Hi I hope somebody can help me. I am trying to download jquery and keep getting an error.I am running win10 with the edge browser. With the old pc running win7 did not have any problem, any idea what to do? Thanks

Impossible to paste code. Insert form not working, giving up

Hi I am building this website for a small hotel. The user interface is ready and I have a form as shown below: If I click on submit I can insert the data from the form into the database.My question is where do I go from here? Is my database design right? Besides inserting the form data I should select all unoccupied rooms, how do I do that? Here is what I have so far.


id int11 auto increment primary key
arrival date
departure date
adults int3
children int3


id int11 auto increment primary key
first_name varchar30
last_name varchar 30
address varchar100\phone int11
city varchar30
country varchar30


roomID int11 auto increment primary key
location varchar20
room_number int11
room_typeID int11


room_typeID int11 auto increment primary key
room_type vatchar20
num_beds int11
price_night int20

<form name="form1" method="post" action="process.php"> <table border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="4"> <tr><td colspan="2" class="txt"><h2>Book Now</h2></td></tr> <tr><td colspan="2"> </td></tr> <tr><td class="txt">Arrival:</td><td><input type="text" name="arrival" size="15"></td></tr> <tr><td class="txt">Departure:</td><td><input type="text" name="departure" size="15"></td></tr> <tr><td class="txt">Adults:</td><td> <select id="adults" name="adults"> <option <?php if ($adults == 1 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="1">1</option> <option <?php if ($adults == 2 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="2">2</option> <option <?php if ($adults == 3 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="3">3</option> <option <?php if ($adults == 4 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="4">4</option> </select></td></tr> <tr> <td class="txt">Children:</td><td> <select id="children" name="children"> <option <?php if ($children == 0 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="0">0</option> <option <?php if ($children == 1 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="1">1</option> <option <?php if ($children == 2 ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="2">2</option> ...

Hi I have this problem. A few days ago I reinstalled the OS. Very easy to do with an HP notebook and recovery manager, supposedly it reinstalls the os and the pc is restored to its factory condition. Fine, everything works except now has been 2/3 days that my mouse is acting up. It will freeze, the light underneeth is off and this low beep comes on. After a few seconds it works again the light is back on on a new beep announces that is back to life. The beep is similat to that when you plug in say a usb key, except it beeps when stops working and when resumes working.Going crazy. I thought of buying a new mouse because I've dropped it a couple of times. But I am the type that wants to know why it does this and why so.. Can you help me? Thank you.

Yes Alice is myISP belongs to Telecom Italy's phone company. Anyway I am going to the States for 2 months this week so I'll take a break from this, when I come back I'l,l see probably I'll reinstall the OS and go from there.Thanks a lot for your help I'll let you know what happens.

My remote server is Alice which is Telecom, I don't know if is Windows or Unix but for now I am just developing locally so do I have to worry about the remote server now?

OK I have IIS 7.5 and it works, I can retrieve html pages from www.root as well as aspx pages. I tried just this morning to install Wamp but I got an error saying that I was missing a file. I installed that file and still did not work.
As I said I think there are leftover extensions or files from all my attempts and probably I'll reinstall the OS and start fresh again.I don't have anything against Apache but I was fine with PHP, MySql and PhpMyAdmin, I am against installing extra software if I can do without, am I wrong? I'll keep trying before I resolve to reinstall the OS.Thanks for your help.By the way can you tell me the difference between Apache and IIS? So if I use Apache should uninstall IIS?

By installed correctly I mean that I can use it to create databases, tables, do queries from the command line. I tried Wamp did not work my pc just locked up and did not install php or Apache. Maybe I am confused I am not too expert but Apache and Mysql don't they do the same things? I created a web site and with Mysql andPhp I was able to do a lot of stuff actually I was working on a site for hotel reservations, now I'll have to start allover since I reformetted the hard drive and did n ot have a backup

Well I tried to install Apache before but found it difficult, I was immediately comfortable with Mysql and now I am too used to it anyway.Besides I understand that Mysql and php is the perfect combination for web development.Yes it installed correctly and works fine from the command line, I just don't seem able toreinstall php

Having problems with a malware I had to reinstall Win7 OS with recovery mgr.After I had to reinstall all my web development tools such as Visual Basic Express 2008, Visual Web Developer Express 2010, SQL server express 2008, MySql, Workbench.I cannot reinstall PHP and PhpMyAdmin no matter what I try. I have done all the tutorials,most of them are old anyway, also I don't want Apache, I am happy with Mysql.I tried also with Web Platform installer, I get an error.Should I reinstall Windows and start fresh? In this case which of the above programs should I install first? Should I start with PHP? I appreciate any help you can give me thanks
My pc is a Compaq Notebook running Win7 Home Premium and IIS 7.5.

Hi, I wonder if you can help me.I am doing a php tutorial. I am supposed to be able to open this file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name>Polly Parrot</name>
<mother>Pia Parrot</mother>
<father>Peter Parrot</father>

and this is the php file:

//set name of xml file

$file = "pet.xml";

//load file
$xml = simplexml_load_file($file) or die ("unable to load xml file");

//access xml data
 echo "Name: " $xml->name . "\n";
 echo "Age: " $xml->age . "\n";
 echo "Species: " $xml->species . "\n";
 echo "Parents: " $xml->parents->mother . " and " . $xml->parents->father . "\n";

I have version 5.4 so simple xml should be enables, but I cannot open the file.Thanks

Hi hope somebody can help me. I was changing around some tables in a DB that was working fine.I don't know what I did but I deleted a table and wanted to recreate it a little different.Now I cannot do it, I get a message that the table already exists.So I checked the data file and saw that infact there is an ibd file for that table.I try to delete it and get a message that I cannot do it because the file is open in mysql 56? I tried to rename it and just leave it there and recreate the table I need with its proper name.Niet.I tried to delete the whole DB, cannot do it. Should I uninstall mysql? Will that solve the problem?What else is there to do? Thanks for your help.

