Been looking at the HP Service Manual and it requires a near full strip-out to get to the CMOS battery. Not sure I have that much confidence in not effin' something up if I go that deep.

Have also noticed that when AC is plugged in there is nothing from the 3 status lights at the front of the unit - Power Status, Hard Disk Activity or Battery Status. Caps, Num lock, trackpad and mute all light up with the power button itself for those few seconds of 'life'. Hmm!

The AC lead was tested for current and seems ok. As not even the charging light comes on could this be power related?

[QUOTE=techno t;561546]Try clearing the BIOS, remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes and then replace the battery and try again.*[/QUOTE]

Is that a relatively easy step? I don't have an issue opening the chassis up, I just may be a bit limited on tools - 1 set of old precision screwdrivers :D

My laptop won't boot, doesn't POST and am trying to see if it's terminal or prohibitively repairable. When powering up, it whirs, the fan starts and a few seconds later ( between 3 & 10) it shuts down never reaching the onscreen COMPAQ logo. Happened after a restart when I couldn't get a USB stick recognised and it never breathed life again

It beeped on one occasion at the beginning of 'the troubles' but I didn't note what the sequence was and it hasn't squeeked at me since

Have tried a new battery, no battery with AC only.
Have tried swapping RAM, no RAM, 1 Stick of RAM
Have tried a new hard drive, freshly formatted
Even tried booting from an XP disc - nothing works

I get nothing on the display so have no messages to report. All seemed fine until the last re-start. Am guessing it could be a failed CPU or motherboard which wouldn't make for an economic repair. Any suggestions?

Compaq Presario 2178EA (AMD)
Windows XP SP2
1 Gb RAM (2 * 512 Crucial)
20 Gb HDD

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

Found this place through Google, looking for help in resurrecting a non-responsive laptop. Seems to be a pretty good font of knowledge so I'm sure it'll answer many more Q's along the way (am now a new Mac owner)

I'll be heading over to the [B]Troubleshooting Dead Machines[/B] area pretty soon but in the meantime, this is me