In a discussion there was a "member called Unhnd_Exception. My bet is this is something other than a member.

It's likely just what the code coughs up when something happened other than return the member name. I'd be guessing here. So I called it a NPC. Unhnd_Exception also has 216 points!

My view is that I found it odd to have a different format for the review and I did scroll past the author. The author puts in effort to make the review so the entire point here is get them their byline front and center and if the review adds a full bio at the bottom, that's great.

Hey, what you have works, just odd to me. The Home Page? Still not getting it, always hitting lastest.

The review page format may show the author but after all the content. They are not getting top billing like paper bylines. is an OK post and if it was a review the byline at the top looks great.

About the NPC's. I guess you are gearing up for AI.

Thanks happygeek.

In the review I linked to, pages down we get to about the author. Same for working snippets. Maybe for the snippets that have no author, that will just have to be a mystery contributor.

In this discussion you see the author up top just like any paper byline.
In the reviews and snippets it's at the bottom but that fails as replies kick in so you may fly past the author.

I'm marking this as solved even though I found it odd to see posts with no one gettiing their attribution or what appears to be a NPC.

Comparing a discussion with the home page. When I see the Home Page, top and center of each card is the member who did something such as Viewed, Gave Reputation, Endorsed and so on.

Now you head to a discussion and who wrote this? Example at
The author is nowhere in sight. I could be wrong but I could not find the post's author. Replies are formatted well so you know who replied and when, but something is truly strange with the original post there.

Reviews are slightly better like but if a post's author is going to swap from bottom to top at least it should show ih the google map discussion.

Should the author/poster show in the google map discussion?
I'm also guessing Unhnd_Exception is a non-member character (NPC).

I can see the error but notice how hard it is to click "Remove file"?


The error message does not show until you mouse over. Then the message challenges you to click remove.
Finally the overlay is so light that I can barely see the "X".

That's odd. A twofer.

My mistake. That was larger than I remembered.

And will it place text down low?

I do have some original PC hardware work ready to share. I have it up on CNET now and this, when working will make it easy to post it here.

It's a little bit about upgrading old iron. But hey, folk ask me all the time about such things.

Bizarre results. Preview seemed OK but the reult isn't as it was in the preview.

test then image.

And text below. This is going to make tutorials easy again.

If I dismiss my Microsoft mobile story then I have to write that the current feed is showing things like Jane viewed this article. X endorsed Y. Very few new posts if any and rarely a reply to a discussion. If there was any interest in X viewed an article it would be one I wrote at least if you are striving to match something I wrote about. I checked the top left card's discussion and I don't see or feel any connection. Many cards note "viewed a topic" 2 months ago.

I saw you changed the algorithm recently and instead of a nearly blank page, seemingly random stuff shows up. But right now it's feeling like rummaging around a trash bin. If only one could filter and links would work.

I think everyone wants this to catch on.

I'm for trying out new things but this is a missed opportunity from what I see at the homepage. As to the apparent conflict of seeing viewed, and wanting a way to quickly get to the new reply, I may have to write about it more but I think to fix the biggest irksome thing about the home page is to make the date+time link work just like it does on Latest.

The next thing would be to give members control of what to see on the home page. This is deja vu to me. I was there in the Microsoft meetings with cellular carriers and developers and watched what happened. The developers all wanted Microsoft and the carriers to give up control of the home screen. I learned a lot during those years and felt sad when Microsoft didn't budge.

We knew the carriers didn't want to give up control of the home screen and used their influence with Microsoft to maintain that position. I'm sure you watched Apple swoop in and give this screen back to the consumer. This is why I have the deja vu feeling all over again.

Thanks for the contact methods. I'm under the gun on a factory test app for a few more days.

"Viewed a Topic" is an example of a filter for the home page that should be under user prefences. If I ran a site this would be interesting to me but for me I want to see new and unanswered posts. Still don't see why Endorsements need to be on a home page. If there was traffic on a normal scale and what I think the home page is doing, this would look like noise.

My advice as little weight it has is to hand some control back to the members. And fix the homepage so we can click on the date+time and be taken to the discussion exactly like it works in Latest.

I hope someday we'll meet and I can get your pitch on this as well as my war story about Microsoft Windows Mobile and its home page lockdown and then the dawn of the Apple iPhone that was a game changer. Microsoft missed the boat by very little here. If only they had allowed the phone owners to do what they want with the home screen, the outcome would have been different. I'm talking Windows Mobile days, not Windows Phone which was another story as well.

Sorry Dani. I shouldn't write about the past. Also I know how much work we put into our creations. The new user account sign up system you have now is great. Very easy for folk to get onboard.

As to the homepage, it's fundamentally broken for me. I see the date of the new reply and it's unusable. I find that it's better to just hit Latest and I'm at a page that works well.

