Ok, I'm new to visual studio 2010 and also new to AJAX in .NET (I've done AJAX via jquery and classic ASP before). I want to simply make a call from a client-side function to a server-side ASP.NET (VB) function to get a set of data, could be a datatable, custom object, whatever makes sense, and return that data to the client where it can be processed. For example, lets say I have a web app that allows the user to search on customers, I want to pass the search criteria to the server-side function which does the data retrieval and returns a collection of Customer objects in some form, then the client displays the results. I'm sure this is a pretty common usage of AJAX and I've been looking for some samples or documentation on how to do it, but the only think I've come up with so far was this. I wasn't actually able to get this sample to work, and its for VS2005 so I'm sure the concepts don't apply to 2010. Can someone point me in the right direction?


I have been working on creating my own music player using the windows media player as the actual audio playback component, with some extra plug-in for OGG files, etc. I have all the controls for volume, balance, previous, next, etc. and a playlist (list box control), but I haven't figured out how I can select a group of items or a single item in the playlist and just click-and-drag to re-order them in the list. Winamp has this functionality but I don't know how to implement it with a list box. Do I need to build a custom control, and if so, how? Or can I use a standard listbox? Any help would be appreciated.


I've seen more and more sites doing this lately, they offer a base product and give the site visitor the ability to pick from certain options to customize their product, which are immediately reflected in a graphic of the product. The concept is like a build-a-bear for the web, or here is an example of what I'm talking about: [url]http://www.1154lill.com/LISANET/layout.aspx?bagnbr=93[/url]
The bottom line is I want to incorporate this sort of feature into a site I'm working on, but I don't know where to get started with it. I'm not sure how to handle to image manipulation. I'm guessing ASP.NET, PHP, and/or Flash could be used; any of those would work for me to use, but where do I begin?

Any help is greatly appreciated!