usb 2.0 is indeed very slow compared to 3.0 but all my devices other than the macbook pro don't support usb 3.0, so that's why I don't want to spend much money on nas adapters which support only 2.0. I am going to settle with this for a while and will upgrade all my devices later.

thank you

I have been posting in dani web during my college times, after being employed, I stopped posting in dani, now I updated my email id few weeks before & I am a unverified user. How can I become a verified user? and how can I get e-mails from dani?
Please advice

First I don't understand the need to clone trees, having same data in two different places often cause problems than solving problems. Do you have a reason to do so?

[QUOTE][code]sink = NULL;[/code][/QUOTE]
Do you really expect this to free the memory you allocated? If so, you may have to go and read your c book again

May be you'll have to check before you recurs again

sink->val = source->val;
sink->left = malloc(sizeof(tree));
copy_tree (sink->left, source->left);
sink->left = NULL;
sink->right = malloc(sizeof(tree));
copy_tree (sink->right, source->right);
sink->right = NULL;

Please don't PM for answers

HTML's are supposed to follow strict xml syntax (not all web pages do so) But the html that your have posted does follow xml syntax so you can use xml parsers and extract data from this. If the page is not xml complaint then you might have to use reg-ex pattern match to extract data. I used [URL="

Yes, you are right, and then the device does have a wonderful review in amazon, [url][/url]
and I am still searching for alternatives. Thanks again for your time, in helping me

Thanks for the reply.

I already have a linksys usb adapter with which I connect the pc to the router, not as good as the one you linked above, but at just $7 in new eggs site.

that nas adapter does suit my needs but then is a bit expensive.
So, I think I am looking for the right device. I'll post the device specs i'll purchase once I decide.
This one as of now seems to fit my budget and requirements very well, not sure of the quality


Below is my home n/w status.

I have a modem which connects to a wifi router
1 laptop, 1 mac pro, 1 i-phone and a pc all which connects to this wifi router.

I have 2 external hdd & a printer which I want to connect to the n/w. I found that I need a nas adapter.

I did google and found a few device, which supports bit torrent download or pogo plug that connects them to internet, and so on. A few products I found are as follows.

[url][/url] - only one device at a time (Doesn't work for me!)

Can someone please give me some suggestions on what to look for, and which brands are good?


Hi All,

I need a software that would optionally let me open applications without the windows border, i.e, I don't want to see that blue border and the title bar for some of my applications(cause it spoils the appearance)

I am using Windows XP(32 - bit)

Is there any such tools existing!!?

Very nice:)

killdude69, the only way you could hold on to your argument is to talk on situations in which portability has no value. Say, while developing vertical solutions to a non IT based company which uses windows environment, there is no point in providing portability as a feature cause it means nothing to your customer(the customer uses only windows and wouldn't like the distribution of the software to other companies, as in the licence agreement)

In such cases, it is better to exploit tools provided by Microsoft, even if its exactly what Microsoft wants.

In the end its your choice. Be a slave to microsoft or not.

But, I much prefer programs that run on Linux than on windows cause I am a linux lover. Linux is a life saver to people like me who cannot afford to buy windows and who do not want to pirate:$

And you can't deny the fact that you were wrong when you said that you know the source code of win32 api.

To be ignorant is not a big problem, but not to be able admit mistake and learn from it is a problem.


heh, how about a screen shot?

Now I am surprised too. Its not changing, $-)

[QUOTE=niek_e;852141]Alright, now run it again. I'll bet you 20 fictional bucks that it won't output that exact same thing again :) (well eventually it will once every gazillion times or so)[/QUOTE]

prabakar@prabakar-desktop:~$ ./a.out
prabakar@prabakar-desktop:~$ ./a.out
prabakar@prabakar-desktop:~$ ./a.out
Now what was the bet? :D
To tell the truth I did not even care to read the program at first and I would admit that yes, indeed, I cannot assure that, it would be the answer every time.

Nick Evan commented: Here's 20 bucks :( +16

[QUOTE]prabakar@prabakar-desktop:~$ gcc test.c
prabakar@prabakar-desktop:~$ ./a.out

I made those corrections stated by others

Why do you want to do that?
you can use structures

struct myFloat{
short int sign:1;
short int expo:6;
short int mant:11;

float toFloat(){
    // conversion 

// overloaded arithmetic operations

// constructors and initializations


hope this helps:)

Oh, I am so dumb, I forgot to flush any unsend data from the socket.

It's working like a charm now.

