get to their discussions. Click on their avator to get their Dazah page and information then click on Member Stats to see their discussions.

Now you know.

I have no problem with this. First I'll watch a little Austin Powers then off I go to find where this message is in my profile.

Let's hope it's clear where this is so I don't have to ask. The new DW seems to have a lot of "isn't it obvious" desings in it.

I'll top post when I get back about trying to find a member's posts. It feels clunky to say the least.

Small world. An ancient app that I wrote in VB6 with a SQL connection is dead on 64 bit Windows.

Because the company wants to move to newer Windows after 15 years they contacted me and we are working on a new version.
I can't tell what your app is or does but sometimes you have to get back to the developer to fix or upgrade.

In the news, Microsoft might be changing the render engine in Edge.

One of the banes of one lone web portal our group supports is to use many web browsers and devices. Thankfully that is not my job.

Be sure to try each command at the bash prompt to see how it works.

Also, try the older string concatention method. Example:
foo="$result $v"
Or forget v and foo then write:
foo="$result test"

commented: (I have tried it using awk also but the result is same)result=`awk '$0 ~ /Dir=/{print}' $xv | cut -d'=' -f 2`; +0

A good start but is there a question or are you asking folk to run this code and see if it works?

In a discussion there was a "member called Unhnd_Exception. My bet is this is something other than a member.

It's likely just what the code coughs up when something happened other than return the member name. I'd be guessing here. So I called it a NPC. Unhnd_Exception also has 216 points!

My view is that I found it odd to have a different format for the review and I did scroll past the author. The author puts in effort to make the review so the entire point here is get them their byline front and center and if the review adds a full bio at the bottom, that's great.

Hey, what you have works, just odd to me. The Home Page? Still not getting it, always hitting lastest.

That doesn't seem to be too special. Some video editor (what is and how to use all over the web.)

You screen capture what you are making a tutorial of (again, screen capture discussions are well done.)

Then those video snippets are pulled into your video editor, you add your voice and done. Once in a while someone thinks it's done all with one app. My son's college major was Film production so nope, anyone thinking they can avoid choosing and learning their tools is in for a rude awakening.

Too similar to https://www.daniweb.com/programming/web-development/threads/518490/how-to-calculate-the-total-late-hours-of-an-employee-from-a-set-of-records#post2247605

Reposting rarely works.

I thought about your problem and you need to do this manually first, write down those steps then turn that into code.

The review page format may show the author but after all the content. They are not getting top billing like paper bylines.

https://www.daniweb.com/community-center/threads/518491/how-to-transfer-music-from-pc-to-iphone-xs is an OK post and if it was a review the byline at the top looks great.

About the NPC's. I guess you are gearing up for AI.

You didn't reveal which Unix. Also you didn't tell if you researched this question. That said I'd find out which Unix I'm running and then look to see if there is a Python for that Unix. After Python is installed then you run it just like the millions of other Linux machines so I'll now write about that.

I know a little about TVs in regards to USB sticks and drives.

First you have to dismiss the notion a Smart TV is anywhere near the capability of say Windows 3.0 from 1990. Many of these TVs are downright horrible and have issues like yours.

As to invisible files. Some may be the TV writing out where you paused or stopped viewing a video file so it can resume later.

It's possible you are using some Apple OS to do this click and drag. On FAT32 volumes you will indeed have a few extra files but if the TV maker did their job right these files should not show or interfere with playing video files.

Thanks happygeek.

In the review I linked to, pages down we get to about the author. Same for working snippets. Maybe for the snippets that have no author, that will just have to be a mystery contributor.

In this discussion you see the author up top just like any paper byline.
In the reviews and snippets it's at the bottom but that fails as replies kick in so you may fly past the author.

I'm marking this as solved even though I found it odd to see posts with no one gettiing their attribution or what appears to be a NPC.

Using your last pastebin, the embedded coder in me tells me that line 12 needs to be either moved or duplicated.

I think I would move that line to after the GPIO.output() statements. Why? Because in one case you didn't declare the GPIO.setup() before you set it high or low so you might send a pulse out that pin. And in another case you may be setting the pin HIGH but since GPIO.setup() was never called it doesn't work.

So my view is on startup, GPIO.setup() those pins and default state so you know what power up condition they should be at and in most systems you don't change GPIO.setup() during a run.

I looked but this is one of those common questions. Should I use a pointer to a single char? I'll write yes. It's not as if you initialized storage and then put the character into that memory location. You are saying "here's a character, now x points at that character." Hence you use the pointer to that string or char.

To go further we have to think and read more. To me you are setting the pointer's address to that single character so a pointer would be correct.

Here's an example discussion about this. Another look and it appears your first line 1 is not correct.

char *x='"Test";