[QUOTE=Comatose]Do you have any code already written, if so, send it to me. Also, are you trying to dock your app TO THE SIDE OF THE SCREEN, or dock your app to the right side of ANOTHER APP? This, I need to know.[/QUOTE]

no code yet. I am such a beginner. I am hoping for any info to get me going in right direction for researching it and understanding it. Most info i see is beyond me at this point in learning.

Maybe its more complicated than i think. basically I have app which is currently docked to right side of screen and i want my app to put itself in between that app and the right side of screen.
any thoughts?
you. :-|

ncc1701d Newbie Poster

I need help with docking app to side of screen. Anyone have idea how to do? I have no clue. Any any terminology, code, tutorials you know of? I use Visual basic.
I am NOT refering to permanent positioning with form coordinates and not talking about docking controls within forms.
If i have another app on right side as well my app has to sit next to it.