It sounds like your Network Interface card is not set up to receive an IP address automatically. It may have been set with a fixed address that is conflicting with an address already given. To test this, switch off all WiFi connected devices and reboot the router (switch it off and on again).
To check the set up you go to the properties for the Adapter, click on TCP/IP 4 and then properties. Tick auto for both IP and DNS.
Just a thought.

It seems that defining 'word' as an empty string is what you need:
word = "";
That is "s ; not 4 's
I.e. if you wanted to define it as 'apple' you would:
word = "apple";
By the way, if you can rename the subject of your post to include 'Javascript' it would help to attact the right experts.
Good luck

Hi, a quick and cheap fix is to buy a usb bluetooth device. You can get one that is very small (only sticks out a fraction) for about $20.
Otherwise, you could go to System Devices and remove andy bluetooth controllers, restart the computer and Windows will find them again and re-install. Also, you should go to the Toshiba site and download your bluetooth drivers for your particular laptop.

I suspect the problem is with your Power Supply. You could try swapping it with the one from your Desktop computer.
The power supply may have been damaged during the power outage.

Hi Ryan,

just to be sure that you're clear on what is being recommended.

  1. Disconnect the XP disk (it DOES have the boot.ini file)
  2. Windows 7 is now broken (it needs the boot info that was on the now missing disk)
  3. Repair Windows 7 by booting from the disk and repair
  4. No more XP

Good luck

Hi Les, we are happy to help anyone. You don't have to bring anything to the party!
Now, what problem are you having with your laptop?


I have a question for all you brilliant daniweb joomla developers (mean the "brilliant" sincerely) ... and it's probably a simple one for you.

I am using the latest joomla and a template a Siteground template (siteground-j15-116). Can I replace the Site Name that appears in the upper left hand corner with a company logo? And ... can I make that logo clickable?

How do I do that?

I've attached a jpg of the upper left hand corner of my site.

Thanks so much for your kind help.


Hi Linda, good news : yes you can change it.
I haven't used Siteground templates but in RocketTheme the logo is saved in the templates --> images --> style folder and is logo.png.

You can change the image for your own. If you need to change the size then this is done in the css within Joomla for the template.

Similarly, to make the Logo clickable you change the html in the template.

Good luck

Hi, if the router is connected to the Internet on XP then the problem is with how Vista is connecting to the router. When you have the router connected on XP check the lights and look for one that says Internet or something similar then check if this light is on when using Vista. You will probably see that it is.
What password are you changing? Is it for your WiFi or for the router?
To properly test your Vista you should connect to the router with a cable. If it works with the cable then we can look at your Wireless set up.
Finally, the test from the command prompt is "ping". You are missing the "ping" which is why you are getting the error message. Type "ping" without the quotes.
Good luck
Please also see my previous post #3 above.

Hi, I'm not sure why you chose to change router? If it works with XP it will work with Vista. Does the old router still work with XP?

If it does, then the problem with the Vista PC not connecting is with the settings on the Vista PC. In the first instance, check that it is set to receive dynamic IP address.

As for the new router, I suspect that it is not configured for your ISP. Your ISP would most likely have provided a CD or written instructions that include configuration instructions. You will need to connect a cable (if it isn't already connected) and access the admin screen. Instructions for this are with the router manual.

Please answer the question regarding using the old router still working with XP and I will help with whichever route (ha ha) we take.

Hello Andy,

well, it has been some time since I used decision trees.

The thing with decision 'trees' is that each branch (where one option spits into 2 or more branches) should add up to 1. That is, the sum of the probabilities of the branches should add up to 1.

For instance, a coin toss yields 2 branches with a probability of 0.5 each.

A dice roll would have a probability of 1/6 for each branch.

These represent equal probability but the real strength is in 'biased' probabilities. For instance a loaded dice could be
6: 0.5
5: 0.1
4: 0.1
3: 0.1
2: 0.1
1: 0.1

So, in summary, you don't need to have 4 branches, you can have just the 2 that you need. For instance if 75% of the calls are outside the area code:

outside: .75
inside: .25

Does this help?

Hi and welcome.

Assuming you are using windows xp / vista the simplest way is using WiFi.

You will need a Wifi adaptor in both the laptop and PC. The laptop will probably have one built in but if the PC doesn't you can buy a wifi card to go inside or a usb adaptor. See my note next for an option with an additional wifi router. If you have a Wifi router from speedtouch then so much the better. If you don't you will need to have your PC switched on to use the internet.

[I am assuming you don't want to spend too much but you could always buy a wireless router and put it between the router and the PC. This will mean that you don't need to have the PC on or have a wifi adaptor/card in the PC].

Go to control panel then choose network connections.

Click on "Set up a home or small office network" and follow the prompts. A usb flash disk will be useful but not essential.

