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I would suggest you to try with linkwheel submission activities I hope it will help you.

Google Panda is a new technique from google which removes duplicate content from your website and helps user to provide relevant results.

[QUOTE=indusharma;1763381]yes dear today social marketing is very popular media of marketing, it increases traffic to your site and help in getting higher rank.[/QUOTE]

I agree with indusharma, I have created profiles in social marketing and getting good traffic and page rank to the site, nowadays social marketing playing a good role in building the traffic for the sites.

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[QUOTE=mazdakiaa;1687081]Hi There, I am kind of new in the internet marketing subjects. which of these 2 sites can help better in terms of bringing more traffic?

Thank you[/QUOTE]

According to my opinion Facebook is good media to get more traffic to the site.

[QUOTE=StrateKill;1702992]Hello, im asking about making a game and since i dont know any coding at all or anything about making a game i need help. Reply to this or private message me if you have help

P.s i dont know any websites that would help me with this problem, please help[/QUOTE]


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[QUOTE=DerekWayne;1742366]How to get on top page of google ??
I have 30 keywords and I want to rank on all 30 on top page of google .[/QUOTE]

I hope linkwheel building and article submissions will help you get on top page of google.

As per my knowledge article submission and directory submission are the important aspects of backlink building methods.

[QUOTE=zesiranjha;1737645]Hi Folks

I have worked on these 8 steps to optimize my website.I have received very good results.

When you creating profiles on free blogs website, You can interconnect your video via youtube to get more viewers and backlink.

I have not imagine, i can get good result on this way.

1) Keyword Analysis.
2) Directories submission.
3) Web 2.0 submissions.
4) Social bookmarking.
5) Free blogs profile creation.
6) Business submission (citation).
7) Forums posting.
8) Video Submission.

May be all these types also good for you people.

All the best.Any suggestion, i would love hear.

Best Regards

What to do you mean by business submission (citation)? Can any one explain me please...

[QUOTE=szenith1;1726137]IT is really nice info shared by AccurateAG thanks to him adding more to it i can suggest you to create mini blog to web 2.0 sites like word press , webley and blogspot chose at least ten of that kind site and make link wheeling of them it is really effective now a days[/QUOTE]

How to do link wheeling? It will be helpful if you share the list of sites using to do the process.

As per my experience good way to get backlink is to article submission, directory submission and blog commenting.

[QUOTE=jesicawillss;1726913]I would like to know about sitemap. How sitemap is important in SEO and how to create it?[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=globalseo;1723458]Hi Guys.
Which SEO tools do you prefer?[/QUOTE]

I would like to go with seomoz

[QUOTE=addurlguru;1687878]What do you use to check your Google +1 status? I would like a Firefox addon... anyone!?

List of tools that I currently use: (Anything similiar to that would be great)


Google webmaster tool will help you and for backlinks check out bing webmaster tool.

I agree with zabalex, according to my experience both are important according to the requirement.

[QUOTE=zesiranjha;1706286]Hi everyone,

Would you please help me, I want to know, How i can check backlinks on yahoo.

Best Regards
Zeeshan[/QUOTE] will not provide fast result and it takes lot of time to process.

[QUOTE=cereal;1706441]With same CPU? In my opinion dedicated is better, because you don't have to share CPU and RAM with others.[/QUOTE]

I agree with cereal, my choice goes to dedicated server

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[QUOTE=Dexterjhonson;1652968]"[B][U]What is Link Building in Search Engine Optimization[/U][/B] ..? "
Hellow friends,,
I want to SEO link building service an effective way to improve the ranking of your website on search engines. How to effect in my web link building . HELP me ,,,...!![/QUOTE]

Link building is part of the SEO and is effective way to getting good ranks and increase the traffic to the website.

[QUOTE=makemoney10;1675704]Is there any limit to submit your domain to directories per day?

if yes then please tell me how many directories I can do for my website/day?[/QUOTE]

As per my knowledge there is no limit, it will be good to submit in top PR sites.

I hope social bookmarking and article submission in high PR sites wiil help you to get good traffic and backlinks.

[QUOTE=paavan123;1686420]Hi friends, i need good advice from your side. How to get minimum enquiry/lead per day. At least two or three enquiry is enough for my site. If any one of you share little knowledge about that, it will be more helpful for me.[/QUOTE]

Getting more visitors to the site and email campaign will help you to generate more leads.

As per my opinion social bookmarking and article submission.

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[QUOTE=chenbiao001;1554929]i have get a new website ,the address is <snip> ,so i want to know how to make it more popular?[/QUOTE]

I think promoting in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin sites and to post in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, reddit, delicious will help to get your site popular.

[QUOTE=SHNOOKY;1665782]Does twitter effect your serp rank?
If it does, is it long term, short term, or does it depend on retweets and views?[/QUOTE]

As per my knowledge twitter helps to build traffic and to build a good network.


My website does not index some keywords it used to index. I really don't understand why?

It used to index 2 keywords on the first page on Google, now it didn't index them anymore.

What should I do to get these 2 keywords indexed again?


Try to build more backlinks using the keywords, hope it will help.

I would say, article submission and directory submission both helps in getting good ranks and backlinks in their own way.