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[QUOTE=UltimateKnight;1478693]Hi to all.

I am a beginner at C++ programming. I wanted to ask for some tutorials or videos from which I can learn.. I have done some small steps in programming before and I really love it. I am very interested in this area and I would be thankful if anyone could point me.


Hey, check it out these 2, I came across while browsing

[QUOTE=tiny7415;1494785]I am new in IT world and I was wondering the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Honestly, they sounds the same to me. However, I see a lot of postings with these two position.

will someone explain to me the difference and could you tell me the average pay for each if they are different?[/QUOTE]

while browsing I came across an article which clearly tells about the difference between web developer and web designer

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