I've discovered that by going to [i]My Computer > Tools > Map Network Drive[/i] that I can individually select the hard drives on my PC for easy access in My Computer.

So problem solved, I guess.

That's handy, thanks. I guess I was wondering if there was any alternative software.

Update: motherboard replacement fixed all.

I recently hooked up my laptop to my PC to transfer some files. I'm using My Network Places, and am a newbie to this. Are there any programs that can do the same thing but easier and with more options?

I know you're suppose to take it out when you need to remove a BIOS password, but what happens when it's not put back in? Will the BIOS work correctly/will it not boot at all? My reason for asking is that I have a dead Latitude that just so happens to not have a reserve battery (as Dell calls it).

Did you have to replace the puppy as well?


Some extra details in case you didn't read the other topic. This is basically completely dead. It won't power on (only the status lights, then it goes back off). But it started to boot once when the keyboard was hit a few times.

My brother already posted about this a while ago here: [url]http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread99367.html[/url]. He's not so technically savvy.

Anyway, this has been gathering dust until it was given to me recently. I don't have the charger for it right now, and there's no power in the battery. I was going to purchase a motherboard on eBay, but I wanted to ask a few extra questions and try to pinpoint the actual problem.

When this laptop "worked", so to speak, it could never keep the time. The hour would always be way off after every boot.

I also remember downloading and installing software just fine. The problem would be after closing a program, it would give a strange error upon restarting it, but wouldn't run (this wouldn't happen all the time, but would eventually). I'd download the software and install it again and it would work, yet the same problem would come up. Sounds like a hard drive issue to me. By searching Google, I've also seen other people having the same problem with this particular laptop.

So my questions are whether this could be a motherboard or hard drive issue, or both (or would RAM and/or CPU be more common?). Also, I've noticed in some photos on eBay that there is a CMOS battery on the mobo, but mine doesn't have one. I'm not sure if it was there originally, or if someone took it out not knowing what it was. Can it function without one?

It couldn't be a software issue ...