Type [B]msconfig[/B] in the run dialog box and go to the startup tab. here you can check and uncheck startup programs

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You're welcome warreng

Please mark the tread as solved and if you're ahappy with the results Ill appreciate some rep.

Cheers my friend :)

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If the Chipset is set for DDR (DDR1) than DDR wont work,it wont key in to fit. DDR1 is more expensive cos the older the product is the more expensive it becomes, specially when it comes to pc's technology.
DDR2 wont fit on you 845 mobo. when buying RAM also check for the highest speed that your chipset supports witch in youre case is pc133,or you can go with pc100.

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[QUOTE=R0bb0b;672476]She might meet my mother n law when she finally dies.[/QUOTE]

she sounds like a bad person.oh I forgot she's your MIL(Mother In Law):D

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My Apologies. didnt mean for this to happen. reading my posts sounds a bit creepy. sorry though

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Ill suggest getting youre A+ basics first to firmiliarise yourself with terms that you will need to know.just to make life easier for yourself

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hell no!!Ill hit demolish him with his own hands.lol

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[QUOTE=coolraj003;638109]I hope when you opened it up you made sure you were wearing a static band cos it could be that the static might have played its part. Just speculating though, not implying anything here.

Great minds think alike.I was immediately thinking the same thing when reading the post. If it is static you than EMC's post will help you determine witch part is busted[for real busted]. check the simple things first video plugs firmly in including cables[from monitor to tower]. cards, RAM etc.It might be very easy to fix or a worst case.
Hope its as easy as 123

lol.daniweb really rocks

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welcome to daniweb
Are you on a network?since when are you experiencing this prob.

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the other softies suggested is also very handy .
if you still have problems download combifix [URL="http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/ComboFix.exe"]here[/URL]
install on desktop and run it in safe mode. [B]dont do anything when combifix is running, dont even move your mouse [/B]. when all is done post a log here

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Do you mean how to create a link on your post that points to another site like [URL="http://www.majorgeeks.com/"]this one [/URL] that points to majorgeeks?

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