Is nobody here listening to what jbennet is saying? He's a guy well in the know on IT stuff.
It does make sense to purchase a UK adapter if you can from the manufactureres website.

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Azrothic knew that her offspring was close but she didn't realise just how close. Meanwhile Caroline knew that to save herself she had a fight on her hands... a fight she was determined to win.

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opera phantom DEMONS are calculating through inverted pages hopelessly

Take no notice of second post it posted the same one twice

That's ok. Glad we were of assistance to you.

Btw. What was causing the problem in the end - do you know?

The best way forward now is to go for dual core or AM2.

take a look here.


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try and lay your hands on a ps/2 keyboard and mouse. this should work in enabling you to use safe mode.

some features/drivers will become disabled on accessing safe mode.

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have you tried re synchronising your wireless adaptor with the actual router itself. you need to ensure that all items are set to the same channel so that you can connect to the network. Ping is a network protocol and there needs to be something there at the other end for the 2 way communication process to take place.

look into your security settings on the router and the adaptor and ensure all is the same and that the wireless channel is the same.

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ok now i just wanna find out if im the only sad person round here. my brother thinks i am cos of my taste in music.

this is who i like - tell me who you like...
Queen (got to be top of my list)
wet wet wet
Franz ferdinand
the bodyrockers
iron maiden
Paul mccartney
deep purple
thin lizzy
the darkness (justin hawkins especially)
status quo.

oh god the list just goes on.. these guys are all on my WMP:)
i leave it up to you guys now :lol:

the life on my old IBM thinkpad (P2) equates to roughly 3 to 4 hours on a fully charged battery but it depends on the area im in. some areas i'll get 3.45 hours and others i'll be lucky if i get an hour and a half.

[quote]I hear battery life on my laptop is now down to the order of 15-20 minutes now.

what is the avg life on batteries and how to best preserve/maintain/take care of Li-ion batteries?

these days, I often leave my laptop plugged in much like a desktop for extended periods of time (days or even weeks) and wondering if it's worth the trouble to remove the battery.

The only plus I can think of leaving it in is you've got pseudo-built in UPS :)[quote].

Don't leave ur laptop plugged in persistantly, it wont do the battery any favours because while your leaving it on the mains its constantly putting charge into the battery and therefore shortening the battery life. these batteries do have a memory in them. the more you charge them the less output you'll acquire from them. try taking off the charger and only charging when you need to i.e when the laptop only has a few minutes left.;)

i wont be again either. lol

great stuff. at least all is now sorted. not sure why though a sound card would cause windows to reboot, unless there was a conflict between that driver and a driver in windows. as i will be forever saying 'if a device doesnt work check the device manager first'. this will more often then not indicate where your problem lies.

as stated before it sounds likely to be a conflict of drivers. in your case gumbyk i would definately say that seeing as you seem to have ruled out the possiblility of it being the cable. are you running on windows or mac guys? if windows check the device in the device manager. any excalmation marks means a problem. this problem will be indicated and you will be given the opportunity to troubleshoot. it may be worth looking at assigning another IRQ address as this is usually the cause of conflicts between devices. conflicts will mean that the product/device will either not function at all or will function sporadically and components wont work. try and let me know how you get on.

have you plugged in the connections securely? could be a faulty card or a faulty wire? if the connections are ok try another wire. if still not a lot of joy may be a dodgy card.

also try looking to see if there are any conflicts.

where u trying to dial out to? usually u put a +(country code) then std code ie +44 for england then 1375 for (std code) omitting the zero. should look something like this then +441375 then the persons number ie +441375 100100 remember to omit the zero though. on websites you will see the country code then the zero will be in brackets then followed by the rest of the number like this +44 (0)1375 100100. hope this helps.

unless you are a qualified laptop techie dont even think about it. take it down to your neares computer store pronto.

found out what the problem seemed to be. looked like it was the graphics card and the motherbaord all along. on closer inspection inside found that the slot where the graphics card was seated had somehow melted internally. After replacing the motherboard and the graphics card all seems to work well (hopefully) ;-)

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Im using MS office and Open office without any problems. you can get hold of perfectly legal copies of MS office from trusted sites like ebay. i did and it was fully packaged complete with product key. try amazon also

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