If you can't see the "Set up a home..." then make sure "folders" is not selected in the list of icons or choose File --> Network Setup Wizard.

Setup the network with no security and then add it. Add your security key and check that it still works then add your MAC addresses to the network.

Your security key is used to encrypt information that is sent wirelessly. If you don't, then your information can ...

As above, we're happy to help but what do you need?

I don't know about previous versions of Excel but Excel 2007 allows the file to be saved in XML format.
Do you need more than this?

It sounds as if the power saving is not working correctly. You need to check in your BIOS: Press F2 or Del as the PC boots to enter your BIOS depending on the BIOS.
Then look for Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) and make sure it is enabled.

To eliminate a potential power supply problem, change the power cables and wall socket with one that you know works (swap with your PC for example).

Hi, I was referring to the general tab in "content advisor":

Tools --> Internet Options
Content Tab
Click Enable
Approved Sites: Add your site and click deny
General Tab: Tick both boxes and Create Password

If all you want is to block a particular site then you can't do more than you have already.

Maybe you didn't set a Supervisor Password?

Go to the General Tab in Internet Explorer. Make sure that both boxes are ticked (users can see websites... and Supervisor can type password... ).
Then click "Create Password" and set a password.

This should work. If you have tried this and doesn't work then either your password is compromised or you have a different problem to the one posted: Why does the Supervisor Password not work!

Good luck

Use NetNanny: [url][/url]
It isn't too expensive and gives total control over what users can and can't do online.
It is password protected and you can set different privileges for different users.

OK, firstly your site does not require a lot of server space so the first place I'd try is your email provider. They often provide free web space with your email. This could be a good place to start. You can always move later.

Here is a link to a website that gives info on free web hosting: [URL=""][/URL]
Choose either "free hosting" or the "most recommended ..." and see what you think.

You should find something there.

You will probably need to ftp your files to get them from your PC to the host: go to [URL=""] [/URL] to download a free program to do this.

Yes, you can do this with XP and your broadband connection.

When you have had enough of the free service (they have limitations and adverts) then you can buy hosting for just a few dollars a month.

If you intend to expand your site or produce others you will soon get frustrated with Publisher. Keep an eye out for other products you could try that will help you learn html (the building block of all sites). The thing I don't like about Publisher is that you can't see your code if you wanted to until after you have 'published' it. This makes learning difficult.

Anyway, for now, go ahead and publish for free and enjoy!

This is how you do it in Access 2007. It will be similar in Access 2000 but if you want 2000 instructions please let me know.

Open your database
Select the "Create" tab at the top
Select "Query Design"
Close the "Show Table" popup
Select "SQL View"
Enter the code
Press "Run" and the table will be created.

Good luck

You can look at and therefore add / edit sql statements by clicking the SQL view or View SQL button in the design view.

what help do you need? What are you are trying to achieve?

How do you want your background image to appear?

For instance, is the image a graphic that will repeat horizontally or vertically or is it a photo or something similar that will act as a watermark?

the 301 is used to permanently redirect pages as well as to change the displayed url.

Regardless of the purpose, your home page will have a file name such as All you need do is save the page as homepage.php and enter the required php code inside the html code. If your hosts accepts php then its php server will interpret the php code and replace it with the html required after consulting with your database.

The redirect command will have the current filename for your homepage. Change this file as you like, save it as php and then change the 301 redirect.


when you type [url][/url] your host actually displays a page such as:


The index.html could also be default.html. The .html extension could just as well be .php or .asp.

All you need do is to save your index.html or default.html page to index.php or default.php.


you only have to use php for the pages that use it. I recommend PHP & Mysql from SitePoint ([url][/url]) as a good starter if you're not familiar with php. I prefer php to Coldfusion.

Also, try XAMPP ([url][/url]) to take some of the pain and frustration away from setting up php on your PC.

Good luck!

My first thought would be that you don't have the latest driver for your video card. This should be on a CD that came with your computer, motherboard or graphics card. If not, download it from the manufacturer.

If you don't know what your graphics card is: If you have DirectX installed. Go to start then run and type "dxdiag". That will show you information about your computer as well as your video card type. Click on the 'display' tab to find out about your card.

I agree with Gerbil: it sounds like a memory problem but then you say you hear no beeps?! You would normally hear something.

Although you are confident that your PSU is OK, it could still be power related. Please try the following:

  1. Remove everything (disconnect HDDs, CD/DVDs, floppy drives, remove graphics and all other cards, remove memory).

  2. Remove and refit the cable connections to the MBD.

  3. Try. You should hear some beeps (and the fans turning: if the fans don't turn it's your PSU).

  4. If you don't have an onboard graphics card, install the card and try again.

  5. Try each memory individually or in pairs as necessary.

  6. If you get a combination that works, reconnect your boot disk.

  7. If all is still good, replace the other components one at a time until the offending component is identified.

Good luck