I am on dial up unfortunately and it costs me $99.00 annually. Free email and virus/spyware protection, plus free games (which I never play) and external hd space on a secure server plus a bunch of other stuff that I dont understand.

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

I got a message that you are looking for me. But the address on it bounced back my reply and here it says [QUOTE]Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help.[/QUOTE] So how am I supposed to contact you? Email me at catchow_rocks@ yahoo.com and give me the address of where you want me to be. I have to tell you though that I am not exactly up to snuff as I have just had lung surgery and still have drainage tubes running out of me with twice daily nurse visits and respitory theraphy and other assorted medical stuff. But I am willing to help you if I can.

[url=http://www.etch-a-sketch.com/html/onlineetch.htm]Online Etch A Sketch[/url] First, click on the Etch A Sketch®, then use the arrow keys to draw! And it has a reset button too!

I agree with you. Mods and Admin should show a united front even if there are disagreements. But by the same token, this seems to be a private issue that has been posted publically. I think that perhaps Kevin should have contacted the mod who upset him through the private message feature on the board and not tried to make the whole board look bad.

I always stand behind my Moderators even when in disagreement with them until we can have an open dialog in a non public forum. It is hard though to know exactly what to post or where to post it when you are new to a forum. I posted a problem in the wrong place and am very grateful that it was moved to the proper place.

If you the mods and admin here don't think that games are proper, I will refrain from posting on those threads even though I love them. Why? Because it is not my board and posting is a privelge and not a "right"


I am the one who drug those games up again in the first place. I found them on page 10. I am an owner of several message boards and a global moderator at several more and admin at several more. Making duplicate threads does cause some problems if you have to pay for disk space. I doubt that Dani is really making very much money off this board. Boards don't usually generate much income. Perhaps the mod made a mistake but you also show immaturity in your response. I think that perhaps you are owed an apology but that you definately owe one as well. If I was admin here, I would have disabled your acct for 10 days when you first started squawking.

You get back The Morman Tabernacle choir singing the Barney Song.

I put in frozen fish sticks.

lotto ---> waste

You get back a 45 rpm of Elvis sing "Hound Dog"

I put in a bowl of pot stickers.

Ummm well if you follow the link, you will see where I got it. MSNBC

Honestly I dont know what I did. Right now I am sick with strep and staph infections and I cannot think that clearly at times. I did download the fixme file and opened it but I cant remember what happened. These antibiotics dope me up pretty good and I am at times barely functional.

Here is a hijack log. I didnt download Spybot because it has caused me too many troubles in the past and my computer guy told me not to use it again unless it was to avoid calling calling him. He installed spysweeper instead. I also have spyware blaster and stop sign. Now before you start I want you to know that E-Anthology is my ISP and I do not believe that they are spyware. I will not remove them from my computer at this time because I have prepaid and have several months left on my contract. exco is message boards. They are harmless. I thought that I had gotten rid of Hello but see it in the list. I do have CrapCleaner and ran that too.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 6:54:53 PM, on 2/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Acceleration Software\StopSignProducts\Firewall\fwservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\eAcceleration\eanthology.exe
C:\Program Files\Acceleration Software\Anti-Virus\stopsignav.exe
C:\Program Files\Acceleration Software\SystemPatcher\sys_alert.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Gmail Notifier\gnotify.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital ...

OK I have no idea what I have done but I am not going to try to do it again.I think that I would rather reformat than go through that ordeal. I never saw any of the things that I was supposed to delete. Something is wrong with my printer. It keeps giving me error messages. . . out of paper which it is not or paper jam which I cannot see. I am scared half to death of the registry. I need to wait til I can get someone to read the instructions to me before I attempt this again.

Crunchie what is this file? What does it do? Will it eliminate the need to to try and manually clean the registry?Too little info is almost as bad as not enough. sooooooo confused right now.

[QUOTE=moderate_rock48]Right on, im not very much of a geek either, and seem to ask stupid questions, but its all good, no question is stupid. You have forums? thats cool, you very well could be considered a geek then :p I kinda wish I could setup my own forums.[/QUOTE]

Hahahahaha! Right at this moment I am setting up a board to be basically a tutorial on how to set up a message board! Somehow I keep getting distracted by other things. :mrgreen: I am supposed to be writing a tut on color but I keep getting messages on yahoo from friends wanting to know how to do this or that.

