Dell sends these young men who grunt at me and then a couple of weeks bring it back with something else gone wrong on it. Come get it if you really want it. I am not capable of boxing it up and sending it anywhere.

Maybe I am mistaken about the times from last night. A freind's child had been abducted and my computer is not working properly and I was very frustrated and still am. I was trying to help get the word out to others to at least pray for Diana. The urgency was great and I am confined to my bed and could not physically join in the hunt for her. The neighborhood was sealed off very quickly and we just needed to get Diana back before she came into irrepairable harm. She is home now and will be ok in time. But I am seriously considering throwing this computer out until I can afford to get one that isn't so plagued with problems. It came out of the factory box with a bad hd and modem straight from Dell. I have had it just over a year now and it was in the shop for equiptment repairs more than it was it has been in my apt. Do you want it?


I do see these two strange looking things but have no clue if they are supposed to be there or not. The things you said to look for are not there at all. Anyway, I am including two more screen shots so that you can see what I see. Thank you for trying to help me.

That does nothing to help me because I dont have my scanner or printer even connected at this time. I guess that I will reformat again. I can't keep a browser open because my host files all seem to be broken.

It was actually about 4 hours later that I made my previous post and it wasn't so much to complain as to find out if I included all the needed info. It said on the thread that 15 had viewed but there was no responses. I know that a place I moderate at, there are some guidelines to posting for certain types of help and if the needed info isn't included, we feel no obligation to help. (One or more of us usually does try anyway by pointing out that we havent enough info to try)

But I did post one asking for help several weeks ago that no one ever responded to at all and it finally just disappeared. It was at the beginning of this problem.

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

It seems like when I ask for help, no one does although there are a few who seem to sneer at me. Am I not posting in the proper place or giving the right info? Should I just go away and leave you all alone?

[url][/url] I posted as much info as I could. People have looked at it but no one responded. I suppose that I should be happy that I was not sneered at again but I really do need some help and feel like my plea has gone ignored. . . probabley because I am so stupid. :sad: :cry: :sad: And I keep losing posts because my browser keeps crashing.

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

I keep getting these error messages and my browsers. . IE, FoxFire, and Enigma keep crashing. I was told to rename my host files to oldhosts and let my machine download new ones. It worked for a couple of days but now the problem is back. Can someone please help me? I have run all the scans for trojans, worms and spyware and they are all clean. I have run scandisk, defragged, checked for updates on everything and even used pc bugdoctor. I can't find anything wrong but this problem persists. I am on XP SP2.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.


Thank you for your response. I am on dialup but my friend is supposed to be getting dsl as soon as they get around to switching her phone line or something. I will start reading at the site you suggested.


There are many more reasons to learn something than to pretend it doesn't exist simply because you do not like it. I think you must be very young so I will not pay much attention to your views. I know 7 year olds who would have attempted to give me a much more comprehensive answer than you did.

I use windows xpee pee. I hate it! I don't know what a lot of the stuff is for and the things I do know about seem to not respond more often than they should. When I had windows 2000 or ME my computer worked much better. I am not a geek and would really like to hear the pros and cons of changing to Linux. How hard is it to learn? How costly is the software for things like PSP,
photoshop and other art programs? Will yahoo messenger work on it? Where can a non geek go to read stuff that I can really understand?

Isn't mambo a kind of music or dance coming out of South America?


What does mambo make you think or feel? Go with what you know. Asking people who have no clue or interest isn't likely to get your dream site built. You will need graphics and while you are deciding on content, you can be busy working on those. (A defintion of mambo might be a good place to start)

:cry: Well I have got you all beat because I dont just feel stupid [IMG][/IMG] I just blew away my test board again and cant figure out how use my new website. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

indulgence ---> corruption

Thanks guys. I am still no closer to getting my script written for my message board though. . . I mean , how hard could it be but I have blown away the dang thing more times than I care to rember. Fortunately, I am not stupid enough that I test things on any of my working boards. But dang! I am so stupid that I don't even know how or where to post a request for help. :cry:

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

stupid when I come and read for hours but don't understand a single word that I read. :o Does anyone else ever feel this way?


