In the news, Microsoft might be changing the render engine in Edge.

One of the banes of one lone web portal our group supports is to use many web browsers and devices. Thankfully that is not my job.

Be sure to try each command at the bash prompt to see how it works.

Also, try the older string concatention method. Example:
foo="$result $v"
Or forget v and foo then write:
foo="$result test"

commented: (I have tried it using awk also but the result is same)result=`awk '$0 ~ /Dir=/{print}' $xv | cut -d'=' -f 2`; +0

Here's an example discussion about this. Another look and it appears your first line 1 is not correct.

char *x='"Test";

Latest W10? There's some issue with associations. No, I can't tell if this is your issue but I found myself back at the command line to fix it.

"Use the ASSOC then the FTYPE command in an elevated command prompt. Read how at

Using this I changed my text editor to Notepad++. Screen shot follows."


Since this is a rather recent W10 glitch, my bet is you'll have to ask the source for what to do.

commented: What the heck are you talking about? This has nothing to do with filetypes. +0

I did answer something eerily similar on CNET so here's the rundown. For this laptop I'd change the HDD to SSD and max out the RAM for such work.

As to use the real Android device I do that because it's fast and I get a better feel for how the app is going to work IRL.

commented: Thanks a lot, but i read online that using a real device has drawback that you can not check how you app will work on every device? +0

I think I see why. Lines 6 to 10 "New" or create columns. Line 11 adds 5 more columns.


Just so you know, it's rare to find responders in 7+ year old discussions. You want the best help so here's how to get that.

  1. Use old or other discussions for ideas about your issue or problems.
  2. Create a new discussion so you get your discussion it's own platform.

In your new discussion you must supply the laptop make, model, age and the story or you just get asked for that rather than getting down to ideas.
If you can, for Windows PCs I like to check out the PC details with a Web Speccy report. How? Read

Sorry about your problems but your post is suffering from a few issues. It's a typical copy and paste of the assignment and a horribly formatted code dump which makes it hard to read.

I don't see any questions by you so to some of us there are no questions but someone that did a dump and run hoping someone will complete the assignment.

Try fixing your post by telling all what issue(s) you are having on what lines plus fixing up the code formatting.


commented: How I can edit the post? +0

The hamburger menu is also dead on my iPhone 6 64GB iOS 12.1 Safari browser.

Yes, I cleared cache. Still dead.

Let's see, Lenovo bought the Motorola line so here's the GSMARENA link for my model: Hmm, I see 8.x listed. Might look into that but it's stable, works, gets days on a charge so you know how engineers love to fix things that work.

Over on my Nexus 9.0 by Google on Android 7.1.1 and the hamburger is dead. Confirmed.

commented: Cheers rp! +0

PS. My first reply was from my Moto G 5th Gen on Android OS 7.0. This is back on my W10 PC. I wonder what Android device and version you are using.

commented: Heh heh, my Samsung is pretty old, but my OS is newer than 7.0. What's a moto?? +0

So you now have a way to print more than one lable but I bet you want to preview a screen full of different labels before printing. For that you are going to have to change your thought pattern.

Long ago, we would print labels and did not use the print preview but just showed on screen the data that would print. So you could instead make up some screen with text boxes (?) and fill those with the data you are really going to print. I take it the reason for the preview is to check prices, text, etc. and not type setting.

commented: I did as you advice and i change my pattern, and i was able to preview more than 1 label thank you for support :) +0

I'm going to answer how I might go about this. Since you have a method to get one print out, then you would step back one step to build a loop to repeat that printout but one for each item in some list or what have you. Just like any machine that makes something, to make more you repeat that over and over till done.

commented: your idea are great and it work, but i'm trying to Preview the Price label before printing them +0

Test upload from Opera. Doesn't appear to work here.

commented: I think have to check the Flash status. +0

I've noted how the home page seems sparse but why is that lone upvote there at all? It's not that interesting and there's no way to dismiss it or fill the page with what I choose.
See attached screen. NOPE. The image upload looks broken. I'll try Imgur and it's markdown.

No other forum leaves this so barren. I was hoping to see it flourish over time. Or see controls, options to have it be a place to go often.

And when there are items besides this, they seem to be random in size and match as to my interests. It's such a mismatch that I've not getting the point at all about that page.
BTW, coughs up the Oops! page.

I don't see the Imgur markdown working either. Here's a link.

commented: Handsome devil though. Right? +0

So far the home page shows me an upvote and very little else. I was waiting till you settled in but the home page I see is a desert. To me the view looks like a missed opportunity with all that empty space and one lone upvote that just hangs there like the lone ornament on a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

To me it seems that giving up control of what's on a page to user prefences would go a lot way to member satifaction and alan.davies.

