Not sure if this is the right place for this, but i need help dealing with my toshiba qosmio F50 which blacks out after a while ( 5- 15min) of gaming ( i was playing runescape).
The screen turns black, you can't see anything at all. the power is still on but the computer is not running. any help is appreciated!

what are you guys talking about?whoa i must really catch up.

many are true.why dont you just open your mind and accept wats out there?even if it seemsfar fetched.i am not trying to start an arguement with you.the choice is yours.

ok...but i will post on both as long as someone sees it and replies.thats what matters.

err why dont you use just use a bit of simple logic and search it on google??if you dont believe me theres nothing i can do...its just your stupidity

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my last post~~why dont you guys just delete it?lol.and check out my post in the "living thread"

choose the way you want.whether it be rich or abundant.time does not exist .everything happend now!choose what you want and start to manifest are only limited by your self.
google these key word and search information on them it could change your life!
keyword~~law of attraction,law of vibration,law of cause and effect.

=.= btw i did post on that thread too and i did not know that this is a dead thread.i just joined yesterday.haha

err i post just to tell you that the thread is irrelavent and should be deleted i don't think thats contributing to it...=]

is this a sacarstic remark?and yeah i did post on that thread too.=]

telekinesis has been demostrated many times througout time go and see for your self there are many famous psychic out there.view all the articles in
many of them have other powers other than telekinesis such as pyrokinesis(ability to control fire)cryokinesis(ablity to manipulate ice)and much more!i myself is a psionist and is able to do aerokinesis(ability to control wind)like storm in x-men.if in appears in tv it does not mean it is not true.i am not asking you to believe me.decide for yourself

the world will not end if the mortal son of god is helped back to power but once the mortal son of god is back to power all the powers will be lost.the psychic will have to give their power up to save the world.

nah...all your lifes wont end on 2012 december 21.what they mean by the world ending is just that the world will collapse as in politically and the such as the government we know will collapse starting with the superpower america.when america collapse, other countries wil too start to collapse and the whole world will be in disorder.what will happen is not describable and there are alot more to that but its imposible for me to write all that down. but rest assure that when the sciencetist cannot do anything to save the world, there are many powerful psychic out there forming a society to save the world by helping the mortal son of god back to i said there are alot more to that and i cannot possibly type it all out but by the looks of it, many psychic(psionists, practitioner of The
Art)are willing to most probably we will survive....

if you guys want, a new thread can be started about all these god nd psychic then i will post what i know up there...that is if you guys want.

well, its from a famous website but the site has changed and many of the things are not there anymore.and i saw it on the NASA can check it there but it might not be there.they say tat they t=have discovered a new sun spot,a strange one as it is a backward sunspot and that means a new sun cycle coming and might do harm to us

oh and once the god come back[/QUOTE]

srry i mean the son of god.the people have to give up their power to save the world.
and they are also planning to stop time on earth.[that can be done with psychic learning chronokinesis.the control over time.oh and everyone can be psychic you too can learn!]and join the world with the world of the that the faeries can help too.see for yourself in!lol i think this is the third time i recommend people to go to this site.=]

it means that those people have super natural powers and they have proofs.they can move objects with their mind and have magical abilities and several of them have travelled to the astral plane.just go to the NASA official website i believe i was linked there from someone from
there is this son of god and godness that is mortal and only he can stop the world from collapsing but he will have to go back to power before he can do this and the people of dark moon society is doing rituals to help the son of god back to power.if he does not come back ,the world with inevitably collapse.
oh and once the god come back,all the psychich on the earth will lose their powers but its for the greater good.=]

this joke does not oringinate from me.its just to make every one have a laugh.

a couple have a memory problem and cannot remember well.the doctor advised them to write down everything they need to remember on a piece of paper.a night, the wife said to her husband,"go and help me cut a piece of straw berry cake.go on write it on a piece of paper.""i don't need it."says the husband as he headed off to the kitchen.
when the husband came back with a plate of grilled fish, the wife scolded her husband ,"i told you to write it down in a piece of paper didn't i? i wanted a packet of fries!".

this thread is totally out of what daniweb is about and i dont think it should even be open up in coffee house or anywhere in daniweb!this idea is totally ridiculous......there are other site devoted to this go there.this site is devoted to IT and stuff related...

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oh and the mayan calendar was made and predicts some 26,000 years ago i think=]

some say that in 2012 december 21 we are going to enter a new era call the golden age and other says that a new sun cycle has already started and the sun storm will be too big and somehow kill us.thats by the NASA i think but yet another says that the world will not end as we know it but will collapse politically like the government we know will fall and soon the whole world will collapsedstarting with the superpower america first....check out this site it has many article and a few on this...many powerful psychic are there with many powers...they are now organising a society call the dark moon society and is trying to save the world by helping the mortal son of the god back to power.

Yes. The = operator is valid so dev c++ will not flag it as an error. I personally uses dev c++ too and i tried it. I suppose that you will just have to see if your program work according to what you want. If not then look for that error. I am not sure if there is any better method to check the error.