Built it :). All seems good :)

The Celeron is much nippier than the old P4, really impressed with it. Ive got an i3 on my work laptop. While not as fast as that, it is still very good and obviously much cheaper.

That case was very nice, used another PSU in the end as it was a tad noisy (did work, and not unbearable though). It is very very roomy. Almost makes me wish I got a full size ATX motherboard now, to make use of the space :) - Room to expand, at least, and probably needed (the sound card in particulaar is physically quite "long")

The cheap ram seemed not too bad, passed memtest86.

The motherboard was not so great. While it does work, the documentation was poor. But at that price who can complain...


1) I will probably get 2 of those cheap sticks, then, in order to get dual channel speed,and a little more capacity I will be running 32-bit linux (Bigmem/PAE).

2)A SoundBlaster and a TV tuner card. They ran on my old pc, which had a 300w, so i'm guessing it would be fine?

3) Yes, I was going to go for this one:

But I have a very small rooom.

I did see an ASUS board, a bit more, but if they are more reliable, may be an option.

And yes, mostly a PC for work stuff, so long as the performance is not worse than the old Pentium IV, thats fine for my needs. Looks like I can upgrade to an i3 or something later down the line if i need to.

Thanks :)


Does this look an OK budget build? - Looking at about £125 (Ive already got a SATA HDD, CDROM, and A/V cards from another PC).

It will be an upgrde from my old box, a dell 3ghz Pentium IV with 3gb of DDR2, which has died.

Case/PSU: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/cases/nov-aura.html http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/powersupplies/nov-psu450.html

Should I go for a bigger, ATX case? There is one with a 500W PSU for only a fraction more.

Motherboard: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/motherboards/intel1155h61chipsetmotherboards/h61m-p31-g3.html

Are MSI boards crappy?

CPU/RAM http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/processors/intelceleronandpentiumdualcore/bx80623g550.html http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/memory-pc/ddr3-pc3-10666/1333mhz/ram-313332.html


A few questions 1) How does DDR3 work, does it have to be in pairs? 2) Will the PSU be powerful enough? 3) Will that mobo fir the case? 5) Anyone got experience with any of these parts?

Cheers guys!


Just annoyed as its set back my schedule, wanted to put in a patch panel, managed switch, and some sockets. Got that all done with some (okay) solid cable, just needed this lot for making up patch leads!


i just told him that it is not as described, and not fit for purpose as a high speed network cable due to being untwisted. Therefore, labelling it as UTP CAT5e is misleading (If he can get gigabit withou the twists are nececarry for differential signaling, i will eat my hat. No way those speeds will be obtainable due to the crosstalk caused).

The punch down tool and crimp tool etc... i got for the guy is fine, just not the cable. He just didnt seem to understand how it wasnt right, just kept telling me how to wire it. After trying to get me to send back the cable at my own expense (i.e. more than it is worth) for a replacement, he is giving me a refund and "generously" letting me keep the crap cable.


Note to self: Dont buy networking supplies off of ebay

"below is the color coding for the cable this is our new stock and the supplier has not twisted the cables. Kindly follow the below color coding from left to right manner it will solve your problem. For any further assistance we are here to help you."

Um. NO! Then why are they marked as being CAT5 UTP?. That is not satisfactory! - I mean, Untwisted cabling may be fine for telephone but will reduce data speeds to well under 10mbps, and make runs of over a few feet impossible... Having some serious words with them...


What cable is this?
It is labelled UTP CAT5 but this to me seems like lies.
One, no twisted pairs, and two, no white stripy wires?
Wondered why it wouldnt work until i took a look inside. Factory error?


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