2 devices on the same channel (IDE) both set to Master - try resetting one of the to slave or moving to another channel autogether. Failing that check your cables are in the right way around

yeah same here. remove battery and mains power source, hold power button for 1 minute. This drains all the power from the capacitors which stores up over time. If this doesnt work you probably have a problem with the PSU board inside the laptop

mine are in a shelf full of photo albums and also backed up onto an online storage site in case 1 gets away lol

After much huntin about I have gone out and bought a preprogrammed chip and am waiting for it to arrive. however after some research I have now been able to make a bootable diskette with the right information on it and hopefully that might do the trick while i am waiting for the new chip to arrive.

Im glad that you agree with me Caperjack. I have read after doing some googling that it is possible to do it oneself if you know how to get to files called hex files in the BIOS update. That is the pain in the .... bit so i think I will go and get the preprogrammed one.

poem - verse

Referring back to my previous thread where i mentioned possibly having to desolder the chip from the board, I am just wondering if I could reprogram the chip myself using a chip programmer with the right parts and software on it. What do you think? Any advice?

I dont think you have read my post quite properly. Unfortunately the backup bios chip is not present on the board as the seller desoldered it before selling the board onto my friend. Had it of had the backup chip on it everything would have been ok as I could have dealt with the problem there and then but unfortunately like i said that chip is not present.

However since making the 1st post in the thread here I have done some quite extensive research into this and it seems its quite a common problem with these boards and the only way out of this if you cannot for some reason acess either chip then the only other option is to replace the main chip with another one and you can buy them pre-programmed from Germany for around £9 including postage which is what i think I am going to resort to eventually as a floppy flash also failed to work.

The place I have been looking to buy from is here www.bios-chips.com


I am asking this question as I have been totally baffled all day on this and have been looking for a fix now for quite a while. My friend presented me with this board after he had attempted to flash its BIOS using the @bios utility on the supplied software disc. After updating the bios the pc auto restarted and upon doing so it presented a blank monitor screen and no post beeps. there is power running to the board as all fans spin up and the hard disk interface adapter lights up but nothing more.

I have tried looking online for a solution and have established that the board should have a q flash utility upon it but i cant even access that. I have also looked into other possibilities of attempting to solve this problem without having to resort to brute force and removing the bios chip and replacing it with a new one. I cannot flash with a floppy as the computer does not have one installed in it and unfortunately neither does the machine i am using right now. Also I have read that the boot block on the bios is only compatible with older video cards and not the PCIe one that is installed. the board does not have an onboard video adaptor.

Secondly can any body confirm as to whether this board should have a backup BIOS chip as i am getting conflicting information?

Please any help would be much appreciated

I agree with Rik, although its not hard really to get your Certification (i did last year). You have to put in the study into it and there are tow exam,s you have to pass. in order to pass you must get higher then 750 out of 1000 so that equates to 75% to pass in each examination

as a simple answer - yes.

the usual power supply voltages are 3.3 volts, 5 volts and 12 volts. it sounds like the 12 volt rail might be at fault

When you took apart your computer to clean it up did you remember to check all your power connections before reassembling it? when cleaning it is quite possible to often knock one or two of the small pin connections for the front panel switches off the motherboard pins.

If you have checked all of the connections to the motherboard then i suspect it might be down to a faulty fuse in the plug or more seriously the power supply unit has failed. try another cable from the wall socket to the PC and if still nothing then the bad news is that its the PSU thats gone down. dont worry though, pretty straightforward to replace it.

Ok i only found this out earlier today and it does work as I tried it.

this is how to remove a boot string that does not work (Ibased on the fact you have a dualboot os and want it to be single boot again as the other os dont want to work)

heres what you need to do

right click my computer - go to properties - go to advanced - go to startup and recovery - go to settings - go to default operating systems- highlight the choice you wish to delete - click edit (it comes up in a notepad document) - hughlight all text and press delete. save as boot1.ini.

click ok

restart your PC. hopefully this will work and only the one os will load. if not then re follow the above steps.


Just curious to find out if anyone knows how to program smart cards using a card reader/programmer connected to an RS232 port. I've downloaded software but the machine and software says it cant detect the card reader.

any ideas.

at the end of the day there's only so many characters that one can put into a mobile text message so i'll let people off there. on the other hand though trying to understand what people are writing when the write in text message fashion in an email or similar is just so annoying. i usually send a reply to those people asking for them to send the email back in plain english and with all the letters in the words.

people think its a guessing game or a school kids game like 'one,two miss a few 99,100' Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. if you're going to say something say it properly. after all when you talk to someone on the phone you dont say BTW or PPL you say By The Way or People.

