The owners are considering Meraki. Thanks Dani!

rproffitt, the chain forces them to pay hundreds of thousands in royalties and provides almost no support or assistance. I have actually tried to persuade them from leaving the chain since most of their business is repeat from large companies housing their staff here for the local plants and factories.

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I live my days now 100% legit. I no longer hold a black, white, or grey hat. I have stay as far away as possible. I used to live not so legit. It caused problems. I avoided the GBI Georgia Bureau of Investigation for a very very very long time. It was part of my absence from the internet. I avoided something I didn't do for fear that during the investigation they may find something I actually did as a minor. Though the statute of limitations may have expired it wasn't something willing to risk. So if you desire to live a life in hiding and holding your breath every time you see a law enforcement officer heading your direction. Then by all means feel free to try and do something stupid like this.

I personally am glad I do not have to look over my shoulder every waking moment anymore. I was cleared of all charges, and intend not to be put in a bad situation again. Remember yes these people have gotten away with it SO FAR. But also remember you are talking about banks. There are two entities in the world that control money. Banks and Oil companies. Not governments. I have worked for the US Government, Banks and for an Oil company. The odds are not in the favor of the people who took the money. They will be found eventually.

@echo off
xcopy "Brown-Johnston2" /e "c:\Brown-Johnston2\"


This works

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Below are a couple of links for you to view..

Let me know if this isn't quite helpful enough and we'll put something else together for you.

[URL=""]Link 1 (import/export)[/URL]

[URL=""]Link 2 (Shared Address Book)[/URL]

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Here's my suggestion.
If you are really in a course of this sort.
And if you are really going to get bonus points for demonstration.

Maybe you should go old school and leave all the newer stuff and mainly illegal stuff alone.

Why don't you check into social engineering... You would be surprised what a search on this could unveil and besides. A paper on the methods and effectiveness on social engineering with a minor demonstration will definately impress your instructor.

Stop looking for a trojan, worm, or virus. You're not only wasting your time but you're playing with fire.

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Ok guys. It's time for the college kids to take over.

Us college folks need stuff for "on the go"

Personal Pizza:

Ingrediants: Flour Tortillias, Ragu (type = your choice I like the gralic/mushrooms"), Motzierella Cheese (cheeder works too for that sharp taste), Toppings (pepperoni, sausage. ect ect..)

Ok so preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
-Grab your oven pan
-toss your tortillia on
-add a couple table spoons of Ragu Sauce. ( I like a lot of sause so it's up to you how much)
-give your fingers a workout by spreading your motzierella cheese around.
-throw on some of your favorite topings

  • let that oven hit 350
    -toss it in and wait for the edges to brown SLIGHTLY / make sure cheese is melted. (don't put it on too thick.)
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