Even hear the story of Windows Mobile's Home screen? Microsoft refused to let users custimize that screen only allowing cellular carriers to change it. Apple came along, then Android and it was game over.

This one is one I know of intimately because of apps we made in 2009. Microsoft was actually pretty close to having a good smart phone but this area of NOT allowing the user to change the home screen was a killer. Our apps ran fine, we do really well but the platform is now history. I have more story here such as being in the meetings with Microsoft reps and carriers and hearing first hand they were going to only allow carriers access to that screen.

So back to here. Why not give up control to the members?

commented: How about skins? Remember when you could choose which style you viewed a forum in? I wonder if Dani would offer the old purple and vomit yellow? +0

Yes I forgot to note host details. Windows 10, Firefox shows this behavior. Opera and Chrome just fine with a single image in a tab.

Thanks alan. I know details like this matters.

From your reply, all that is possible once you set up your database server on your network or even the Internet. All that you need to know is not going to be in my reply unless I note web content.

Admit you are just starting out and take a few classes on SQL administration and if you are paying attention then it will start to make sense.

That is, your database server (not a file!) is on some server then your app connects to that and you allow, or not, changes per your SQL rules and your code.

PS: Can't go to school? Get started with web content like this:

I've been hanging back on this one to give time to think.

My view is this should be in the member's control. It's that simple. Sure, setup the defaults, but let the members decide.

commented: I agree. +0

@johh_165. I've seen folk just dump their code without telling where the error is. When I have an issue I narrow it down to the line that is giving me trouble then I examine the variables for that line and think over how that line works. For me that's how I work most of the errors I encounter.

Dumping your project and asking for a fix may get you no answers.

commented: you're right +2

It appears to be a well done question.

My question is does research on google and such being put down in such classes?

commented: apparently many schools in certain countries tell kids to post their questions on forums rather than do their own research these days. +0

I think this would require using what was in the course material leading up to this assignment to be a valid answer. Go back over your course notes to see what should be used in your new system.

The more I read about Coach the more I see it's a CMS or content management system and once you exit what they made easy you are back into the usual work of MySQL, PHP, code and design. I did not find any example of what you wanted to do in the usual Coach discussions.

This means it's just plain design work, then understanding your database, crafting the SQL command to get what you want from some input form then writing code. If you don't do PHP or MySQL you will want to do tutorials on that first.

Can you expand on what line 9 does or was supposed to do? It's odd to see that PIPE CHARACTER in there.

commented: its supposed to check for if the service in csv file is actually available on the server, if not it errors the message, else prints server with servic +2

I'd rewrite that question. Maybe you wanted to ask which Samsungs have OTG. But OTG is a minefield so I'd be very exact in your question.

commented: Good point :) +0

@OP. If you think everyone wants to steal the ideas and code then you may fall into that trap where you never produce apps. I've seen this happen where a person has an idea but is stuck. As I've published many apps and designs over the years I offer to chat about it and they clam up or won't show their app to anyone.

Did you google up "Bob's Game"? It's a different sort of developer's hell but getting stuck on "everyone is going to rip off my ideas" is a common way to never get your app out the door and into the world. I've seen this happen numerous times.

-> The next trap is searching for the "best" code protection. The app is delayed as the author tries more and more protection schemes. Each time they dicover it's not 100% secure so they are trapped in a never ending cycle and never publish . Also they burn up their productive hours on this rather than getting that great idea, code and app out the door.

In your post is " review your lesson" which I find interesting. This class should have been building up to this bigger app. Where are you with this assignment? Are you stuck with a specific step?

commented: im stuck with a specific step i dont know what to do with it, im just a newbie on this program c ,i dont know what to start (T.T) +0

I want to repeat prior advice on this. If you do this it won't be OS agnostic. Read and other priors on how to solve but my thought is "This is a bad idea."

commented: I test the code but the code was bad! also Its better to diplay on screen not write to text file for future investigation +3

That's the usual story. What happens next is up to you. You might find a new web master, learn more about your web site and the languages your site uses but eventually you have to make a decision.

Maybe put off changes until they can't be ignored?

As it stands it's unclear what this Firstpage is. PHP is a language that you could learn as there are tutorials out there but that may not be the right move as it won't tell you how this web site works. It's like learning how how to rebuild an engine but no one covered how to put the engine back into the car.

This sounds to me that you are vey displeased with how PHP and other frameworks, languages progress over time and what used to work, breaks as they upgrade. I've seen that with JAVA as well as PHP, Python and other systems.

While the new PHP broke your code, repairing what broke should be cheaper (hours invested) than moving to yet another framework or system.