Can anyone suggest a responsive gallery which has a main slideshow with auto generated thumbnails and allows for captions?

Can anyone suggest a jquery gallery (free or paid) that is responsive and allows for multiple image albums, but is not a tiled gallery?

I hadn't placed any links. An SEO company had done so. The mystery was that the site had ceased to be penalised by Google despite them previously asking for more links to be removed and no further disavow file or reconsideration request being submitted

I did some work for a client some months ago to remove links to her site placed by an SEO company which led to a Google penalty.
Google responded saying that while we had removed a number of links they wanted to see more removed before taking away the penalty. We have since removed some more, but were still working on this when we noticed that the Google penalty has been removed from her webmaster tools account and that in fact the site is beginning to rank slightly better.

Can anyone explain how this has happened when we hadn't submitted another reconsideration request (in fact we can't because the link to this has gone), or a further disavow links submission? Has this happened to anyone else?

We've tried going to their site but they have disabled all the links that let you renew and they are not answering their support tickets. We've even emailed and still no joy. Nominet gave me a tel number and this just tells you that they don't take calls. What a bunch! I've had clients who let their domains expire before and the providers have always been really helpful.

I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but here goes...
I have a client with a .com domain which has expired.
She uses it to redirect to her domain - mainly to protect her brand but also for the email address.

The company the domain was registered with went out of business moved all their domains to Extendnet. When the domain was due for renewal, the emails reminders from Extendnet went into her spam folder and were deleted before she saw them. The domain expired and when she noticed two weeks later she logged into her control panel only to find the domain renewal button was disabled. She has tried contacting Extendnet 5 times with no success and the worry is that they will sell the domain on. Is there anything else she can do?
Would it help for her to pre-order the domain from another company or is there a governing body that could sort this out?

I have a site where the customer makes multiple selections of clothing and these are shown together at the end of the selection.
So they may select a dress, top and skirt, accessory etc.

All the images are in png format with a transparent background.

At the end of the selection, the preview page shows these individual images layered using z-index.
However, I want to send a thumbnail of a merged image of all these individual png files to a shopping cart.

I have been trying to merge multiple images using php and send the merged file to a folder but so far I have only been able to merge two images and only get it to work with a jpeg output. When I try and output a png, it doesn't seem to work. the jpeg of course doesn't give the transparent background I need. This is the code I have so far....

$photo = imagecreatefrompng("images/animals/cat-left.png");
$w = imagesx($photo);
$h = imagesy($photo);

$frame = imagecreatefrompng("images/girls-dresses/1.png");

echo '<img src="output.png" />';

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please?


I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this but I am looking for help from some fellow web designers.

I am currently undertaking a project as part of my final year in a degree and need feedback from a number of web designers who are self employed.

If anyone is willing to answer a few questions I would be really grateful if you could fill in this survey. There are only 4 quick questions and it should take less than 5 minutes to complete

Click here to take survey

Many thanks in advance.

Can anyone suggest a free service that allows you to send an automated direct message to new followers in Twitter? I understand that SocialOomph do this but that they charge.

I've been using the gallery script below from the Codrops site and managed after a bit of reading on the forums to get an autoplay function working. However the image fades in nicely but it doesn't fade out - it just dissapears.
Can anyone give me any pointers on how to make the main image fade out?

I've attached my version of the slideshow script

Thanks in advance.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Yes,the domain name is very relevant. One of the main reasons for purchasing the domain was to stop a rival company doing so, as this has happened before, but from your answers it looks like it might also be useful when pointing to the relevant page.

I have a client who has 3 domain names all pointing to her website homepage.
The homepage targets keywords relating to her main product.

She has another page - lets call it page2 - in her site, whose name consists of keywords of a second product.
Is it worth having a domain name with her second product's keywords which redirects to page2?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I'll pass it on to my client. I think she will be writing to the website owner, and she is contacting the other photographers who have also been hit by this. I am just fuming that they have used sites aimed at children in this way.
p.s. I am just the web developer of the sites you mentioned :)

I was recently looking at the existing backlinks of a client for whom I am about to design a new website and I found that a porn site had taken one of her blog posts and embedded it in their site. The link was 'nofollow' but if someone was on their site and saw my client's blog article and clicked the link they went to another web page. I have to add that my client has no associated or adult content on their site. The porn site had also done the same with other sites - some of whom were child related. All of the imported blog posts had one word in common (a girl's name), other than that they were unrelated.
Is there anyway to stop this or anyone that my client could make a complaint to?
Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this post.

I have a page where there is a div which is set to 100% width and height and which has a black background. This div covers the main content and after a delay fades, revealing the page content. The problem is that I also have a script which adds stars to the cursor. I wanted this to perform until the black div fades, but it doesn't start until the black div has faded to 80% and then stops when the black div dissapears. Totally out my depth here but wondered if anyone could suggest where I am going wrong. You can view the demo [URL=""]here[/URL]...
Any pointers would be really appreciated.

I am using the script below which generates random colours for the background of an image. However, what I would really like to do is limit the colours to a specific range. Can anyone help?
The script is here...

I have seen a script online that makes twinkly stars appear when the mouse is moved. Is it possible to change this so that the twinkly stars appear in a div for a few seconds when the page loads? I am a jQuery newbie and although I have tried a few tweaks, I am getting nowhere. Any help would really be great. The script is located here...

I have a page with a slideshow which doesn't look too great in IE8 or lower. Is there a way to display different content for these browsers?

Is it possible to have two wordpress blogs on the same domain and if so is it possible to use different themes?

It will be interesting to see if Google+ will have an adverse affect on how businesses use Facebook

I have tried Facebook advertising twice now with no decent result. AdWords has had a mixed result depending on the level of competition, but at the very least it brings in some website traffic.

I understand that it is a good idea to add a canonical link to each web page.
Is it really as simple as adding ...
... to the head of each page?

And, is it better to make the canonical link [url][/url] or

I am looking for a readymade jQuery gallery script which allows for animated words which show with each image. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

I found this online which suggests that there is a lot of scope to use this in SEO

Just heard about this today. Does anyone know if this could be used as a marketing tool, or if using it is likely to help website rankings for a business?


Can anyone suggest some good SEO software - cheap or better still free.
I just need something that will check Google ranks for multiple domains (something like [URL=""]Cleverstats free Google monitor[/URL]), but that will allow me to save the results so that I can compare dates.

When addding tags to a Wordpress post is it better to limit it to 1 or two or doesn't it matter?

This may be a stupid question, but what makes Google notice a page in Wordpress - is it the category of the post or the tags, or both, or something else?

That's really interesting - thanks for taking the time to answer so quickly

Thanks, that is a really useful reply. I didn't realise that Google would not give any weight to backlinks if the domains are all on the same server.

Does this mean that if I design 10 sites for different clients, and using reseller hosting, host them all on the same server, that links between these sites would have little value, or have I misunderstood?