BOOTING windows xp FROM USB PEN drive...!!!

Hi gurus and dear friends,

I had this question in my mind form last so so many days...

Q1. Can we boot our desktop or laptop computer from USB Pen drive of say 512 MB or 1 GB...?????

Q2. If yes can we use installed programs and applications on hard disk of our desktop or laptop after booting from pen drive...????? Also how do we prepare pen drive so that its bootable...????

Q3. In case of laptop is it possible that through EXTERNAL hard disk (which has SAY windows xp installed meaning thereby that such external hard disk is bootable) connected to laptop via USB port be used to boot laptop instead of laptop's internal hard disk being used for booting...???????

Q4. A computer (be it laptop or desktop) say

a. has two partition C: and D:.
b. Say the OS windows xp is loaded / installed on both partitions.
c. say now that yahoo messenger is installed on c: only...

Now can I access yahoo messenger program if i boot from D:...??????????????

What if C: has data instead of installed yahoo mess prog...IN that case can i access such data on C: if i boot from D:...????????????????????

Please take your time and then reply only if you are sure as I am myself a lot confused about all four questions raised please take your time and then only reply...

I know the above four questions are NOT easy to answer and ...

ok...thats really not easy but yes will try definitely...thanks :cool:

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hey buddy dlh6213,

got the basic cocept...thanks a lot...and u know what gave rep points to u(since u deserved it) :mrgreen:

thanks again man :D

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