Hi everyone,

I am a little new to Java programming and am doing a simple project. The Problem is that I am able to connect but am not able to send any data. It is a little weird. The server gets the client's IP and the client to is connecting to the correct port yet no data is getting transferred. Perhaps, I am over looking on something, that's why I end up here.

[B]A Brief Description of what I am trying to do:[/B]

Monitoring system:
Monitoring system has a pool of threads. Each thread connects to one clustered server. The Job of these threads is to dequeue the request and send them to the clustered servers(something may be wrong here). The Main program gets requests from clients(end user) and queues them.(This part is working well)

Clustered Servers:
These are more like workforce, all they do is get a request and calculate the answer and send them back to the Monitoring System.

End User:
Just a simple application to send the requests and get back answer.

That's all about the project.

Here is a code from Monitoring System.

/* delegates Request to the Clustered server /
public class Delegator implements Runnable {
int serverID;
Socket socket = null;
DataInputStream in = null;
DataOutputStream out = null;
FileInputStream fis = null;
public Delegator(int serverID){
this.serverID = serverID;
public void run(){
if(defs.reqQueue[serverID].isEmptyQueue() == false ){
RequestDetails reqDetails = defs.reqQueue[serverID].peekinto();
// record time stamp
long elaspsedTime = (Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis() - ...

[QUOTE=marco93;803298]Paths must [B]never [/B]be hard coded. You must get them from Shell.[/QUOTE]
That's what I always do, but, it looked like the OP was not satisfied with it.

What if he can't move it from a particular folder? ( happens often when it is a shared computer)

Copying the pdf and pasting it on a specific directory just to make your program work is not a good option

And adding the program to that directory might be irritating. It will be annoying to see a document in my songs folder.

Sometimes we need to use full address, or at least to use environment variables.;)

you can use strncpy()

[icode]strncpy(a2, strings+4, 4);[/icode]

or you can just write a function that would copy 4 bytes from the starting address.
The latter is better, I think

Print MaxDistance to the console so that you can keep track of the stack. Then analyze the output.
Or, better, Debug it. I mean, run the program step by step and see how the variable MaxDistance changes and how the condition "something" and the assignment "something" works

I believe, this is a forum to help C++ programmers, not customers!

Oh, are you looking for C++ compilers, then Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition is a good option

Same directory as the reader? Why not give the full address fo the file?

Like this,

ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "\"D:\program files\Adobe Reader 9.exe\"",
"/A page=45 \"C:\Documents and Settings\Prabakar\My Documents\Downloads\How to Do Everything _ Ubuntu (McGraw-Hill).pdf\"", NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

I do not have vista, to help you:( I don't know why it is not working in vista, these functions are ment to work on windows after all. Perhaps you'll have to wait for others to respond

programing is not for everybody... it requires LOTS of time to master

Well, if you ask me, programming is fun. And fun is for everybody.
So, If It requires a lot of time then its just that you are having a lot of fun.

the time you take to LEARN C can and most often will be frustrating
And if fun turns frustrating, Dani can help you out:)

There will be much larger walls to climb then this one

Yes, Much more fun

I believe, your real requirement, is to set variable precision for your floating point number.
If so
The bad news is you can't do it that way.
The good news is there is [URL="

That's what I will do. But it is up to you.

Okay let me be brief,

1) Don't use conio.h
2) Don't use void main. int main is the standard way
3) so many if else statements? what if you need the diamond to be bigger. The following code is as good as yours

puts(" *");
puts(" *");
puts(" ***
puts(" *");
puts(" ");
puts(" **");
puts(" *");

Here is a different way of doing it, in c


int main ()

int i, j, n=5; // n controls the size of the diamond.

/Remember that there is a restriction in the number of char the console window can put in a line, more than that the text will be wrapped messing up the diamond/

for (i=n; i>-n-1; i--){
printf ("\n%c", abs(i)+1, ' '); //Space to be provided
for (j=2
return 0;

no, int the main function you have initialized the char, then the short, then the int, Now if you initialize int or long first and then the short and byte, you will have a well defined behavior, just like the memset that salem suggested. That's what i ment

Uninitialized data can never ever be trusted. You are bound to get random values immaterial of the compiler you use and the processor you use. As Salem said. And if you have initialized the long int first(in which case all the bytes in the union would have been initialized) you will get the same answer on all computers that you compile the code, provided they all have little endian byte format or if they all have big endian byte format.

how can you giv print to a single variable var[i] with %s specifier???

your problem shouldn't be in the code but the definition of var[]![/QUOTE]

We don't know how it is declared, do we? It might be a 2D array or an array of Pointers or may be even vectors, the op should give more details if he/she wants a good answer

Salem commented: Yeah, that and many other possible horrors +28