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So here's some background information on what we are trying to setup. We have two data centers over 40km apart and one of them runs the webserver (over 80 websites) and we use another machine on the other side to keep backups (typical cpanel backups).
So I have already looked at setting up a failover system (Active/Passive) for the web server using a clustered system running pacemaker and drbd in a test environment and it works fine. Now a team member introduced the CDN concept and we have been looking at having an Active/Active (Using pacemaker, drbd and GFS2 filesystem) setup so that the CDN can load balance the traffic on the two sites and also have the content available incase we lose one data center.
I would like to get your thoughts on this and especially on which setup would be the best for our scenario. Should we just go for the failover system (Active/Passive) or use the CDN. Most of the websites we host are university websites and therefore have significant traffic.


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Really? You should have a look at cycling! 5-7 hours on snowy days and the fans love it!

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[QUOTE=pyTony;1639867]Dig up this for discussion thread request and some Googling. By little experiment found the different forms for sending message commands. Could no send in Python3 the code of program itself so only simple test "Hello". Sorry that subject is left incorrectly refering program name.[/QUOTE]
Nice script! I will use it somewhere

ExtJS is FREE (GPL) unless you are making a commercial application

ExtJS is a javascript framework for the UI. It will work with any server side scripting language ... including PHP

Check out [URL="

Try asking here [URL="

If the auto incremented value must match whats in the database then you will need to insert a row and then get the NEW ID (via ajax probably) using PHP's
echo mysql_insert_id();
You will therefore use UPDATE statements to modify the newly created row

How about storing the values in session variables so they you can access them after the redirect.

I've eventually solved it. I have simply used the fgets function to read the lines one by one and then return an array instead of file_get_contents and then exploding at new lines as in the code upthread.
Here's my implementation
function make_lines($file_path){
$lines = array();
$handle = fopen($file_path,'r');
while(($buffer = fgets($handle))!= false){
$lines[] = trim($buffer);

return $lines;


Many thanks!!!

Thanks let me check it out and get back

Just some more details. This is a portion of the code that prepares the new lines for comparison
$answer_sheet = file_get_contents($md['test_file.txt']);

Hi everyone. I have an application where users submit text files and then based on some rules, the application gives instant responses of whether the submitted text file is right or wrong.
What actually happens behind the scenes is that I have the correct text file on the server and then I simply compare the submitted text file line by line against it.
The problem now is that files submitted from Windows OS are marked as incorrect though when opening the file in a text editor and comparing to the file on the server they are similar.
I have also carried some tests on Linux using the diff tool and it actually shows there's a difference in all the lines yet to the eye there's none.


I have no solution for this at the moment but you may want to try and post problems related to django to the [URL="

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Is that sports...? Those are games! I guess I am not wrong on that.

Road cycling (It's not common where I am)

Hi everyone,

I am working on a website and I need to add a fanbox to the website (it runs on Joomla). Putting the fanbox in place is not the problem.

My client already has a facebook group which I want to connect to. I have been given the account details of the account creator. There is no link taking me to a page where I can find the secret group API key on the group home while I am logged in as the group creator. As for the group ID it is on the URL so I have no problem with that. Where do I get this secret Key?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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An image resize script that I have written to scale images from a digital camera. I couldn't used the gimp (my favourite image editor) to scale each of them one by one.
This script takes two arguments which are both directory names. The first one is the directory containing images and the second one is the directory where the resized images are going to be stored. Adjust the global variables declared before the class imageResize to your liking.
Hope this script will be helpful to anyone wishing to go about resizing images in large scale.
Note that this class needs the PIL library and has been tested on python 2.6.

Happy times everyone!

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I read lots of Dave's posts. The community will surely miss him. R.I.P

As a hardware manufacturer Dell wants the best for it's products and the best here is to comply with Microsoft's demands at the expense of Ubuntu

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