My thought on basic functions like this is to always check Rosettacode.
There are over 126 solutions in most languages at

JamesCherrill commented: This is obviously a homework learning exercise, so getting a solution from a web site is a really bad idea, -3

Please supply exactly what is broken. Error messages along with what you expected to happen.

I get the feeling you expected this to help your SEO or rank but from what I know, this feature is not about that.

-> Write more. Tell the forum what you felt should happen.

xenexmedia commented: If you see the results as the attached links so you will find out what I am trying to say. Please visit the attached links of images. +0

You can read what folk think about that and I will agree with

  1. No.
  2. Yes, it makes a non-SEO difference as it's just good design that helps you get folk to come back.
Dani commented: Incorrect, font size is an SEO factor -4

I hope you realize this is a prime example of a bad login system. It's a fairly safe bet the data is in the clear.

Never teach this old method ever again.

Two thoughts on this.

  1. Use a global variable.
  2. Try frm2.lbl_cs.Text = "This is what I want here."

I see businesses post their product on Facebook all the time. Why would you call this tricky?

Also, you mention strategy. Don't you have a strategist on your team? If not, it's time to get one on board.

Small world. I'm seeing more and more questions about VB6 and its SQL connectors. I went over that in a very old app and we had to remove all SQL because of Windows 10. If you use ADO and SQL the installer hangs. So it's effectively dead.

As a newbie in programming, go get the latest community version and learn the new ways.

I start my research with your question as a start.


You didn't reveal which Unix. Also you didn't tell if you researched this question. That said I'd find out which Unix I'm running and then look to see if there is a Python for that Unix. After Python is installed then you run it just like the millions of other Linux machines so I'll now write about that.

My work is mostly on commercial apps now. No more code goes to professors so if it works, it usually ships. This doesn't mean I'm lazy or won't make a choice about long term support but it also means if we can't tell a difference, then that code is committed and locked down.

We found we had to lock down since a few team members were diving into working areas without a reason other than they thought they could optimize or refactor. For the current group, it's all about the money. We upset those that don't like locked down code that isn't formatted the way they like. In fact we lost a team member that wanted to open closed areas just to beautify the code. Nope, not happening. Working code, tested code, committed and done.

Do take a read of this post:

Now we do watch out for piggy or slow areas as well as code that others can't figure out how it works.

Check out the link I gave and a few articles. The scripts for 9gag like sites is out there. The money has everything to do with getting a site to that scale and reach.

I see you added some example SQL query but you asked "just like 9Gag." To which you can get one of those scripts and then focus on promotion, hosting the millions of posts and the team you need to moderate and monetize.

I think the how involves mostly funding. Why do I think this?

So the problem is mostly funding. It can't be a coding issue.

@k, you are getting downvotes for re-posting old and tired questions. But about getting more traffic. I can answer I have yet to go to a web page/site because of what I saw on my Facebook account.

That out of the way the same story as to traffic. Give them a reason to come there. Don't spam and hope for a hit. If you have crap products and junk content, fix that!

This looks like homework as I read

The answer looks to be purchaseable at if you must but a total button would just do as you suspect.
That is, add values you have so far and place them into a text box.

That may be money well spent.

Out of curiosity I have never heard of a high school charging money to drop a class.

@Z. If you think this will be a F, is there an option to take a non-completion rather than affect your average grade?

Programming isn't for everyone or rather, it may take time to take other courses (Math is always good!) to build up your skills to tackle programming.

For example long after I took various programming classes I went back and took some system analysis classes. This was gold to me since it took my rather haphazard approach to solving problems and helped me see the problem at different levels. This is not a skill we are born with. We have to learn, apply, adapt and survive along the way. No one I know started with programming classes alone. They had to develop their math and problem solving skills along the way.

Sure. There's plenty of examples ready to go.

I'll look at and find Tic-Tac-Toe is currently up to 49 languges for TTT.

I really want to know if you tried to find this code if that was your intent. With today's search engines and ready for the taking sites like RosettaCode, I am asking "How could you not find this code?"

As to your assignment, maybe you need to go over what your class has covered so far. The assignments build on what you were taught up to this point.

I take it you elected to dump more code and hope. Read the link again and try to avoid "it doesn't work" posts. I can't tell what it is supposed to do either.

Read that link again about how to make better questions and discussions.

How did you research this question?

Why I ask is that I'm encountering folk that get upset at using google or taking classes on programming and web creation classes.

A few more think or write "just tell me what I need to know." These folk think that a subject could be covered in one paragraph. Which is true if you tell them google it. They usually melt down to reply it as unhelpful.

So let's hear from you what research you are doing as well as if you were in a school that forbade use of google and wikipedia.

It looks to me that this project is abandoned. Why do I write this? Reading many pages at the site have outdated references like Android 4.x at and many other pages there.

To me this and more would have me never start such an endeavor on this platform.

SimonIoa commented: No it's not abandoned. And there is nothing about any outdated refference +0

This is only the lesson about saving often and to enable backup copies. again if you missed it.

However there are spammers that will take the trouble to not help you with Corel file replies. They are just the devil's workers in disguise.

Topic asks how to free up space and then you ask what is wrong with your PC.

Anyhow, you free up space by uninstalling apps and finding where the space is being used.

All skill levels arrive here so when I go hunting for quick space reclamation I like CCLEANER. If I want to snoop around for space I rarely use TREESIZE and what it shows might lead me to Waldo (or a whale.)

The tool Disk Cleanup in Windows is well documented so did you use that to remove say remove old Windows components?
Tutorial on the web. Example at

@Alex. Yet another language? Why not share this new language first to see if folk will adopt it?

Your choice to start such a project but there are now plentiful IDE's for coding today.

Let's call this a wheel. How is your wheel going to be different?
Why would I use your IDE?

I take it something was missing from:


Also, what about no install systems like

I was refreshing my reading on styles and this passage kept coming up. "apply styling to your controls" as in the style is all about the controls and not the window itself.

What are you reading?

Why the aversion to x key? I read for my primer on application wide styling.

Algorith is a machine that uses kinetic energy in order to produce patterns.

I'd use a sort() function next time.

You may want to catch up on searches for this. finds a video and the replacement LCD. So for under 50 bucks I think I'd do it myself. The minimum counter fee is 150USD here so that's a hundred buck savings.

Did you do the screenshot or other test?

While the XP discussions are legendary and folk that don't keep install media and keys may not know what troubles they are getting into, so let's not discuss XP or that.

-> Start Word in Word's Safe Mode. See google if you forgot how.