Just wonder if I will be able to go online wirelessly with a DSL-modem connected to an accesspoint and then using a computer with a wireless network card.....

At the moment I only have one client computer...

Will this configuration be possible or do I need to connect a router somewhere?

I have two user accounts on my computer and they are both administrators.

I have downloaded and installed Java. It runs fine for one of the users but not the other user.

Why can't both user use Java when it is already installed on the computer?

I am about to get my web server online (I have done all the programming in asp). Now I wonder which way is the smartest to use when it comes to the administration of the pages and the database that will reside on the server.

I have put all the administration pages in a certain folder (“adminfolder

I have a problem starting Windows own Help and Support. When I go to the start menu and choose Help and Support I get an error message saying that the application can not open because a system service is not running. When I try to activate the help and support service from the list that is displayed when I type services.msc in the start menu/run text box I get the following error message:

Could not start Help and Support Service on Local Computer.

Error 1083: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement this service.

I have also tried to activate the service in safe mode but then I got an 1084 error saying that this service can not be activated in safe mode.

What should I do to get the Help and Support Center started?

I want to start Windows help and support center from the start menu but without success. When I choose help and support center from the startmenu I get the following message:

Windows cannot find

I have developed some webpages using asp and they work fine on my computer with Access 2003 (using iis as a local server). However, I am aware that SQL 2000 is a better db to use, but I am not sure in which ways.

Since I intend to put my asp pages on a webserver I wonder what the advantages for me (if I use SQL 2000 instead) would be. The areas I am most interested in is the maximum number of users that the two databases can handled at one time and of course security issues.

Would my database be better protected against hackers etc. if I go with SQL 2000 instead?

Other important differences?

Just wonder what the function of dpi is when it comes to buying optical mice. I understand that more is better but what is the meaning of the dpi specifikation?