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Agree with LizR.

Books can only go so far. Just like back when you started c++ you had hello world, and i'm sure some loan calculator, and grades calculator.

Do the same thing in c#. You can read code in a book all day, but it necessarily doesn't help, but good for reference.

When you run into a problem, then look at a book or other reference material for an example.

scru commented: the guy only has 21 days. He can't go through that entire process. +0

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A good way to think about top level objects, is what ways you 'access' this object.

You interact with the top level objects, for the top level objects to interact with low-level objects.

An example is you can use the door on it, but regardless of the door, you have no clue how it works on the inside.

Once again depending on how the instructor is presenting things here are a few possibilities.

Keypad, Timer Display, Electrical cord

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Isn't it UID instead of User?