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Ok. I read the policy and I didn't see anything about posting this type of message. I'll refrain from this in the future. - Thanks


when you say you restored twice, did you do a factory reset or a windows restore?

Your HJT log has some problems. I'd post in the security forum and/or expect this thread to be moved there.


As an option, you can search for an email host that features a challenge-response system for spam filtering. Most hosts featuring Cpanel have a free feature called box-trapper. Spammers must reply to a "challenge" email to get their message through to you. This spam fighting technique is very effective. The drawback is that for the first month or so, you spend a lot of time manually white-listing folks who cannot figure out how to respond to the challenge email and newsletter type messages you want to receive; for example that victoria secret newsletter ... err I meant snap-on tools catalog!

There is a pay service that does this as well, if you cannot select your email provider. It lets you consolidate up to 5 email accounts into 1 challenge/response mail account. find [URL=""]spam-arrest here[/URL]

If anyone knows a free alternative to spam-arrest I'm very interested! - thanks


Listen to the previous posts telling your to check the Administrator account. It's often left open. If you cannot get in that way you have to hack in.

Irresponsible persons should stop reading here.

I use OPHcrack. It's a free tool and usually gives up Windows XP passwords in about 15 to 30 min depending on the speed of the PC. You can find [URL=""]OPHcrack here[/URL]. Download the livecd and burn to disk, it has a bootable version on Linux on it. The website has good documentation on how to use the tool and there are even instruction videos available if you do a quick search. If you need help with the tool, post back here.


Virtually all paid antivirus solutions require an annual subscription for virus database updates. In some cases, you can renew the database updates more cheaply than buying an upgrade of the software.



I chose ABC company a few years back when i found out i could choose my domain and get exactly the email address that i wanted

My renewal is in september and i do not want to stay with this company - they have been purchased and it now runs much slower than it did when i started

Currently i have this email site and the email sites that i get as part of my bellsouth/att isp

I do not want to give up my bellsouth/att email addresses

But i do want to continue the email address/domain that i now have

So my question is this: is there some way to 'activate' my outlook express + pay for the domain that i like (i wouldn't even know how to do this) + use my email/domain within outlook express

I hope that this is clear and welcome any questions if i have not stated myself clearly

Thank you


Wow. There is so much wrong in your message.

First, Outlook and Outlook Express are email clients. there are tons of different email clients and they are setup to receive mail from an email server.

Ok. Your email server is often setup with website hosting. You need a hosting company for this.

Finally, your domain name is your Internet Identity. So if your email is [email][/email] then is your domain. Domains are registered with a domain registrar.

So, to begin to address your problems, you need to begin your investigations ...


quick thought,

did you change your domain name servers to the new host?


try this (last shot):

Enter the address of your CPanel in your web browser. The address needs to be in the form of [url][/url] or [url][/url]

enter it just like you see with the numbers on the end



Your both wrong (your teacher and you).

Your flow chart will display 101 as the last number. Start, X=99, display 99, Test OK, add 2 so x=101, loop, Display 101, test EXIT.

Your teachers comment that to change the display to the exit and you will get the same result, only it will only display one time as you say. So you would see 101 not 99.

You need to display X after you test the value and before you add to X. So you test, then display, then add, then loop.


Windows doesn't always have all the drivers for all the different drive controllers, especially newer ones in the install CD. Using F6 lets you load any drive controller driver you need provided your PC has a floppy disk drive.

the previous posters were thinking that you installed the first time to the IDE drive fine. Once Windows was up and running you loaded drivers from the CD or Internet that made your SATA drive work. This time your starting on the SATA drive and windows cannot talk to it.

your comment that the BIOS somewhat recognizes the HD doesn't sound right to me though. Perhaps you need to flash the motherboard BIOS to recognize such a large drive. Did you upgrade the SATA drive too?


I agree, this is the latest smitfraud.


Have you recently made any hardware changes? Sounds like a memory problem to me. Definitely hardware. Try unplugging everything but the power and video cable just to make sure it's not a peripheral.

Some new computers, even desktops use a small portion of the main memory for video and a video or memory problem can cause this error.

Most likely you will need to take your machine in to someone and have it properly diagnosed.


How can anyone offer one payment unlimited accounts for a lifetime? Is it the lifetime of the company? This also can be unlimited as some companies have continuous lifetimes. I'm skeptical that this is a real offer, or an offer that can be sustained over the long run.

Anyway, to log into cpanel, you just enter in your domain name followed by cpanel. [url][/url]

Then enter your correct username and password. Your username with cpanel is not connected to your email account.


Obviously something really bad has happened. Unfortunately you have not provided enough information to help you.

When you get a blue screen, if you can write down the hex codes looks like 0x8000005C (0x60000001 0x00000000 ....
knowing this part of the message can lead to the solution. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to write the information down before the machine reboots.

Ok. Now that you cannot boot, we need to determine what exactly is going on with your computer. Do you hear beeping? Do you see anything at all on the monitor? are the fans running?


I've seen this once. Superantispyware took care of it. There is a free version, download it here: [URL=""][/URL]


Power connector socket damage is a common laptop problem occurring when the laptop is dropped on the side with the power plug in the laptop. There are usually only two fixes for this. Motherboard replacement, or soldering on a new power socket.

It sounds like the laptop needs either a new power inverter to power the screen, or a new back light for the LCD. We usually replace the inverter first as they are much cheaper. Back lights need a clean room to be replaced, so we just swap out the screen in that case.


The easy answer is that any enterprise class backup system should include offsite backup. If all your eggs are in one basket, you are leaving yourself open to failure when you need your backup.

For instance, at smaller companies, theft of the server usually includes all attached peripherals and any backups in the immediate vicinity.

Placing backups in a fire proof safe may not prevent your backup media from melting at temperatures easily reached within the safe (even a little warping from direct sunlight can render some media inoperable).

Then there are a multitude of other disasters, both natural and man-made that can ruin a company if they do not have data off-site.

Once you determine that you have to take sensitive data offsite, you must protect it from prying eyes while it is outside of your control. This even includes the transportation system used to deliver the data to the place of storage. Not long ago, a large company sent tapes for storage, only to have them misplaced by the carrier in shipment.

Transporting your data via an online service has several problems too. The biggest is that the transmit bandwidth of your Internet connection often limits the size of your backup as you do not wish to saturate the link during business hours. And then you have to worry about the security of the server that is always on the Internet. FYI, any backup service using FTP transmits your name and password in the clear over the Internet. ...