Basically what nizzy said. I just wanted to add that if you have two CD drives, you can also use Nero.

You can also try using cdrdao and cdrtools. They are free and open source.

If you are into linux, you can use Coaster, which is a nice burner for Gnome.


If you want to do it by hand, here is the algorithm I would use:

int numdigits(int num)

int len = 0;

while(num >= 10)
num = num/10;

  return len;


Do you need this to work only for positive integers? If yes, then this algorithm will do. If not you could do a few simple manipulations to get it to work for decimals, and negative numbers.

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Does anybody know the technical dfference between AVI and MOV formats?

Tried googling found very little on the subject.