Let me get this board done and we will see about setting you up with one of your own. What would be your focus and who you would get to join? I have one board for Christian ladies that I have met on the internet who got wounded in cyberspace and one for some ladies who are praying for their marriages to be restored. I have two for my church. . . one for the kids who behave very well and one for their parents who need to take lessons from their kids! I have a test board which I routinuely manage to blow away with some crazy script or another and one for keeping in touch with friends who have moved away from my town. Message boards are a lot of fun and also a lot of work.

You need ...

Thanks Moderate. I have seen so many non-English speaking people and people new to the internet or message boards become hurt and never heard from again because they were flamed by Know it all that I try to make it a point to spread a bit of kindness where ever I go. After all I ask seeming stupid questions or make what seems to be stupid comments too. But they are always because I am confused or amazed at what someone else has done. I want to know how to do things too! I will never learn if someone doesn't teach me and I really do rely on the kindness of strangers.

I have a couple of boards of my own and I always set up a test forum for new posters to try out all the features. It is called testing and is in the spammers forum. As long as people are kind to each other, I really don't care what they do in there. I kinda think that this section of Daniweb is also for spammers. (That would be me!)

I had mirc on my old computer because someone else installed it but I never figured out how to use it. Now I just went and it tells me that I need a chinese language pack to properly view it? Maybe I am just too stupid. It wouldn't be the first time! Thanks for your detailed reply though. I can't read chinese.

Total NONgeek Junior Poster in Training

I found 180search Assistant in my programs. I went to uninstall it and it required going on the internet to do so. I ran a google search to find out about it. Instructions were given here [url]http://www.iamnotageek.com/a/394-p1.php[/url] for it's removal.

How do I find these things to remove them?
Destroy Autorun:
Delete the following keys


[SIZE=1]I am so nongeeky[/SIZE] :sad: :o :sad: :rolleyes:

Ummmmm How would a nongeek find it and do I need to download anything?

Dani's pets' toy is rectangular or not square.

You get back a horse.

I put in sugar cubes.

You get invited to join [url]www.toadgames.com[/url] where there are free games and prizes (and a Mr. Stinky Feet who hates blondes.) Tell them that LonesomeDove sent ya! Check out the farting toads game. It is a real toot!

I put in kindness.

[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/Catchow/4games/3d301f52.jpg[/IMG] Easy!

Next: A pic of the cast of "Lost in Space" tv show

[QUOTE=nanosani]BJork is an old retired lady ... be fan for young generation next -->[/QUOTE]

Age has nothing to do with talent. The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, Ertha Kitt,
Patti LaBelle, and many others are grandparents and retain quite a following. Even Ozzie is getting old but he still has major fans among young people today. Don't be so quick to assume that age is a major factor in fandom.

I found poker playing pigs!


Next a baby dragon

You get an angry message asking you to use the proper recepticule for garbage.

I put in a box of mac and cheese (after I finish the laundry)

craps----> gambling

cube --> dice

You get generic tuna in water back.

I put in a smell pair of socks.

[QUOTE=Georgia19]Just as simple as that, huh? Well........what if your Print Screen key doesn't work? I'm using Windows XP Home Edition and I have tried PrintScreen and ALT+PrintScreen and absolutely nothing happens. Why is that? Any suggestions from ANYONE?????[/QUOTE]

OK it really is simple and I do it all the time but the directions given left out a few things.

  1. Tap the printscreen button once.

  2. Open MSPaint (or your choice of paint programs)

  3. Edit > paste.

  4. Click on the pencil or brush next so that you can cut out what you don't want showing. Your pic will be as big as your screen. If you dont change tools your pic will get screwed up in the next step.

  5. Look for the tiny almost not there dot at the center of the bottom and right side edges. You will get the double headed arrow when you find it and can "cut" your image by sliding it to the point that you want saved.

  6. Then go to image. Drop down menu offers you several choices. Click Rotate.> By Angle >180. (see clickable thumbnail link) [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/Catchow/tutorials/howtodoascreenshot.jpg][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/Catchow/tutorials/th_howtodoascreenshot.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

  7. When you have the pic looking the way you want it, you still have some other options available. If you want to resize it you can do that under Image > Stretch/Skew but if you are doing a screenshot to show someone the error you are getting, chances are that resizing will obscure the info so you need to save it ...

You put in Sharpie perm. marker and get back a pocket protector.

I put in a lb of butter