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Is your css working for any part of your site ?

try this for you static nav


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open access and create a small test database.

if it works add a couple of queries and relationships

let me know if it fails

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Copy the CSS file to each of your subdirectories.

Also please post your html link to the css file. I am basing my above solution that your html is calling for the file to be within the directory the file is in.

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try the following. Access itself maybe be to blame:

Repair your Office 2010 programs

Repair your Office 2010 programs by doing the following:

Click Start, then click Control Panel.
Click Programs and Features.
Click the Office 2010 program that you want to repair, then click Change.
Click Repair, then click Continue. You might need to restart your computer after the repair is complete.

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Thank you, Please mark the thread as solved and feel free to rate my help as well :)

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Start -> Run; "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\outlook.exe" /resetnavpane

(check the location of your outlook.exe first)

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Try to boot into safe mode now. It should have made the needed changes to the registry

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Try These safe mode boot fixes. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

  1. The SafeBootKeyRepair tools of SuBs:

ComboFix not installed: Version 1 (288,070 bytes):

ComboFix installed: Version 2: (61,694 bytes)

Download & run this tool > [URL=""]SafeBootKeyRepair[/URL] It shall only take a short moment for it to finish running.
A log shall be produced at C:\SafeBoot_Repair.txt.
Posting on our forum: make us see the C:\SafeBoot_Repair.txt

  1. The SafeBootKeyRepair tool of ElPiedra:

Download the SafeMode,
unzip it to your desktop
Double-click onto it to run it
Click ok > restart your system into Normal Mode.

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I personally have never used SDFix but this is a step by step on how to. Thanks to a friend at bleepingcomputer.

If however this doesn't work. I do have an alternate method of removal for you.
Please reply and I'll post it if this doesn't fix your problem

[QUOTE]How to use SDFix
Credits: AndyManchesta for SDFix

What this program does:

SDFix is a program written by AndyManchesta that can remove many different types of Trojans and Worms. You have most likely reached this page when researching a program in our Startup Database and it directed you here to learn how to remove it. If you follow the instructions below, SDFix will remove the known Trojans and Worms found on your computer. For a complete list of Trojans and Worms that SDFix knows how to remove you should read the SDFix Changelog. It is important to note that you must be logged in as an Administrator and in safe mode in order for SDFix to work properly.

Common problems/messages and how to fix them:

Error Message:

The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator.
Press any key to continue . . .

How to fix:

Click on the Start menu, then Run, and then copy and paste the following line into the Run field:

%systemdrive%\SDFix\apps\swreg IMPORT %systemdrive%\SDFix\apps\Enable_Command_Prompt.reg

Press OK then run SDFix again


If the Command Prompt window flashes on then off again on XP or Windows 2000

How to fix:

Click on the Start menu, then Run, ...

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I reccommend you download and run AVG the download link is in my signature below.

Another user on a different site had the same issue. We ran AVG and a registry fix.
I'm not big on using registry fixes if I'm not doing them manually but this one seems to be ok.

Use the tweak on line #12
AFTER you run AVG

Click for Tweak: [URL=""]Link Here[/URL]

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Below are a couple of links for you to view..

Let me know if this isn't quite helpful enough and we'll put something else together for you.

[URL=""]Link 1 (import/export)[/URL]

[URL=""]Link 2 (Shared Address Book)[/URL]

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Probably because the program was a fake. Most that advertise as such are.

Now back to the original question of this Thread.

I'm going to tell you the best possible way to bypass a schools filter. There are actually a couple of great ways. Both of these have worked for me in the past.

  1. You talk to the Network Admin or Headmaster. Present your case on the website you are attempting to view and give the details of what it is and why you want to use it.

  2. The 3 o'clock bell rings and you pass by there for bypassing all of the school systems and firewalls as you leave the premises and go home to use your own computer.
    Now if your parents have the same site blocked... you revert to the first suggestion only replace IT admin and headmaster with mom and dad.

You are at school from what 7:30am or 8am til 3 or 3:30pm.. not including extra ciricular stuff... seriously Everybody is at school or work during this period of time anyway... there is nothing you do online that is that desperately important.

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Well... Here are a couple of things.

As far as your HJT log goes. You need not to remove anything:

You can read about
[quote]Remote Packet Capture Protocol v.0 (experimental) (rpcapd) - Unknown owner - %ProgramFiles%\WinPcap\rpcapd.exe" -d -f "%ProgramFiles%\WinPcap\rpcapd.ini (file missing)

And unless you are using it to cature access to other computers remotely I would reccommend you delete it, and un-install it.

As far as everything thing else goes I would suggest you download and run [url=][color=blue]AVG [/color][/url]& [url=][color=blue]Ad-aware[/color][/url] to make sure you are not infected. HiJackThis doesn't always find everything, but it certainly does a great job. :)

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Here's a little tip on coolwebsearch and coolwwwsearch. If you suspect that you have them. The quickest and easiest way to rid yourself of them is to check the registry with a key word search:

Start --> Run --> regedit --> Ctrl+F --> type "coolw" in the search box (without the quotation marks.) --> Press Enter ------>

Now if it finds anything you can do one of two things. You can immediately hit delete and confirm. Or you can check to see if you are in a domains folder. If you are in a domains folder and you have been stopped by the search for coolw. You have found either coolwebsearch or coolwwwsearch. (There shouldn't be any other result even similar to this search.) But if you have been stopped in a domains folder then you can back up and delete the entire folder. It will recreate it's self the next time you open your browser, but without all of the pornographic material that was in it.
If you are not in a domain folder. You may just delete it.

To continue searching use can use the F3 key or click the find next option.

[B][I]Warning What is deleted from the registry is permanently removed from your PC, and even though I have never found a result other than coolwwwsearch and coolwebsearch using the search coolw with the find option it may be possible you have a program that has something similiar. Please make sure that what you have ...