can you help with how it can be done using other excel writer? I am unable to find out a way. I am stuck with not being able to open the large excel file (.xlsx)


I am trying to open a large excel file (.xlsx) to ad some rows of data from another excel file. However, due to the size of the destination file i am getting the memory error. I tried the below, however when i create the worksheet object it is creating a readonly worksheet and i am unable to add data.
wb=load_workbook('Test.xlsx',{'constant_memory': True})

Can someone tell me how to open the large excel file using openpyxl load_workbook method in write only mode?

Dinil Karun E


I am running a batch file to generate a report. A command similar to the below one is put in the batch file.


Test.asp contains the below

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
select case Request.QueryString("format")
case "EXCEL", "Excel", "excel":
Response.ContentType = "application/"
case "WORD", "Word", "word":
Response.ContentType = "application/msword"
case else:
Response.ContentType = "text/html"
end select

'Get the hostname
Dim ServerHostName 
ServerHostName = Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")

<link REL="stylesheet" HREF="http://<%=ServerHostName%>/XXXXASP/DATA/Style.css" type="text/css"></link>
dim sCqs
sCqs = Request.QueryString("cqs")

' Open the spf data db
Set m_DataDB = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

dim sView
sView = "TEST_VW"

' Get the column headers to be displayed
dim sQueryH
sQueryH = "select * from tablename"
dim rsQueryH
set rsQueryH = m_DataDB.Execute(sQueryH)
if not rsQueryH.EOF then rsQueryH.MoveFirst

dim rsQueryH2
dim sQueryH2
dim cCols
sQueryH2 = "select * from USER_TAB_COLUMNS "
set rsQueryH2 = m_DataDB.Execute(sQueryH2)
if not rsQueryH2.EOF then rsQueryH2.MoveFirst
sCols = rsQueryH2.Fields(0)

while not rsQueryH2.EOF
  sCols=sCols & "," & rsQueryH2.Fields(0)

' Form the query for the report
dim sQuery1
sQuery1 = "SELECT " & sCols
sQuery1 = sQuery1 & " FROM " & sView 
sQuery1 = sQuery1 & " where Config like '" & sCqs & "%'"
sQuery1 = sQuery1 & " order by 1,2,4"

dim rsQuery1
set rsQuery1 = m_DataDB.Execute(sQuery1)
if not rsQuery1.EOF then rsQuery1.MoveFirst

<div class="reportTitle"> Report</div>

<hr WIDTH="100%">
<table WIDTH="100%">
    <tr class="reportItemHeader">
        for each y in rsQuery1.Fields
            response.write("<th>" & & "</th>")
' Counter for shading every other row
dim ...

Hi All,

I am updating a column in a table through SQL+ using

Select to_char(systimestamp,'YYYY/MM/DD-HH24:MI:SS.FF3')from dual;

The same field when updated through an application has a time offset of 4hrs.

Select dbtimezone from dual;




I want to form a statement which will update the field with the time offset as done through the appln. Please help.


[QUOTE=debasisdas;1583353]try this

[CODE]select * from user_views[/CODE][/QUOTE]

I want to find out the base tables of the view and also a way to update the virtual columns.


I am trying to update a column of a view in a DB. It throws up an error saying the column i am trying to update is a virtual column.

I want to know the SQL statement to find out the base tables of th view and also the base columns for the virtual column.


I need the logic for a stored procedure. The input to the procedure would be two dates- start date(something like 22-JUN-2009) and end date(something like 12-SEP-2009). This stored procedure should be able to split this date interval into months(not the number of months, but the actual month).to be specific, the output should have two columns/fields like shown below:
22-JUN-2009 30-JUN-2009
01-JUL-2009 31-JUL-2009
01-AUG-2009 31-AUG-2009
01-SEP-2009 12-SEP-2009

This output should be inserted into a cursor.
This is my requirement.

sorry, the previous two posts didnt help :(


Im working on a stored procedure to get monthly reports from a table. For that i need to develop a logic to perform the following function:
suppose i give a start_date and end_date, i need to get the months split up between these dates.
for eg) if I give start_date = 21-JAN-2009 and end_date = 15-APR-2009 i need to get the split up in the following format.


21-JAN-2009 31-JAN-2009
01-FEB-2009 28-FEB-2009
01-MAR-2009 31-MAR-2009
01-APR-2009 15-APR-2009

Finally, when this output is generated, it should be inserted into a cursor or some form of temporary data set, so that I can retrieve the values later on.
Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.