Email as you would speak.. that what i say.

what if you have a genuine copy of windows and the updates site wont let you download and install updates though as has happened to me. then what??? what happens then??

i've been trying to get the windows genuine advantage validation tool and i've been trying all week to obtain it but to no avail. resorted to contacting microsoft technical support.

anyway how does one get hold of the piracy report documentation etc?

ok i will have a look at that link. where can i obtain the further info in order to learn about the further technologies. note i am using my other account here as i have two separate PC's in different locations

[QUOTE=sittas87;648904]so janine how does it behave with a usb keyboard?anything new??[/QUOTE]

Admissibly i havent tried the USB keyboard yet... that is something I hope to get around to doing tomorrow evening.

What could be causing the cmos checksum error? any ideas? If i try a usb keyboard and can successfully load into the BIOS what should i be looking out for.. other then to put the system details right?

It sounds like a fault with your power/charging circuit from where i am reading it. How old is the battery? I'm wondering if the fault could be within the battery itself. Did the machine power up ok when it had the original battery installed?

Its the friends PC and he isn't terribly computer wise. he doesnt know how to access the BIOS but when the PC starts up it gives you that option to go into the BIOS but when I press 'DEL' to enter Setup it does nothing. I know Defaults can be more thouble then their worth.
I tried changing the Battery for a new one and this also had no effect.
I dont know whether he was hit with a virus or not so can't determine that unfortunately.
The said friend and I are trying to work on this problem together. i have given him the easy bit - told him to go and hunt down his motherboard manuals if he still has them but i dont think he does as he said the PC had been sitting about for some time doing nothing in his flat.

It could be one of a few things all of which can be checked. It could be the monitor cable being faulty - this would be my first check.
Secondly i would check the graphics adaptor card by swapping it out for another one.
Thirdly I would check the RAM

If all of these things still show the same results then i would place it down to the motherboard/chipset fault.

however if after changing any one of the three things as listed above works then the fault lies with that particular (original) item and not the motherboard.

let us know what happens

I tried resetting the CMOS by using the CMOS reset jumper. its now saying CMOS checksum error and floppy disk drive not found. I put the jumper back in its origional place after resetting it but to no avail.

the floppy disk drive is plugged in so now im seriously considering it being a motherboard fault.

well im glad that im not the only on thinking that but i will try resetting the CMOS and will act from there

I am currently working on a PC belonging to a friend and am experiencing the following problem. The PC will start up ok but as it is going through the Post process it comes up with KEYBOARD ERROR - KEYBOARD MISSING OR NOT FOUND. I have tried two brand new keyboards that i know work on other machines (have tested them) and both keyboards lights lilluminate when plugged in to the PS/2 port. Im am not entirely sure what the problem is but i think that the port is not properly detecting the keyboard.. I cannot check in the BIOS of the machine as the keyboards are non respponsive.

The PC spec is as follows

Athlon 2200 XP
256 MB RAM
Motherboard is as MSI board but not sure of model number

PC is running windows Xp pro

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as to haw i can rectify this problem other then suggest that if it is the port that the gent buy a USB keyboard instead.

Well let us know what happens but its not likely that you have buggered your RAM by removing the battery.

Its more likely to be a faulty or incompatible RAM. I would severely suggest that you place the 'old' RAM back into the machine and try booting it after having done that.

Going back to the question you ask about the program you have tried to install... the manufactureres quote what they see as the minimum amount of RAM to be used with their applications. You can run a program with less RAM but you may notice your machine will be slower then normal

something has knocked out both these PC's!!! Did you plug them both into the same mains socket by any chance as Im laying thought on the possibility of a power surge from that socket having caused damage to both machinesa

Its all based on the same kind of connection problem so theres no hi-jacking threads going on Dark. For whats worth Im running on Vista too :P

strangely enough I just checked the filtering at the rouer and the tables cleared. any ideas?

all the addresses of PC's set up on my network are set in the mac address filtering page on my router. then again that has been doing some funny things lately like sudden loss of all wireless functionality

I never noticed that on first reading Crunchie - noticed 2nd time around though.