You need to check what OS the drivers are for (ie: 98, ME, XP etc) and install them with compatibility mode for that particular OS, right click on the setup file and go to properties and select your OS in the compatibility mode list.

[QUOTE]Thank you, kaninelupus
I was going to add to this thread, but you have done it for me.
Thanks again

Don [/QUOTE]

Could someone explain to me why I received a down vote for my reply to this thread. Seems a little undeserving.
Or better yet, why doesn't the person who down voted my reply [B][I]man-up[/I][/B] and say why.

Am I missing something here.
Sure seems like a sure-fire way to discourage people from posting and possibly not even returning to DaniWeb.

MosaicFuneral commented: I'll man up. +0

[QUOTE=kaninelupus;1004924]Funny Funny HaHa (j/k) :D

Who exactly asked for this, especially for how damned migrated this "voting system" is becoming on a day-by-day basis??

To analyse;
[]first a voting system to agree/disagree with opinions/posts
]then we see on profiles a "notation" of neg v's pros votes
[*]now we have the entire tracking of voted posts
[I][B]All while the voters remain cloaked!![/B][/I]

Now all this is fine and dandy, but consider this. On the old system, rep-hits/comments were not anonymous, so one could evaluate hits based on who was was doing the "repping", as well as reviewing said comments. This means two things:
[]ppl looking up another's profile could evaluate the credibility of rep comments
]ppl being maliciously targeted could report the offenders
[B][I]This new system is blind on all fronts.[/I][/B]

Now I'm looking at my own threads - and yes I know I know am capable of ruffling a few feathers when I set my mind to it - and have taken hits on posts/threads that, while being [URL="