I like . . . . NO! I love Exco boards. They are kinda basic but they have taught me many things about scripting. I tried to set up some other boards but just couldn't figure out how to get the features or images that I wanted. I like using my own stuff and Exco allows me to do just that plush each member gets a 50 pic image gallery. Support is great at Exco as well. Peter and Markus care about us and answer each email or request for support promptly. Oh and Exco boards are free. There are some things that they are still developing and we get the chance to say what we like or dont like and they actually listen to us.

lightbulb---> replace

But rose again

[QUOTE=wizmonster]I use [u]Wallmaster[/u] to manage "lists" of wallpapers to change on a whim.

It's a great program and easy to find and use; it also hides the desktop icons too, if you want.
Here's my [i]current[/i] wall:[/QUOTE]

Why would you want to hide your icons? I need mine so that I can find things on my computer.


How can I temporary backup the content of a text form ?


I always make backups for my sites in a WordPad text file. It doesn't change the formatting and dreamweaver and some of those other things I tried to use just confused me. I am constantly blowing away pages or even whole message boards so I have found that if I put it in a WordPad file, I can very quickly restore everything in just minutes instead of the days/weeks that it used to take me. I also automatically email myself a copy (to a web based email) of the code just to be on the safe side. I tend to not be very good at burning backup cds.

He apparently has private messages turned off. The notification message that I got from here that I had a pm had, an email address on it that that email demon returned to me saying that there was no such email addy or that it was undeliverable or something like that. I deleted it so I can't tell you exactly.

OK I got that part Dani, but is my computer any use at all? I don't have a big fancy system and I really am on dialup so that is a concern for me as well. I knew that you have the folding team and it was actually a google search on folding that landed me here.

I really don't want to download software and then find out that I dont have the right system requirements. RAM is the issue sometimes. I tend to use too much RAM with my graphics programs.

(If I do find that I can do this, I would be honored to be on your team.)


I am not a geek but I am female (and 50 and American) and Dani sent me an email telling me that I was more than welcome here plus gave me a few links to help me get started learning.


Dani will even give you cookies! :mrgreen:

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

At several sites I post at they have folding teams that they urge people to join. I am totally not a geek, but I really want to learn to become one. I have tried to search for info but keep coming up with info that means nothing to me at all. Everyone tells me to download this or that but how can I know if my poor pitiful puter even has the necessary requirements to be of use for this thing called folding? I am on dial up and cant spend hours uploading and downloading info. I don't have much RAM (254) but if my computer could help with research while I am sleeping, I am all for it. Can someone who really knows please explain this to me?

tired of getting the runaround from some smart ass geeks who have laughed at me a lot in other places :cry: They weren't born geeks, were they?

[IMG][/IMG] Hands MGM a balloon bouquet. Now you can say that you have a balloon! :mrgreen:

bumping this so that perhaps he will see it :)

I tried google many times and discarded it finally because didn't find things that I KNEW were on my site. I found this new search site engine though that I really like. [url][/url] It allows you to make the search box fully customized and offers several different premade codes to start from with clickable options for your customization if you need them. I highly recommend this non-google search engine.

Warning though. . . it you put this on a message board, it will access "private" or admin posts as well. :cheesy:


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of smilie sites out on the www just waiting for you to show up and snag their smilies. I have over a thousand in my photobucket and many more that I have burned to cds and haven't uploaded yet.

You could probably get the help you need if you posted this in Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties [url][/url]

I prefer a custom avatar of my own choosing as do many of my forum members. As for sets of avatars, I find them too confining as they usually have a narrow focus. There are lots of avatar sites out there that will you pick and choose from premade images. There are also lots of sites that will make custom avatars for you as well. What types of avatars are you really looking for? I have tons of avs but will not post them unless I know that they are what you really want.