I think they are both fundamentally important. Those who disagree tend to be mediocre developers, or inexperienced developers.

You can also just paint the irises black if you're handy with the paint tool.

More than just IE not implementing things, you should be aware that form elements in particular (like drop down lists), have very different support across many browsers. You will not be able to style them all exactly the same no matter how hard you try, so you should design with that limitation in mind.

Not true. Just wrap that word in a span, give it a class, and give that class a margin in your css.

Yeah, javascript can set the scroll bar location, look into that.

You're not wrong in your thinking. If you believe the link is valuable to your visitors and they they will create business for you, then do it. Focus on your visitors first, then your search engine rank.

It may not be strictly necessary the the original poster is simply wrong that it will hurt. That's nonsense. Every little bit helps.

Anything that sounds tricky won't work. The best way to top the search engines is to write quality content consistently, and for a long time.

You can help your chances by having clean, semantic, valid code. If you don't what that means, google all those words and you'll find a TON of information about the correct way to seo your site.

There is no real ASP .NET OSS equivalent. There are options, as mentioned, like PHP and RoR, but they are not as scalable or pwoerful as the .NET framework.

Java is generally considered slower, but it's the common alternative... but it's not open source (yet?)

You probably need a separate print style sheet. Google that.

I've never heard this before, and a priori it seems wrong. Google indexes information by domain name, not IP address.

If what you read is true, then a site like [url]http://www.kensharpe.net[/url] might rank very high, then decide to switch web hosts for whatever reason. The site is moved without a hitch, and there's no visible difference except now the server IP is different. The site now drops in rank because of that?

I don't believe it, I don't think it's true.

My understanding is that PercentLoaded is IE specific. Why aren't you doing what most flash videos do, and display the percent loaded actually in the movie?

To create a profile like on myspace, you should go to myspace.com and create a new profile.

Silly questions, silly answers?

It's not really new. This is how one passes information from a server side language to the javascript. Problem has already been solved, sorry 8)

~s.o.s~ commented: Exactly my point; I wonder how many more posts will it take to convince him. +23

Na, you can just measure. If you use ajax instead of refreshing the whole page, you will have a chance right after the ajaz call is made successfully to check the position of the scroll bar. If it's all the way at the bottom, then add the text, and push the scroll even farther. If it's not at the bottom, then the user is scrolling, so update the text but don't move the scroll bar.

You need to google something called Regex or Regular Expressions.

That code is insane. Horribly inefficient -- here's what you need to do instead.

Execute a query that gets a COUNT of all the records.

Get a random number between 1 and that count. We'll call that X.

Select one record at index X-- NOT with ID X, that won't work, INDEX X.

The one record you have will be your random fact.

Not sure about that serk. It'll work, but it's expensive. Might it be cheaper to have a stored procedure check for the record first, then insert if one is not found?

Sounds a little like homework, no? Tsk tsk.

Yeah, your problem is probably that you're trying to connect to the sql express App_Data database, rather than the the sql server instance you meant to.

Well, why don't you contact the sensor manufacturer and ask them? The question has no general answer -- it totally depends on how they are made.

You're confusing yourself, that's why you can't find anything on google.

If you have a VB application that needs to upload something to a server, the the vb application needs to connect to the server, and upload it on its own. It has nothing to do with a php web form.

You can have a SEPARATE php web form that can upload images to the same place, but they will never interact -- they are two different programs doing basically the same thing.

So what you're looking for is kind a mini FTP client in VB. Google that instead.

Seriously, just start coding. If you hit a problem, google your issue and most of the time, you'll find a solution, if not, ask a specific question on a forum like this one.

I didn't understand your post. You want the column to be a link that displays the user name but gives the userid to the click or command methods?

Not clear -- you want to find 10 words before, and 10 after any keyword, but only if the words are inside a paragraph?

Like, the keyword is the firs word in a given paragraph, so you'd only want 10 words after?

You just need to search for the line break before, and the line break after, then only search inside that block. Then, search for 10 space characters before and after, and include every character between those two indexes.

Just for the record, it's a better idea to have the "complete syntax" as you say, rather than leave it up to interpretation.

For example, let's say your code had worked without specifying the columns. One month from now, you'll want to add a column called "color." You'll add the column, and all of a sudden your code will break because it's trying to insert into the color column but your old code doesn't specify a value.

It's a good idea to be as explicit as you can be.

csy is probably correct. Here's how it works:

You tell a datagrid to display certain data. That data is sitting somewhere else, like a database, then a copy of it is made to display in that datagrid.

After that, the datagrid is told (by the user) to change the data (last name in this case), which it does. The data in the database has now changed.

However, the datagrid has a COPY of the data, so just because you changed the database doesn't mean the datagrid knows about the change.

The way you tell the datagrid to get the fresh data is, right after the data changes, you call grid.Refresh, or give it a new datasource like csy said.

You're getting yourself a bit confused, Acidburn. ASP .NET and WinForms are two different worlds entirely. ASP .NET is strictly for web-based application development, meaning that everything you display to the user will be a webpage.

WinForms is like a more traditional application.

I know I'm not answering your original question (I am an ASP .NET dev), but if you try to mix up WinForms and ASP, you'll just get frustrated.

Normally that exception means that there is a method that is defined in a base class that is meant to implemented in a child class. The child class doesn't implemented it, so the base class throws that exception.

What line throws your exception?