[QUOTE=scaasiboi;1745593]Does anyone see an issue with the following IF statement... I sure can't yet it doesn't work!

$CHECK = A returned value from the database either "y" or "n", the value is returned successfully so I know that is not the issue here.

There is no error message returned, the IF statement simply refuses to work.
$check = mysql_fetch_row($resultX);
if($check == "y"){
}elseif($check == "n"){
echo "<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"Refresh\" CONTENT=\"0;URL=main.php\">";

First check what is inside your $resultX
or try posting your query also so that someone could help you

To me google+ is an annoying thing, i am getting many many unkown friends daily.

[QUOTE=arcade14.com;1670746]Ubuntu, why not? 11.xx version with Unity , but i think Gnome is better.
You have Winne for Photoshop or many win software.[/QUOTE]

Good question.
As i use ubuntu for my work i do not have time for another distribution upgrade may be i am afraid of things getting wrong.

Also i heard that most of the apps are not ported to GTK3, so it is not good for me for an upgrade now.

I have tried ubuntu 11.10 in another pc and i found some issues with compiz and ubuntu 3d is very slugglish in performance.

Simply, I think i need more time with ubuntu to get a grip :)

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I have installed buddypress and oscommerce plugin in wordpress.

But i need to a common login and registration, so i started making custom registration plugin. And for that I need to remove the buddypress registration page and use wordpress default signup.

Also if there any other way around please let me know.

My ultimate aim to have a common login for oscommerce wp plugin and buddypress.

Thanks in advance,

You guys are right, i am happy with my ubuntu 10.04 LTS now

Thank you :D

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Hi guys another newbie here want to know and learn about NGINX :) how can i use that in my next project ? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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I'm planning to buy a smartphone soon
my current phone is Nokia E51 and I like
[]htc desire s
]htc mozart 7
[]iphone 4
]nokia c7

My primary need are [LIST=1]
[]basic phone functions
]video chat using wifi or mobile internet (not 3g)
]making apps (to get familiar with app market etc)
[]good battery backup
]phone reliabilty
[*]ease of use

thats all :)
Thanks in advance

:) ok
If the problem is solved, please mark it as solved.

[QUOTE=pearll;1485966]Can smbdy tell me that what is wrong in the [COLOR="red"]second part[/COLOR] of the form here in syntax.... ?? here i am providing the first part 2 as sm variables are from that part...however just tell me what is syntactically wrong in second part ...plz .. thanx in advance !!

The first part which is working properly is

//to fetch verb_id
$verb_sql="SELECT verb_id FROM tbl_verbs_master WHERE verb_description='".$verb_description."'";
$verb_id=mysql_query($verb_sql) or die(mysql_error());
$vrb_id = mysql_fetch_array($verb_id);
//to fetch item_code
$item_sql="SELECT item_code FROM tbl_item_master WHERE item_description='$item_description'";
$item_code=mysql_query($item_sql) or die(mysql_error());
$itm_id = mysql_fetch_array($item_code);

$tbl_sql="INSERT INTO tbl_user_post_requirement(user_id,verb_id,item_code,post_description,posted_on)VALUES('".$user_id."','".$vrb_id['verb_id']."','".$itm_id['item_code']."','".$post_description."','".$posted_on."')";
$tbl_res=mysql_query($tbl_sql) or die(mysql_error());


[COLOR="Red"]And the second part which is not working is.......[/COLOR]

//code for showing offers

[COLOR="Red"]$sql="SELECT SOS_verb_id FROM tbl_verbs_mapping WHERE SRS_verb_id='.$vrb_id['verb_id'].'";[/COLOR]
$res=mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
$result = mysql_fetch_array($res);

[COLOR="Red"]$tb_sql="SELECT * FROM tbl_verbs_master where verb_id='.$result['verb_id'].' AND item_code='.$itm_id['item_code'].'";[/COLOR]
$tb_res=mysql_query($tb_sql) or die(mysql_error());
$tb_result = mysql_fetch_array($tb_res);

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($tb_result)){
echo $row['user_id']. " wants to ". $row['verb_description']." " .'"$item_description."';
echo "<br />";
 ?> [/CODE][/QUOTE] 

I think the problem is with your sql string. Try this.

$sql="SELECT SOS_verb_id FROM tbl_verbs_mapping WHERE SRS_verb_id='".$vrb_id['verb_id']."'";

$tb_sql="SELECT * FROM tbl_verbs_master where verb_id='".$result['verb_id']."' AND item_code='".$itm_id['item_code']."'";

[QUOTE=zelkea;1484720]Has your account been compromised more than once, just curious? Nokia E51 runs on Symbian OS and there are a few known viruses out there.

Below is a link to several antivirus application for mobile phones. If you believe your phone is infected and you don't want to wipe it I don't see any other options, good luck. I would be interested in the results if you end up going with one of the AV's.


Hai, zelkea

Many thanks for your response. :)

Yes my account has been compromised twice, actually i want to confirm whether it is leaking from phone or somewhere else, so i set the mail with new password and the very next day the same thing happened.

I have used netqin av in my phone and it is not detecting any,so i removed it from my phone because it was charging about AED 20 as monthly subscription charge.

[QUOTE=danishbacker;1483201]This is a good method i think.
What is the problem / error?
Are doing this for facebook application?

or the data is sending but you are not able to receive it ?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Red"][B]Please ignore my previous post :) sorry for that.[/B][/COLOR]

Sorry I didnt read it fully, I only checked the last line :)

you can access form elements as array, like

[code]var val = document.forms[0].elements[0].value;[/code]

this you can also do in a loop.

