v7n and dp point I think is the most active forums.

You can use backlinkwatch.com tool for checking your site backlinks.

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I suggest google adwords it is the best tool for keyword suggestion.

mokmok69 is right dofollow are better.

Meta tags includes of title, descriptions, keywords of the site.

tables are so oldskool and hard to encode sometimes. but with divs., its a lot easier to code, and easy as well to fix if theres a problem with it. great post.

why does browsers have this different codes that really makes our heads ache.

this always happen. i have the same problem as well. sometimes it works in firefox then in ie its not. its really frustrating.

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thanks for the codes bob...

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you can always try blogspot and wordpress if its possible.

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looks really good. i like this flash thing on my page someday...

yes... upload it first then you can just cut and paste the url to your page.

whatever you do., dont rip out your hair coz its really painful ayt? Well, id love to help you with your query but for now im out of resources to answer your concern. for now jut., keep on browsing this forums and i hope you may find the answer to your question.

yes., ms paint can do it. but its kinda hard to input the right coordinates.

have you tried using older versions of flash? maybe it works there.

hope i can help you with it but im not really good in programming. Im also a photographer and would love to have a portfolio with the same effects...

i think its kinda confusing when you have multiple backgrounds in your website... i guess one is enough

the internet is really a great tool for advertising specially worldwide advertising... but if you work on your business locally.. sometimes prints should also be considered.

It really depends on whose your client. sometimes if i know the client,
i give them a discount for the web design. its your call really. try also asking other web designers or maybe pretend to be a customer.. :)

wordpress cancelled my account for some violation i dunno..
its sad coz i got lots of blogs there... and the page has a lot of hits.

60000?! wow. thats a lot!

Great advertising plus a very good quality product will definitely increase your sales.

a lot of people will do anything just for big profits and get ahead with everybody. its a tough world out there.

try re-installing your driver for your sound card just to reset things.
sometimes it works..sometimes it doesnt.

just give it a try.

is it a wireless usb mouse? maybe the batteries are dead?
if not..try inserting it to the other sockets and see if its working.

last resort is to return it. just make sure you
have your receipt.

Call Dell's Customer's Service. they can provide you a great deal if you purchase in large quantity. Try also the big electronics shops, maybe they can give a good deal as well.

maybe you can try to... clean it with sandpaper..?! just to get rid of the
grime in it..

just give it a try though.

it usually comes with the CD... in case you dont have it,
locate the model number of the unit., usually at the back
or at the bottom. then paste it on to google and download
the driver...

im afraid there hasnt been any online resources.

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its gonna be a long list of stuff to learn.
but with a little patience and perseverance,
anything is possible..if you really want it.

wow., thats like two shoe commercials..