I wonder about line 107. room_flooring is called out but I can't find where that method is in that class.

What is that? Pi or something else? For Pi there are over 64 solutions at https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Pi
Given google I found even more. All skill levels arrive here so if this is to find Pi, why won't those work for you?

varie_nyoka15 commented: thank you +0

So far the Code Snippet Repository is for you to show your completed and working code. Maybe a moderator can change your post type?

happygeek commented: done +16

For clarity tell if Google Script is "Google Apps Script."

https://developers.google.com/apps-script/reference/drive/drive-app shows no method hasNext.

Sorry but I don't work with this often enough to write your app for you.

Doodle23 commented: Or is there another programming language that I can use to do this? I've tried Google Apps Script since it seemed to me a bit easier. +0
cometody commented: The post is mainly for protecting excel sheet +0

I'm all for it. If anyone is foolish enough to do this, the results have spoken on their own. It's like robbing a bank. It may work out then not.

Adding with edit. I also like it when others break the rules of the road since they pay the price and let those that are playing by the rules advance. If your competitors use black hat SEO, that's good news for those that don't.

I'd start this task with research.

This lead me to PyDrive in the first ten results.

runIT.py commented: It was pretty complicated for me as I don't know at all how Python works, so I moved on to Google Apps Script which seemed a little bit easier. +0

The mindreading part is in your top post where you wrote "my proposed algorithm". There's the mindreading part.

Also, this forum tends to not implement for members. That's for you the author or programmer to do. Where do you find help? When you are stuck on a nugget and can't seem to crack it. There have been many that want to have the forum "implement" for them. That is, do the work. I'm sure you understand how this works now.

Is MS Access still a thing? After over a decade of pain (other people's pain) I looked at and decided that it was not a good option for apps I wanted to package and deploy. My choice then was MySQL and that was without the pains others showed me.

I'd redesign with other SQL systems first.

Try keeping your post together in one place. This sounds like https://www.daniweb.com/programming/web-development/threads/519187/how-to-count-file-download-with-button-click-using-php-mysql to me.

So yes, you would code it so when the download button is clicked you +1 your song's download count in your database.

In case no one writes your code for you (rare here), there's a google about this: https://www.google.com/search?q=Increment+sql+entry+on+button+click&gl=US

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@ReverendJim, yes and here our apps use Bluetooth so to write it was a challenge to get the Bluetooth tickety boo is an understatement. The first Bluetooth we used was way back on PalmOS which it's emulator was lacking as well but I did manage to set it up to use the Windows BT stack to a Com port and then in the PalmOS emulator use the Com port which worked well enough to get it all going. Later that feature failed but thank goodness the engine under it all was gold.

Now with Android, I've yet to find an emulator that included Bluetooth so for that the device as host for the app and debugging with USB was how it got done.

Hope this isn't too boring.

Reverend Jim commented: Not boring at all ^_^ +15

Why must it "depict"?

  • depict = "show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form".
    As C++ doesn't have native graphics, will Ascii Art do?
Kelvin _1 commented: I probably used the wrong term...'depict'?? Thanks for your help +0

I'm sure others will do this but where is the full documentation for this app? How much does it pay?
If this is homework, please read this: https://www.daniweb.com/programming/threads/435023/read-this-before-posting-a-question

Kelvin _1 commented: n btw it is homework... +0

If I needed to research how to remove certain characters I'd use https://www.google.com/search?q=Java+remove+specific+characters+from+string&gl=US
If I wanted to keep all alphabetic characters I'd use https://www.google.com/search?q=Java+string+alphabet+only&gl=US

V3N0M commented: I figured it out lol +3

Since you didn't present code or your problem I'll comment that Rosettacode has many passages about this: https://www.google.com/search?q=rosettacode+polynomials

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I caught this UHD 4K 27 inch Sceptre for 210USD to my door in Oct 2019. What many don't know is that you can send it either 1080p or UHD video and it has HDMI, DisplayPort, and speakers if you don't have a sound system. Would buy again if I needed one.

I'm going to disagree here. What happens when there's a PDF is determined by the user's web browser, addons and more. There is no assurance what will happen when the PDF is sent. That is, you link to your PDF file as you would any other file. What happens depends on the user's setup, not your responsibility. Example HTML:

<a href="http://www.website.com/documents/filename.pdf">Descriptive Here</a>

To me, you have too many speed variables. When you created the new Car in line 39 you passed in the initial speed but I see what looks to be some error in thinking as you have speed in your main, another in your class Car.

So at line 52 it falls apart since the speed is not what's in the Car class. Think it over. No reason to pass in the speed on car.brake or car.accelerate. Also you ignore your class function getSpeed so there's that as well which should have been used in lines 53 and 57.

Just a comment. That post is a solid wall of text that the current US President would love as it may be stopping folk from reading it.

Consider formatting it to a few paragraphs to make it readable. Unless the intent was "No one shall pass!" or reply.

I can't guess what you want to discuss here. Are you selling such or asking for where I would go for same?

Both appear to create errors in my C++ compiler. Maybe you meant the return keyword? Here's a tutorial on that.

Taking a hint from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7523929/jquery-ajax-with-webmethod-removes-zero-from-front try forcing it to be a string.
ie, line 10 change id to '' + id.

I did not test this.

Did you perform the typeof to check prior to line 2's alert? Is it just the alert? I tried this and had leading zeros.

id = '00123456'

My bet is your variable "id" is a number and numbers don't have leading zero's.
https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_type_conversion.asp gives example of reporting the typeof statement to confirm.

Since the code that created the value id isn't shown, you'll have to work that.

Who would? Some home automation (pre-smart home?) did and here we are years later with iPads that you can't replace. We've been fine with a succession from beginning days with PalmOS then WinCE and now Android. It's not industrial control on the devices but setup. The old controllers have some 3 buttons and a two digit display which if you were a masochist you could use but with close to one hundred options we all use the Android setup tools.

It's a real shame that Apple did something to the Bluetooth system. Maybe their adapter is cheaper today but with 20 buck smart phones that can run the setup apps, there's little chance we're going to ever revisit the Apple world.

Since this appears to be a Windows system, I'd stop beating my head against the wall and make it C++.

open2join commented: I do need UI. For example, I would like to have a function that ask for a user input and it has to be more sophisticated than command window prompt. +0

Start with https://www.google.com/search?q=google+banned+all+apple+repair+ads and there it is. It appears to be mostly about Apple products and when two juggernauts, dare I write collude even if openly, we all lose.

Apple's repair system is OK when your device is under AppleCare but beyond that we see the repair price climb to levels where they essentially tell you to buy a new on.

I've had no qualms about many third party repair companies but Apple seems to have declared war.

kashioz commented: So I'm running a cell phone and laptop repair service in Vancouver and recently my ads stopped showing up for the keywords like: cell phone repair iP +0

Let me share that my works in C# were the least troublesome over the years. My experience with .NET was without troubles so I tend to use that over and over.

I'd do that again.

open2join commented: thanks +0

It would alarm me. Why? If you created a non-Facebook method I would wonder if you were collecting FB data or something nefarious. FB has documented how to add a share button. Use that. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/share-button/

I looked at other websites and not one has such an interface. Look at how Daniweb shares. What's wrong with that?