Thanks so much! I'll try it.

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I'd like to embed an HTML box in a blog (LiveJournal) entry of mine.

An example of the sort of HTML box I'm talking about is here: [url][/url]

I'd like to have a box that I can place a code in so that others can copy and paste it. (Like the one that that says "copy & paste the following code:".

Is this possible? (And for the record, is it even called an HTML box? Or a text box? Or something totally different?)


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So I've spent the last day or so wondering about how we can protect ourselves from virus-encrypted songs. Is there a certain program(s) we can download to protect our computer from going completely awry? Because, after all, who would want to lose all their downloaded music?

Which brings me to my other question: are free but "legal" music programs really legitimate? There are quite a few out there now: Qtrax, SpiralFrog, LimeWire (although that isn't even legal), et cetera. But even though LimeWire comes with the risk of virus-encrypted songs, people tend to use it anyway -- simply because iTunes cannot suffice the needs of all songs. In fact, iTunes isn't even very thorough with their music variety -- there isn't a great deal of foreign music.

What I'm asking is this: Is there a way to download music legally (doesn't have to be free -- but I strongly dislike Rhapsody and Kazaa) without having to worry about viruses?

This leads me back up to my first question: Are there programs that alert us to virus-encrypted songs?

Hope the questions aren't too far-fetched. I'd love to have some answers and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

... Did I even place this in the correct forum, or should I change it?