Hello Friends,

Through python I am able to generate an excel report. In one of the cells I have populated an e-mail address which shows up as a hyperlink.
Can I make this hyper link to launch outlook with the e-mail address present in the cell in the "To" and automatically add the generated excel report to the e-mail as an attachment?. The e-mail should not be sent and must allow user to edit the e-mail and send manually.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi got a nice piece of code from this site:

I am now able to check if an Excel process is running or not. The code does not use WMI and works fine on Windows :)....

Thanks for the help!!!....

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Friends,

I need to write a piece of code to identify if an Excel session(the process which is listed in the Task Manager) is already running or not?. Can anyone guide me with this?

Any help will be much appreciated!


I am using BOA Contsructor

Hi All,

How can I increase the time for which the ToolTip is displayed. I currently have a radio button for which I have set a tooltip and the content is large. There is not enough time for the User to read it completely. I dont want to use the ToolTipWindow. Please suggest.


oh yes.. that makes it even more simpler.. Thanks a lot again....

Thanks... i used the below code and its working perfectly..
Thanks a lot :)

[CODE]lt = time.localtime(time.time())
lt=[lt[1], lt[2], lt[0], lt[3], lt[4],lt[5]]

    strFile = "Log"+"_"+str(lt)+".txt"
    file = open(strFile , "a")
    file.write('Log file starts')

Thanks once again!

Hi All,

I am using the below code to write into a text file

  [CODE] # Write into log file
    inp=file(Doc\Log.txt, 'w')
    inp.write('Log file start')

The text file 'Log.txt' is present in 'Doc' folder inside the application folder.
Now I want to create a text file with a time stamp every time the User runs the application and then write contents into it. How do I do this?

Any help is much appreciated!...


Thanks a lot brother.. Its working fine.. I am now able to change the color of each row.
Thanks once again!...

Hi All,

I am using the following code to write data into an excel sheet:

[CODE]# Open the Output Spreadsheet
objExcel = win32com.client.Dispatch("Excel.Application")

Creating object to write to Spreadsheet

    self.xlApp =Dispatch("Excel.Application")

    # Creating Workbook
    self.Wkbk = self.xlApp.Workbooks.Add()

    # Get sheet count

    # Creating worksheets
    wsObjReport = self.Wkbk.Worksheets.Add()

    # Setting names to the sheets

    # Alignment Variables
    xlLeft, xlRight, xlCenter = -4131, -4152, -4108

    # Loop to remove extra sheets(created by default)
    for intiLoopIndex in range(1,intShtCnt+1):

    # Setting active sheet
    sheets = self.Wkbk.Sheets

I am able to change the default sheet name to "Report". I want to change the color of the excel sheet from WHITE to YELLOW. How can I do it?...
Any help is much appreciated.


Hi All,

I am using the .search function.
Python is not able to recognise the .search function.
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'search'

What should I import for this?
Please help!

sorry.. I goofed up in wrapping the code.
its here:

Hi All,

I have two frames.viz., frm1 and frm2.
On click of a button on frm1, I want frm2 to pop up and frm1 to hide. Presently I am using the following code:


clsFrame2 is the class present in frm2.
The above code if written on the click event of the button present on frm1. Some how the above code is not working!... Can anyone suggest?...
Any help is much appreaciated.


Thanks all for the great answers. I have solved it sucessfully..
Thanks once again....

Hi All,

I have the following string:
"AND Category 07|Spec 01|ABC 01 AND Category 07|Spec 02|XYZ 02 AND Category 07|Spec 03|PQR 03 "
It is stored in a string variable. I want to remove only the "ABC 01", "XYZ 02", "PQR 03", etc from the original string. The new string should look something like this:
"AND Category 07|Spec 01 AND Category 07|Spec 02 AND Category 07|Spec 03" .

Please help in doing this. I tried using split and strip functions.. But I am unable to get the correct output.
Any help would be much appreciated!.


Hi All,

I have created a grid and want to implement the following idea:
The user should be able to enter only numeric values in any of the cells in that grid.

I could not get any property of the cell which can check for the entered data.

Please guide as for achieving this.


Hi All,

I have created a grid and want to implement the following idea:

Hi All,

I am developing a GUI in Boa Constructor. I am using a grid for displaying some data and want to change the names of the column and row headers in the grid.

Please help me in achieving this.


Hi All,

I would like to create new rows dynamically. When a user clicks a button, a new row should be added in the grid.
Please guide me as to how can I achieve this.



I would like to query from you people if its possible to
change back color either row wise or CELL wise in List box.

Also I would like to know any other ways of listing record in forms other than in List box, Flex Grid and Data grid.



I would like to query from you people if its possible to
change back color either row wise or CELL wise in List box.

Also I would like to know any other ways of listing record in forms other than in List box, Flex Grid and Data grid.