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I was banned from DaniWeb IRC after jtwenting saying to me that if i were in gulag, i didn't last five minutes when i didn't lick the shoes of the party apparatchic, and after i dared to say anything to defend myself, what i said was only that whether he finds that that which he said was funny. When will abusing me here end? How many here find it funny and approve it?

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That's not how buffering in C works. You're confused about the connection between a command shell and a C program.

One should understand that it's not possible to implement standard input with line buffering without the canonical mode.

That explanation is completely worthless to anyone except those of us who already know how it works. Perhaps instead of blowing a lot of hot air, you could give examples of how the bits are changed according to the truth tables of the bitwise operators.

Look, you even didn't say that my explanation is wrong, what it isn't, anyone who knows anything about logical operators can confirm that. This kind of thing can be said about any sentence said by anyone, because this is a subjective claim, deliberately left unsubstantiated, or in the other words simply a vituperation put into a decent looking form. And now i have a substantiated reason to be angry, so i'm justified to use all caps, sorry but some person here cause me to do that, i can obviously otherwise have no hope that he/she would understand, though there likely cannot be no such hope at all. NARUE, YOU OFFENDED ME BRUTALLY AND FOULLY

And so, i was unfortunate enough to get offended, only because i posted here, trying to explain things and help newbies, with no bad intentions whatsoever towards anyone. WHAT MISTAKE DID I DO BY WRITING A POST TRYING TO HELP A PERSON, TO DESERVE ANY OFFENSES, EXPLAIN ME, ...

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I don't know, maybe it's c++, like there are every kind of weird << and >> in cout... But at least it's not c. Following the typedef identifier should be a declaration, which mostly starts with a type, not with map> something... With typedef you define type, you can use this to declare another type, or array of another type, or use it in whatever way how you can use simple types like char and int.

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