This Program gives the details (name, kernel, machine type, domain, groups, sizeof data types, etc) of the host it is running on.

This Program gives the UserDetails of the logged in User.
a) The RealName
b) Login Name ( Why do we need this?)
c) Home Directory
d) Default Login Shell

Additional Purpose of this code would be to invoke/ learn at man getpwuid and about struct passswd

it is a simple program but the beuty lies in its shortness it is written in least line as possible
By :-
Anurag Pareek

In this program i had just extracted the modulo of the number given,and keep on adding it in linklist. later on,i reversed the link list and displayed the result.

Anurag Pareek

It's a very simple sound program , Input device is mouse.
Sound function is used to produce output.Working is very simple
based on seven natural freqencies.Move mouse over keys for sounds.
Change range and note the difference.

This is a simple balloon shooting game made in C language.
In this game, there are number of balloons, a bow and arrows for shooting the balloons. The balloons rise from the lower portion of the screen. The
bow is put on left side which can move up and down. If you shoot a balloon you will get 20 points. There are total three levels in our game. There are 10 balloons and 6 arrows in first level. If you get a minimum score of 100, you will be eligible for entering in second level. If you not get this minimum score, you are not qualified for second level and game will be over and you are looser. There are 8 balloons and 6 arrows in second level. If you get a minimum score of 180, you will be eligible for entering in third level. In third level there are 6 balloons and 6 arrows.

If you completed all the three levels, you will be winner. The up and down arrow key are used for positioning the bow. The space key will be used
for shooting.

Different Functions used in the project:-

void draw_balloon(int ,int ):
This function is used for drawing a balloon. In this function we first use setcolor and setfillstyle which set the color red and also filling style.
After this we are using fillellipse for drawing the ballon and line for drawing the thread.

void draw_burst ( int x, int y ):
This function is used ...

Hey guys me any my room mate both r using two seprate pcs with intel processors and win xp professional can we both link our pc i mean to say make our pc in network so that we can share our printer and data and moreover our internet connection please tell me how to do it without using any expensive device i mean how we can do it by using a simple lan wire whose both ends are connected to our pcs lan socket

if u face any further problem then u can consult user manual or ask any proffesional

hey just open ur cpu be sure that there is no power supply of any kind then plug the ram gently adjancent to ur previous ram be sure that both ram are of same kind and type i mean that slot should be same u cant fix a ddr ram to sd slot and both ram's capacity like a 128 mb with 128 mb and moreover try fixing it gently and c that it is not loose fix it tightly taht should be all

hey how can i become super mod or something like that dmr

i just cant get u dear

wat make ur using

i dont know that did u get this p[roblem solved if yes then tell me at u did

i think use a cd lens cleaner cd then check it might it will work

i will suggest u not to take replacing decision at an instant try removing dirt first sometimes a rubber band or thread get stucked to its moving shaft just c that u dont have any in wanted material with ur fan

its difficult to tell u the make of case without knowing the company anyways i will suggest u to go for Intex

hi all i m new to this forum i m doing my engg. degree from india in computers
hope to get good response and enjoy my stay out here
all the best to all of u.
Anurag Pareek