It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can see.
I will be attempting it again tomorrow with the info you provided.
Thanks for your assist. Hopefully I'll be refeshed and 'clear-minded' to attempt this tomorrow.

mikev9359 Newbie Poster

I am trying to change a program from an IF loop to a WHILE loop. The program started in Ch.05. It was modified in Ch.06 to an IF loop & now must be changed to a WHILE.
I got it down to 2 errors and am totally lost. Maybe a fresh set of eyes can point me in the right direction?
I've attached all 3 so you may see the progression.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I was able to find some documentation on this. However I am still fighting with 2 errors at lines 51 & 52. This began in Ch.05, modified to an IF loop in Ch.06 & now I must modify to a WHILE loop.
If anyone can direct me to the resolution it'll be much appreciated.

mikev9359 Newbie Poster

I'm trying long distance learning & I'm having many issues. I was able to write a program that runs well using an IF loop. but now I am to use that same exact program with a WHILE loop & I just can't understand any explanation I receive from the instructor. I asked "The directions say to use "sentinel method". I went through Ch.05-07 and cannot find this term. I also looked in the index & key terms for these chapters. Please direct me to where I can find an explanation of this method.
-Response: It's in the repetition powerpoint attached to the 1st repetition lab (6).
So I again asked "I see it on the ppt but that doesn't define what it is or what it does. Please explain WHAT it is or what it does."
-Response:Ok, sentinel method (or trailer method) is when instead of asking the user if they want to keep going, the user enters a certain value for an input that is being processed anyway. So for the example, the user enters a radius, then the computer tests to see if it's the sentinel value, if not, it processes it".

Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. Below is my code that works well with the IF Loop, but I totally don't understand the concept/difference between If & WHILE, especially with the term SENTINEL thrown in.

import javax.swing.*;
import java.text.*;// enables DecimalFormat.
public class Electric61
public static void main (String args[])
double newUsage, amtDue, over1, ...