My project is to take an input file and reverse the text, but first I want to concentrate on just plain reversing a string.

This program has no errors, but it doesn't display the reverse string


source BYTE "This is the source string",0
target BYTE SIZEOF source DUP('#')

main PROC

mov esi, 0
mov ecx,SIZEOF source-1

mov al,source[esi]
mov target[esi],al
inc esi
loop L1

mov esi,OFFSET target
mov ebx,1
mov ecx,SIZEOF target
call DumpMem


main ENDP
END main[/CODE]

I think I figured it out. Thanks :D

Okay, so I have a simple program written in C. How do I get started for programming in Assembly?

Sorry for the lack of knowledge, I just started taking an assembly course in college and so far, we were not required to program on a computer. We just learned code through the book.

Edit: I followed the instructions above. Do I make a new source file as xxx.asm? I'm so lost :S

Does anyone know how to create ASM code in VS2008?

I am so confused and cannot find the method in which I can code in Visual Studio.

[QUOTE=peter_budo;657849]String array of A-Z characters and integers 0-9, which makes 36 elements (26 letters plus 10 numbers). Create random number generator between 0-35 with "i" loop to get password of certain length. Wouldn't be that the simplest solution?[/QUOTE]

I was thinking about that, but I still don't know how to write line to generate a random number 0-35. I just need that one line that generates the randomness, arg.

I am trying to create a program that generates random passwords using the characters A-Z and the numbers 0-9. It will also have an input of what you want the length of the password to be.

What I don't know how to do is to create a method to choose random, arbitrary characters/ numbers.

Are there any objects that specialize in selecting random characters?

Are there any online tutorials for JSP? I am in china currently, so I can't purchase any books here, at stores nor online.

If you have to bump it to make it work, it is definitely a hardware related issue.

Is the motherboard light even on?


  1. If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0

  2. A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?

I need those Tees now.

So, I decided to try to original code from the website again. And it gives me an error the first time. But if you keep clicking refresh, it eventually gives you the right page. This makes no sense to me.

Anyways, the original code is wrong, and something needs to be changed about it. I don't know what it was trying to go for though.


I got the code from this place, however, when I try to run it, it doesn't work.

I am new to JSP, just trying to learn the basics , but I can't even get correct info from the website.

A friend altered the code for me like this, although what I noticed is that he added in int x, whereas the original code didn't. Was the output support to be any different?

My friend's code:
[code] <HTML>

<!-- Example2 -->


<font face=verdana color=darkblue>

JSP loop

<BR> <BR>

This is a loop example from the


int x=8;
for (int i=1; i<x; i++){
<font size="<%= String.valueOf(i)%>" color=darkred face=verdana>VisualBuilder JSP Tutorial</font><br>


[QUOTE=coolraj003;655206]Yeh man, get a hamster or a mouse and do a wheel cage thingy and make sure u stick the cheese a bit far so mouse runs real fast. link the fan and u r

Jokes apart but we have had many troublesome gb boards, wont be surprised to see a hamster powered one on one of these.


Programs of such do exist <.<

Maybe you might be unaware, but even motherboard software can manually run fans if they aren't running themselves. Also adjusting speeds as well.

lol dust provides two problems I think. Static and heat. Either of those can crash. Cool, glad your computer is up and fine now.

(Should mark thread as solved too)

Oh I didn't notice that lol.

JSP does use Java though, so some sort of link should be here too.

lol that is too good man.

I can link you a site via PM later, I think.

It is much easier and faster than gaming lagoon. If I post it now, I think that violates TOS with advertisement or something.

Yes, my thread is essentially a client - server chat program with a funky UI. I tried making it multiple clients, but it isn't working out so well.

Sure, post up your client, I would like to see it also.

Doesn't an echo server have different functions though ? :S

This is too mind boggling, I am about to take a Java Class.