I can land at the homepage if you wish, but as it stands, I look at it, wonder why it is that way and then click Latest. I don't want to frustrate you so I'll change it back and wait.

I see some changes to the homepage, but what it is trying to do is a mystery. Hopefully some user testing will help find a direction.

It's great to see the sign up is fixed. Marking as answered. Changing my DW link to land on Latest which works for me.

From memory you can only perform "Like" on string types. I bet if you google the error you'll find examples to convert to string for the like.

Marking as solved.

"Sorry, but there is no valid Member with ID 120589" after clicking the first (?) button in the email. Since I can't tell if there is information I shouldn't share publicly I forwarded the email to Dani.

About the error message. I tested this across 3 Windows 10 laptops. 2 are so vanilla it hurts. And on my Moto G 5 Plus phone and a Nexus 9 (phones and tablets use Chrome) and not once did I get an error about the upload or image dimension size/limit. I didn't try it on the iPhone 6 which has Safari and now, Chrome (due to that discussion about the hamburger.)

It was simple. Attach the image, you see it update and an icon with a checkbox. Click Post Reply and only the text made it.
Since the image dimension limit change is in, I truly doubt that message woud fire today and for years.

My only feedback is that not everyone will consider reducing the file size with simple tricks like color count reduction.

Thanks for that. My everyday laptop is 1080p or 1920x1080 so that's pretty much where a screen capture size happens today.

Even then I often cut the file size by reducing the color count to 256 or even B/W (2.)

I didn't find the limitations on any help page so maybe I was not good at searching or it just is what I call "tribal knowledge."

In the circles I run, we don't like tribal knowledge since tribe members (employees) come and go and soon only an elder knows where something is or how to accomplish a feat.

As to another editor is so I don't have to learn markdown just for this site. If the Imgur markdown had just worked, then this would be an OK workaround. As to the image limits, I can't find a page with the limit documented so I have to guess. Again, I can see a valid reason to limit file size but image size? Today we are seeing UHD 4K and 5K screens and it appears the size limit forbids a screen capture.

One of the key mantras to apps and sites is to keep it simple. Some will tell me "use markdown". Sure, but no other site requires this. I'm calling this solved for me as making how-to's and tutorials is optional. Making it harder just changed my choice from I'll do that to "too much trouble."

Inline images worked before a recent change. My worry here is between image size limits and inline that requires you to have another editor means the end of tutorials.

I'll look one more time for limitations but the inline missing alone is a dead stop for tutorial or writing about issues and how to overcome them.

This is just me testing. I tried various images and some work.

You explained why but I can't see where that limit is. Because of this I think that's the end of tutorials. First for dimension, not size limits and second for the broken editor that doesn't allow inline images. I've read that one can go get a markdown editor and that's just another app that would be just for this forum and then the images may or may not post.

At least I know there is some limit and not to think further of any more tutorials. Sorry if that sounds bad. It's not really but it's a shame this is how it is.

I did look around for any article about limits to discussions and limits but came up short.

  1. Don't see any error message. The image uploads, you click Post Reply and the image vanishes.
  2. Sadly this means the end to tutorials as some screen shots can be full or near full screen.

I tried using Imgur's markdown and hoped the images would show inline but that doesn't work. Another blow to tutorials today.

(Edited) If this is to keep a limit on image file sizes, then make the limit on files sizes, not dimensions. Then I could make the images with 8 bit or mono color palettes for file size savings without much or any information loss. And then there's Imgur. If the Imgur markdown worked, that would fix this also in another way.

I'm marking it solved and will give up the idea of more tutorials on things I run into.

I don't see why these images won't upload. Strange.

Here's an Irfanview report on bad then good image.


Here we go again.

Have some good vacation time and hopefully some new ideas will gel.

Today I look at the homepage and now I see two cards about "Endorsement". Not at all interesting and no way to dismiss them or control what is on that homepage.

So my question is, why does these endorsements show at all? And how to control what is on that homepage? If there is going to be no member control of the homepage, this reminds me of Microsoft's Windows Mobile homepage fiasco. They forbid the user from changing the Windows Mobile homepage. Only Microsoft and cellular carriers were allowed to change the homepage. Then Apple phones happened and Microsoft still didn't give up that control. The history is there in many places about giving control back to the users, members and the public.


Just so you know, it's rare to find responders in 7+ year old discussions. You want the best help so here's how to get that.

  1. Use old or other discussions for ideas about your issue or problems.
  2. Create a new discussion so you get your discussion it's own platform.

In your new discussion you must supply the laptop make, model, age and the story or you just get asked for that rather than getting down to ideas.
If you can, for Windows PCs I like to check out the PC details with a Web Speccy report. How? Read