This is a good method i think.
What is the problem / error?
Are doing this for facebook application?

or the data is sending but you are not able to receive it ?

Hai, just echo the $query as Mr. ardav said, if the problem is still no solved.

[QUOTE=ak2011;1483163]I am developing a website in php mysql. In the home page i am showing only one link for demo purpose and the other links are blocked. There is a login link on top. Only after successful login the home page is reloaded showing all the blocked links.
So what i want to do is load the home page in 2 modes. one before login and other after login.
What should i do. I am new to php mysql. Will global variable work?
Please help[/QUOTE]

Use session to check whether it is logged in or not.
Hope you will know how to do this.


When you have something playing in the browser open up your volume mixer and see if the volume setting for that particular application is muted or set to low.

Right click on the speaker icon in your system tray and select "Open Volume Mixer" if you have several things open that have audio outs you may have to scroll to the right.

I had a similar problem with my windows 7 installation and this fixed it for me. I imagine you tested the same site with IE or another browser and audio works properly?


:D Thank you

danishbacker Junior Poster in Training


Im am using nokia e51
I want to set email notification my phone, but the problem is when is set password in phone it is leaked by some spyware in my phone. This happened two times.

If i had set my gmail in phone the very next day gmail notifies me that my account has been compromised. Also it sending mails from gmail account, the ip is from China. :(

I am not willing to reset my phone to factory settings.

please help me to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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I cannot hear any sound in firefox!
The problem is only in firefox all other browsers are working fine.
The flash objects have no sound at all. I can make google voice chat. So I think the problem is with some flash related thing in firefox.

I have reinstalled adobe flash player (latest).
Re-installed firefox (latest).
re-installed codec pack (k-lite 6.9 full).

Thanks in advance

I think you are making things complicated.
Just use AJAX to load dropdown lists.
Dont forget to put a dummy value as first element and you call ajax in "on cahnge" event.

Just google it you will get many code for ajax.

The term server side and client side denotes from where the code is rendered or processed. Thats all!.

Actually there is no pages like client page or server page.
If you look at Mr.Rob's (almostbob) example you can see that he has included php script along with html which is client side.

When we check the page source we cannot see the php scripts. Because it will processed from server itself and then only it will be send to client side.
This is why we don't see any php scripts when viewing source code of an html page.

For a php page to work it must placed in its server.

Hope you got what you asked for.

Use windows 7, I think you wont regret buying it.
If u have more than 4GB ram then buy a 64bit edition.

Even if u need to run any old application u can run that by using XP Mode in windows 7
(XP Mode available in win7 Pr0 and Ultimate)

or you can just download the free vmware to run the OLD windows XP and so the old softwares.

But I think you do not have to do all this because, in most case 80% of the softwares that work in XP will also work in windows 7.

Windows 7 has dropped support for 16bit applications( some old business sofwares are 16bit)

Try a demo of windows 7 first.

  1. 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) requires the replacement of the installed 256 MB DIMM

  2. I think you can install as much as u like :) as u got 4 sata ports and 2 ide ports u can add about 5 different HDDs, for this you may have to upgrade your smps. Sorry I dont know about the relation between p4 and HDD.

  3. remove your side cover and look.

  4. Yes you have got pcie slot on your board you can add any latest graphics card, but only one.

[QUOTE=crohole;948613]I wan to ask you master, how to detect all partners website in all world that have my link in there.

Please reply me. Thank's for your attention.[/QUOTE]

Go for php curl, it will solve your problems.
And one more thing, please don't ask me more because I don't know much about curl. ;)

me too had the same problem but I gave full path.

Try giving path from a variable preceded by [icode] $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; [/icode] thus by making full path?

Hope this will work for you.

(thought your plan was to use same code in local and remote servers).

sorry i am not sure about the code (pear package for date)
but i used to change the timezone as following
$date = date('l jS \of F Y h:i:s:c A');

Just give it a try

Thanks, I'll check for "winetricks".

[QUOTE=jbennet;904695]Please, dont discuss illegal acts here.[/QUOTE]

Im sorry for this.
Actually me too didn't want to discuss about illegal things here. I thought those information would be helpful for those who will help me,
they might get idea about my needs that's all and nothing more to do with that illegal thing. :D

Also I noticed that you didn't wasted your chance to give me an infraction. ;)

i forgot to tell you people that, i also tried [QUOTE]mepis[/QUOTE]
but unfortunately i downloaded an outdated version MEPIS 6
:D its good but Ubuntu 9 seems more relaxed.

One more thing,
I never thought making internet connection in Linux will be this much easy. With few clicks i was connected to internet.

Im very happy now. :D

:) Thank you all for helping me

I tried Ubuntu 9, it was simply great.
It comes with buitin drivers for system.
So now i dont need to worry abt installing driver (graphics,audio,...). :)

As many of you said i am now able install applications from add/remove in ubuntu using internet. Yes this is easiest way for people like me.

I like Ubuntu now.
I installed wine and then dreamweaver 8 but i cannot open the dreamweaver8.exe with wine!
Also in programs menu under wine only dreamweaver extention is shown not link for dreamweaver!

Can someone show me how to install an application with wine?
(i've installed wine 1.0.1)

Thanks you all Again.