As to 1,000 years to load you can build just a text page for searching (Control+F) and if you need a link to an image, that's nothing special (or is it?)

As to legal issues, you'll need a lawyer or just get ready for a take down notice. I do enounter folk that feel that if it's on the Internet they can copy and use as they please. Hard to reason or talk to such today.

brokehero commented: I really need to have pictures to help anyone at all. Would they not be considered "fair use" if used to educate people/save lives? +0

Let's try simple. Like (edited) we did over a decade ago. Put it all on a page and tell the user to press Control+F to find "Black Bart's Bicycle" or such.

All the users I encounter can search for text on a page and since you want to get this information out there, why not simple?

brokehero commented: I want to include links to the images if they have not been removed but I took screenshots and have a works cited for them. also dont want to be sued +0

There appears to be missing code or steps in your post. Read for an example of the UNION but you may need to redo your query (I don't see that here) to use the UNION ALL as the error calls out.

bckelley commented: since this is the only place I can comment! [customerName] is a string from the database i.e. George, Fred, Alice whatever, that was a placeholder +0

"That's not good."

Before you do much of anything try to get your W7 CDKEY out with MAGIC JELLYBEAN KEYFINDER. It's free and you need this in case of a meltdown of the W7 OS. You can find W7 ISOs so I won't write about that.

Lattitudes are usually pretty tame laptops so this is not a good sign. Try another bootable OS (Linux) but other distros. See if the BIOS is current too. Using old BART's or old Linux to me is not what I'd do. I'd try current releases.

Since "occurs twice" appears to be the cause and what you need to investigate, where is the code that sets up or handles the drag, drop and mouse events?

PS. The code supplied doesn't appear to be causing this.

Milla S. commented: Thank you! +0

The answer to most if not all the questions is yes. I wish folk would number their questions and always end a question with a question mark so everyone can find the question and answer them by the numbers.

But I'm going to stop here and note that if the user can create the logins then there seems to be no reason to have any user security since this person created all 5 accounts. It's one really odd design and even odder to limit it to five. Hardcoding that limit may be adding complexity where leaving it to nearly unlimited might be better. That is, you do the usual please enter you account name then password and check if they are a current user and if so connect to their database.

And yes, SQL would be a great step up in learning the better methods and can push the security back into the database since leaving it in your app means the database is usually insecure.

As to being new, that wears off in time. Mostly by continuing classes and tutorials.

hyperion0 commented: Alright, thank you for informing me! +0

Out on a walk I recall something we did long ago to hide values that were at the time IN PLAIN SIGHT if you looked at the compiled code.

Let's say the secret number was coded like:

secret_number = 12345; // Hey that's my luggage combination too.

Since we had to distribute the compiled exe we would then do another operation on the variable so it wasn't so easy to pick off.

answer = value * (secret_number xor magic); // Not terrible secure but better.

Since Python is usually some plain text file, if the server was compromised then all secrets are laid bare but at least we have no real exposure of internal variables and constants from say Python scripts that run on the server and the client that is getting the output in their web browser.

Then again we could broach SQL injection which by now you know how to mitigate.


  1. At the time of posting the Twitter link was non-op. Works now.
  2. You wrote "a tool that threats JSON" which is amusing but may not be what you intended to say.
  3. You made a bold claim but didn't back it up with test data or reports. Folk may think you are boasting or an assertion that is likely false.
Walterion commented: Thanks for the response. The website has more info but you may use this repo as a test data to make sure how it works. +0

Can you tell me what you meant by "drop their out projects"? If it's a spelling error, fine but do correct this so folk know what you are asking.

Also why Turbo C++? It's from 1990, not that old is bad but for students, my advice is to move to something current like GNU C++, Visual Studio (Community Version is free) so they are not dealing with a near 30 year old system that will likely instill bad practices.

You followed with more questions. I'll put them into a list.

  1. Wrong place?
    This is fine.
  2. Cost of dev tools.
    The Community version is free. Android Studio is free. What's not to like here?
  3. Freeware one can download without spyware or advertising.
    I have installed both the ones I noted and consider them free from spyware and advertising. I can't guess if you would get them from a torrent or other than the source so maybe you are trying to avoid the source (Microsoft and Google) and ended up with a bad experience. I can't guess why folk do that.

As to the last question about Daniweb and navigating, I have yet to find any reading material about that.

The Windows.old folder is normal. There are a lot of articles about it on the web so I will avoid duplicating the web here. After some time, Microsoft will clean it off for you. You can ignore it if you wish or you can do more research.

I defer on a full dissertation and leave it at that.

  1. Paypal. Folk know it and use it.
  2. Amazon. With a high percentage of users in N.A. Folk will have a little more trust if you use this one.

There are at least six types of OLED displays noted at but the pixels are being powered by row and column addressing which is why it does not take 3,020 external connections to the display panel.