[QUOTE=seemantbisht;652971]My system is not booting. I have replaced RAM and replaced Motherboard and Hard Disk. I have Gigabyte Motherboard with AMD Porcessor and Kingston RAM. Can anyone help PROBLEM is WHERE???????Please HELP[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ruthallison;654998]Hi There,

There could be two chances:-

1) processor prob.-may b its extra heated up due to high temp.wat u can do is open up ur processor fan, clean it and apply paste(ask any comp. eng) on processor .keep inside of ur case clean & make sure no wires are blocking the air passages of case.its best to tie or tape them.

2)Motherboard-many chances r that ur motherboard is damaged/permanently stop working.
i had the 100% same prob. 3 yrs back & in my case the motherboard was no more!.if ur system is 5-6 yrs old there r high chances of faulty M.B.In that case u need to buy a new
one to replace it.[/QUOTE]

That is not true. Hardware can always produce more than 2 problems.
Let's analyze this situation closely. He bought new RAM, HDD, and Mobo.
He was unaware that mother boards have compatibility issues that some memory doesn't work with some boards, etc.
RAM compatibility is usually the most annoying problem and aggravating to people trying to figure out the problems, because they naturally assume it is CPU, HDD, Driver issues.

He said his system was simply not booting. I mean, for all we know, he could have plugged in PSU wrong, maybe not to Mobo, maybe not to outlet, not to CPU. HDD ...

I haven't seen any tutorials for JSP , so I guess I will post this one link that I found.


OKay thanks. I will look into that, fooling around with multiple sockets.

Check disk. Is that a method of reformatting?

I mean, if the person who dumped it said it was beyond repairable, you have to start everything from scratch. Video card, memory, everything.

The concept isn't hard to understand. I don't take a class, but I researched it all myself and that isn't the problem I am having. My goal was to make 1 server, and run multiple clients. Not multiple servers, and I didn't even expand over the simple network yet.

Currently, I have one computer trying to connect all clients to a server.
IP is just local host, because I am only doing it on my own computer. What I don't get is why new threads aren't forming after one client connects.

I thought it was the server's job to start new threads, but okay, I will give it a go with the clients. Although the user before said something was incorrect with my server code.

I picked up Java on my own, and started around June, so I am not exactly sure what he meant by debugging. I mean, there are no errors in the program, so I don't exactly understand how debugging will aid me. It just runs the program for me.

TNT2 is old school. New cards won't match your motherboard, they use PCI e x16 slots i think.

I am not even trying to connect to friends yet. I am just trying to runn multiple clients on my own computer and connect them all to myself. Except only one connects.

But what you said defeats my purpose. I also want the server to be able to communicate to clients, not just relay messages.

Otherwise, if multiple people used it, one person would have to run a client and a server on the same computer.

"when you wants to start the chat with your friend , your machine localhost is act like a server and your friend is just accepting that incomming connection ."

I thought that the server accepts the incoming connections.

And I am currently using Eclipse, don't want to change mid project, so there has to be a way.

If no graphics needed, a video card isn't required. You would be fine with onboard, or a cheap one.

Database software ---> are you going to be hosting a server?

If so, you need a high end CPU, Memory, HDD, Motherboard, etc

The software you plan to use, for the most part, does not need excellent parts. Heck, it might be even cheaper to buy a built PC than to build your own.

You didn't do your research very well, if you don't know what types of hardware your motherboard supports.

Go look it up at the gigabyte website.

Motherboard is the last thing you can probably figure out that is dead. If it is not posting or beeping, well, I don't think that is a result of ending scvhost.exe.

I ended them all once and at next start up my computer was fine.

Interestingly, though, it seems that you can't isolate the problem. Maybe more than 1 piece of hardware has problems. Did you remember to ground static electricity before touching each part? You don't want to damage anything else while searching for the broken stuff.

[QUOTE=sittas87;645297]Reverse your actions to its defaults. meaning 256mb RAM incl all other changes. As for the termal grease did you remove the processor when youve applied the grease?[/QUOTE]

You don't need to remove the processor to apply thermal grease all the time though.