what's dapogiyo.dll? Have you tried malwarebytes?

have you tried a system restore?

try renaming the software after you download it .. i.e. hijackthis.exe to hjt.exe

download and run ccleaner

you have conflicting programs on your computer -- i see avg, superantispyware, pctools, and spybot. having all of these running slows your computer down. like the previous post said, boot to safe mode and then remove all the contents of your temp folders - try ccleaner - then run a comlete scan with malwarebytes' antimalware

if you are unable to run lusrmgr.msc, then you don't have local admin priveledges

run services.msc and check to see if the service needs to be started or enabled. also try turning UAC off temporarily.

seems to be a loose connection somewhere within. have you tried calling manufacturer?

have you tried taking battery out and using just A/C power?

download and run sysinternal software -- autoruns and process explorer -- also check for any rogue device drivers in device manager's hidden devices

remove norton using norton removal tool. disable the avira using msconfig. download and run malwarebytes' antimalware program.

download and use Opera

download and run process explorer and autoruns ... both can be found at sysinternals site. search for the dll and remove it

dells usually ship with a recovery partition, try using a recovery disc to set it back to factory defaults

you may also want to use autoruns, which can be downloaded from sysinternals site

download and run process explorer

to save headaches and hassles, disable RAID in the BIOS and reformat your secondary HD and use it as backup storage

if this is free version of AVG, uninstall it and then download and run malwarebytes' antimalware software

if you're using a router you may have to log into it and release and renew the ISP's IP/GW/DNS addresses.

if you are not using router then use the ipconfig /flushdns command at command prompt

if you really have to enable it, then i would buy two HD from the same manufacturer with the same amount of disk space

are you using this PC as a server of some kind? if not why do you need to enable RAID.

if it's windoze servers, then Active Directory is something you should be able to install, configure, and maintain.

"I tried to turn off the Windows Firewall and it does not tell me I am at risk which was what prompted me to try other things." --- huh?

after you get to Security Centre click the option under Firewall that you have another application monitoring your firewall.

to remove your previous installations of other firewalls, download and run ccleaner and use the registry fixer

run inetcpl.cpl from the Run box and then click the advanced tab. try resetting the advanced settings. if that doesn't work download and install firefox.

you can have nothing in the startup list and still start a computer and use it normally, it's only what was there that WAS needed ... i can't think of any startup item, when removed, would render a computer unbootable. have you tried setting the BIOS to default settings?

insert your OS disk and then boot from it -- perform a repair and then reboot from the hard disk

download and run norton removal tool -- seems you have both mcafee and symantec services running ... norton will slow any computer down

uninstall program then download ccleaner and run the registry fixer

if you don't have surge protector between devices and power outlets, you may have to call Seagate and hopefully get a new drive from them under manufacturers warranty.

go to google and search for dialafix -- download it and install it -- check all the boxes and click Go or you can just click the Control Panel applets and fix those