Similar addresses and schemes were used in LCD displays and many get confused over a LED LCD display versus the OLED. One think is not like the other as the saying goes.

Nether_1 commented: So each row is powered, unpowered, and then the next powered so quickly we think that it is being done smoothly? +1

If a site did that, it would be breaking some fundamental rules about password management. User name, sure but password, never.

Reading for you (pick a few articles):

Your post has a few issues.

  1. Use the forum code formatter.
  2. STATE what your questions are.
  3. If the code is failing, supply what line it is and the error output.
  4. Share how you debug your code. I find that I use my IDE to break on that line and look at the variables in the call. Can you do this?
    If not why not add a line of code to print out the values for you to check.
Reverend Jim commented: While you were commenting on the code formatting I was busy correcting it ;-P +15

Maybe it does. The Enter character code might be 10 (ASCII) is 10 or 0x0a hexadecimal. Or it could be EOF which might be -1.

Now see what happens when your putchar that to the screen. It may not be what you expect at all.

Maybe you wanted the cursor to move to the beginning of the line and drop down a line. THAT would depend on the terminal and OS. Remember this all began back in 1969 so many new programmers stumble around this because they don't know the history. Or what the enter key is returning.

Then it's a bum system that they have hung you out to dry. Ask for a refund and roll back to what worked until you find a new system.

The error is discussed on the web but it means you have to dive into the PHP code to find the error and fix it. But that's not why you are using MAMP. I take it you are not ready to dig into their product to fix it. I know I can't since I don't run MAMP and even if I did, this error would have me camping out at MAMP's support.

hapylfe commented: vb +0

@Michelle_15. You've posted a plea for help on page 9 of a 13 year old discussion. Do yourself a favor and make a new post with all the details since here, it's just like what a Vogon did with the intergalactic bypass plans.

ARTHUR DENT: Yes! I went round to find them yesterday afternoon. You’d hadn’t exactly gone out of your way to pull much attention to them have you? I mean, like actually telling anybody or anything.

I just looked into the cheapest "turn things on and off" solution I could find. How about under 7USD? Here's my copy of my prior reply.

  1. You are a programmer. Just an entry level one will do here.
  2. You are an electronics tech or better.
  3. You know that if you could have a "WiFi activated push button" you could solve this.

That said, the unit at is under 10 bucks and looks like how I'd solve this one. doesn't work either. Don't make threats, give us treats.

Update Aug 28 2019: The twitter account appears to be live again.

Walterion commented: What was the problem? Mac or Windows? +0

Sorry but this is where I'd use ImageMagick or another library. You left out the language tag and I don't know "code" as a language. I think you are using C# so here's the two googles I'd use to find a way to use ImageMagick.

JamesCherrill commented: May not go down too well if this is (as appears) a homework assignment! +15

A few steps. First check your DANIWEB settings about emails. Once that is done you automatically get email when you create a new discussion or reply to an existing discussion.

To get a notification without posting a reply, click the Watch Topic icon.


PS. Adding note. This only gives you notifications of new replies to a topic that is open. To monitor for new discussions, you have to craft such with ideas from Dani.

To me it should appear to hang on line 57. Why? "The accept method waits until a client starts up and requests a connection on the host" is right out of the documentation. This app will sit there, waiting.

"Sources include solution files for Visual Studio 2002, 2003 and 2010." from its home page. This looks abandoned to me so if their examples are now failing you may want to try to contact the authors to ask if there is a mail list or forum just for Elmah but my short research finds it looks dated and abandoned. You may have to consider something else.

Just like your web site, your question has me ask what actions would you like them to take?

Some sites like Facebook want you to join.
Amazon has stuff for you to buy.
WebMd has information about your condition.
Wikipedia has information about well, everything.

Each one takes a different approach to offer the visitor choices on their next action but without you telling more my answer is to look at sites that offer what you offer for ideas. Who do you envy?

After decades of software development I start where I can. Agile seems to toss out the old ways of writing your software design specifications and more. You iterate and move to your goal without the docs. I have yet to see this when money is involved. They want docs, presentations before code.

This is great. As to practical use this saved hundreds of lives in 1864 when a pump handle was removed.
Today it is used to visualize answers to questions such as "nearest location for most customers" and more.

As it's one in your arsenal of graphical data presentation it's nice to see one with quite the history attached to it. notes the "dot map" which is now known as a Voronoi diagram.

I'm going to write you really need to have the products folk want over this. Along with great service like you currently get from that company named after a river.

All your post neglect product and service over SEO. Why do you neglect the very thing that matters?

What is geche()?

Reverend Jim commented: A typo? +15

Few will guess why you can't do this. Supply a minimal viable example.

shanahunts commented: for ex. select * from tblmasterlist where re_order_level = '-1', interval (30) " +0