[QUOTE=cscgal;1003990]I have gotten soooo many mixed opinions lately, and I was wondering what you guys thought of the current style. Please be brutally honest. I'm not talking about "It's missing a link in a convenient place" or little functional things that can easily be changed/added/removed. I'm talking about the color scheme, the main navigation, the aesthetics, if it's pleasing to the eye to look at for a long time, etc.[/QUOTE]
Personally I'm never bothered so much by the user interface as long as the site content is presented in a nice and simple way that is readable by everyone. So far I think you are doing fine in the implementation of the user interface.
My biggest worry is always in the speed and performance of the site; for example make a comparison between yahoo and gmail.

  1. Yahoo wins by far when it comes to user interface implementation
  2. Gmail wins by far when it comes to speed and performance
    Personally I think daniweb is doing well in both speed and user interface. My only suggestion is that you do away with the ads for registered users.

How about adding a die statement to assist in debugging like so
$this->con=mysql_connect($server,$name,$pass) or die(mysql_error());

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What you need is simply DHTML. Just like Gmail's attach another file, you need something like that which when clicked will add two text fields for item code and another one for serial no.
So the quantity will be the number of text fields posted for each item.
Hope I am making sense

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  $row_count = 0;
    $columns = 3;

  while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {

  if ($row_count == $columns) {

  echo "</tr><tr>";

  $row_count = 0;


  echo "<tr><td>";

  echo $row['Site'];

  echo "</td><td>";

  echo $row['Description'];

  echo "</td><td>";

  echo "<img src=\"{$row['Rating']}\" alt=\"{$row['Description']}\" />";

  echo "</td>";




Not the alt attribute with the description just in case the image fails to load.