I m new to the MS Access, I m prone to the SQL Server Only.
Can u plz explain the difference b/w[B][COLOR="Red"] Datasheet View & Design View[/COLOR][/B].
I have some idea,pls check it whether me right pr wrong. In design view,we have to specify by own datatypes & column names.
DataSheet View is Create table by entering data.

tell me one thing more,where is the Datasheet icon.

Hi,Choudhary,can u pls do a favor for me if possible,plz Send me the answer of Connectivity 2000 + VB thread,i have send it, But no-ne replies are there. Its Urgent.

steps i Follow-
1) Go to Control panel-->Admintrative Tools-->Double -click
Data sources(ODBC)-->click Add button-->I choose SQL server(last option), Is it right or wrong option for connecting to SQL 2000.Then a new screen appears Create a New dataSource-->in name textbox,we can write anyname--Right or wrong. suppose i enter sonia, & my server name is .,so I enter . in server & click next button-->On the Next screen i have checked the option With Sql server authentication-->Login Id-sa, Password-->Blank-->Click next button-->Next-->Finish-->Then I click on button Test Data source-->Mesage Comes TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY-->OK-->OK-->Ok.

These steps we have to do or not for Connectivity using ODBC.
If yes,then what after these steps we have to do??Plz reply me early ??Thx in advance.

Plz tell me the coding also for insertion of textbox values into the textbox.

mam, If i write the foll. code--
mnumenu3.Visible = False
mnumenu6.Visible = False
mnumenu1.Visible = True
mnumenu2.Visible = True
mnumenu4.Visible = True
mnumenu5.Visible = True
[COLOR="Green"]Me.PopupMenu MainMenu[/COLOR]

what does the above line means??

I do not want to hide the menu Items, without Hiding i want that whether we can made Context menu,dat when clicking right hand mouse on the form at run time, It shows menu3 & menu5.

Cz generally we made the menu Context menu that displays either the menu3,menu4 Or menu5,menu6.

Dats y choudhary told me,we do not made context menu,that displays menu3,menu4..

In Vb we can connect to all the databases like SQL 2000/SQL 2005,Oracle,Access.
Out of the given databses we can connect to which databases.

Secondly,told me dat if I want to connect to SQL-any version(2000/2005), To connect to the database i go to
Control Panel-->Admintrative Tools-->Data sources(ODBC)-->ODBC Data source Administrator Screen cones,4m which I click on ADD Button--> Now tell me to coonect to SQL,From CREATE NEW DATASOUCE, which option I have to choose.

Plz Reply early,Its urgent.

Queen mam,on form_load i have to write this code...

Dear Chodhary,I have read ur previous reply, But queen mam, didn't understand my first ques,dats y i have posted the Ques again to make her understand in a clear way.. raed the Queen mam reply after ur reply. dats y i post the ques again.

Anyway.queen mam has given the soln how to combine diff. menu items.

No No mam, i m checking the menu at runtime only. This is not exactly I want to ask.
i want to ask that Suppose there are two menu items menu1 & menu2.

Menu1 will futher have subitems menu3
& menu4.

Menu2 wil have menu5 & menu6.

when we create POPUP,Either u popup menu3 & menu4, Or Menu5 & menu6.

I want to ask is there is any way by which we can popup menu4 & menu5.Means subitems from the different menus.

HI, I have made a menu with two menu Items

Colors will further have the submenu Items-->

FillColor will further have-->Red,Green,Blue

Size --> Small , Large

If i write the foll. code-->
[B]Private Sub Form_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
If Button = 2 Then
PopupMenu mnuColors
End If
End Sub[/B]

When we right click on the form, it shows PopUpMenu

[B]But as u right click on The form in the Client Area, Its hows

But I want a PopUpMenu that shows FillColor & small, Is it possible to combine the menu items from the different menus..

I also need

Is Debug Window same as Code Window??

Code window--where we write the code.
Debug window--????

adding a function to DLL or Class Libary- Means that one we add the function in DLL,we can call this function on any form.
I want simple addtion function & this fn. can be called on any form by.

Hi Damy Ur Syntax is wrong,
dim obj as new classLibrary.assembly

I know how to connect to crystal Report Feature in Vb.net?
Is there cryatal Report Feature in ASP.net also? If yes,steps are the sane as in Vb.net?
If not, Plz Send me the step by step Procedure.