Thanks John A for the info and I will look more into your tutorial for more insight. Also yes using the total partition of root should help me since I'm always running out of space whenever I do go by the split partition route. Hopefully this help me alot and I can stay working on Linux more than just leaving it alone after a few months.

I am starting to like Linux more, just I hate the fact that most games are windows based, which makes me go back to xp more and more. I have gotten WOW to play alittle bit on ubuntu but it still crashes here and there and it wouldn't be good to go in anything that uses alot of processing power, your system would crash from it. So until game vendors start including most game applications in Linux based languages, I will still be messing around with Windows and its environment.

Hello, I'm bout to do a personal project for the first time and thats installing a Web/Email/ftp server using Debian Linux 'Etch' 4.0r4 and I need some help like a step by step guide on what applications to use, what and how much space each partition should use out of 40gigs. This will be Text based only since I would like to really get my feet wet in this setting, so if someone can please point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Oh yea and if there is anymore information you need please feel free to ask because I really want to get started before the weekend. Thanks:)

Hello everybody, my name is Q., My talents really evolve around games, computers, DJing, cars, sports, Movies, Friends, and most importantly Family. Recently I have begun working on my old P4 to put it back in use and I want it to be a Linux Server (Web/Email/Webpage) I'm going to be using Debian Linux, so I've been searching Google like crazy to get help in the steps, I'm really not new to Linux just the Server, So far I have Tried RH, Mandrake aka Mandrieva, Fedora Core, DSL, Knoppix, and last one which I still have on one of my laptops Ubuntu. A while back I tried Debian but never got really into it cause I let my friend's tell me to try this and that different title of Linux which ended up flooding my brain. Currently I have 5 systems in my house all connected via lan or wireless to my little network and one of my systems I now would like to turn into a server and go from there with really getting my feet wet in Linux. I want it to be morely text based so I can really sink my teeth in it since folks are always saying that "To really learn linux, use it text Based only", so I am going to do that but first if somebody know of any great sites that kinda get you prepared for the Server World?