Hi thank you for your help.I am starting to understand how it works. I was able to create a page using the new tags.I see that a lot of the html4 tags are now obsolete like hspace and vspace, also cellspacing and cellpadding and that you are supposed to position the elements setting margins and paddings.Actually I think the main diference is that with the div tags we were using coords like top so many px and left or right so many This makes it cleaner and easier interesting,thanks again.

Hi I am studying html5 and have a hard time understanding exactly how those tags function.Maybe I am used to the old div tags and cannot figure out what is going on. For example I look at a page made with html5 and css3.In the page there are 3 article section one on top of the other, 2 on the side and 3 more on the bottom.Looking at the source code all the tags are articles, no class or id to identify them and no positioning whatsoever(I cannot see any anyway).How do they do it? Thank you for your help.

I found the config file in phpMyAdmin is called config-sample.inc and I have configured it.I still cannot find MySQL config file I looked everywhere,anyway the problem is still there cannot delete the empty db so I'll give up for now thanks for your help I appreciate it.I'll mark solved because something has been solved,

Hi, I found the folder and deleted it.After I reinstalled phpMyAdmin vers.4.0.6 but still have same problem, cannot delete empty databases.I even reinstalled MySQL but nothing.I read that I am supposed to go into config.ini file and set drop database to true.Problem is I cannot find this file, I looked everywhere,can you tell me how to get there? Thank you.

Hi I don't have a backup unfortunately.But now I have another problem.While I was trying to delete the empty databases I screwed up and messed up phpMyAdmin.Now it blocks and does not work, I need to completely remove it.I searched on the web but nothing works.I don't have apache just phpMyAdmin,workbench and of course MySQL.My phpMyAdmin version is 3.5 something, how do I remove it? Since I am not too expert could you tell me step by step how to do it? I don't see it anywhere(Control Panel, C drive etc)its like a ghost program, drives me crazy, somebody warned me about getting into databases now is too late I spent too much time studying I want to learn it.Thank you

Hi I did that I deleted everything and reinstalled it but no change I still got a few empty databases and keep getting same error trying to delete them.Any other idea?

Hi need some help. Some time ago I created a database and tables doing a tutorial. After I deleted the tables(don't remember why)and now all I have is a database with no tables. Trying to clean up my db I wanted to drop the DB but get this error:
ERROR 1010 (HY000): Error dropping database (can't rmdir 'argie_tamera', errno:41). I aldo have another db with no tables named testing.So I tried to create a table for other tutorial but get an error message that says I have to delete the tablespace before creating another table.I don't remember the name of the table so what can I do I only have an empty db.Thanks for your help.

Hi I tried with NDB and NDBCLUSTER but gives error message 'unknown NDB engine or ndbcluster engine'.Since the db still exists I even tried to recreate the table and then delete the db, it deletes the table but not the db.I guess I'll give up and leave it there.

I tried but it does not work maybe I did it wrong like this?
ENGINE [innodb]

Hi, here is some code I tried.What it does it selects all rooms ignoring the dates that I have specified, also some rooms are occupied on those dates so it should list only the available ones.I don't know how to correct this.

FROM    rooms
WHERE   number NOT IN
        SELECT  number
        FROM    bookings
        WHERE   startDate >= '2013-08-16'
                AND endDate <= '2013-08-19'
        AND number NOT IN
        SELECT  number
        FROM    bookings
        WHERE   startDate >= '2013-08-16'
                AND endDate <= '2013-08-19'

    My tables are:
    bookings  id,startDate,endDate,room,idClient,totalPrice
    rooms  number,floor,type,extraBed,optionals
    prices  startDate,endDate,roomType,price
    clients  id,name,address,phone

    plus table supplements and booked_supplements

    All of this works from the command line but I need it to be working from the webpage.I know I am asking too much somebody in a forum that I won't mention the name told me to hire a programmer, I thought that a forum of experts should help somebody that is trying to become a programmer, needles to say that I won't ask them again.Thanks a lot.

Hi need some help.I am creating a small hotel booking system.I have a mysql Db whith
tables rooms, clients, bookings,prices,supplements, supplements booked.
I have a search form. Clicking on a calendar img will display a calendar.Clicking on the calendar
will insert the date in the box.Also I can select n.persons, nights,adults,children etc.
Here I am stuck.I need some php code that will process this data and retrieve available rooms
from the rooms table, for a specified arr/dep date. Thank you

Hi can somebody tell me how to delete a table space? Some days ago I deleted a table because I thought I didn't need it anymore.
When I tried to recreate it I got this error:
ERROR 1813(HY000): Tablespace for table 'test','employees' exists.PLEADE DISCARD the table space before import;

I searched on the web but the solutions offered seem so complicated is there an easy way to do it? Thank you

I understand thanks for the explanation, as a matter of fact I watch you tube often and noticed what you are saying.Funny thing though in my case when I click on the link yhe video starts immediately don't ask me why. Of course it might not work with all browsers like you say.Thanks

Hi, I see what you mean I was just concerned about starting the video by clicking on a image and that was it.I realize there is more to it though I am not quite sure I understand exactly the difference between embedding the video or starting it by clicking on a link.Could you explain to me please? Thank you.

Hi thanks for your reply I have a question:

<div class="video">
<a href="MVI_2849.avi"><img src="images/video-tour.jpg" alt=""/></a>

It works great for me, so what is wrong with it? Security? It's just a video.

Hi, I recently made some short videos with my Canon digital camera.The reason for it is to embed one or more in my web site. I searched on the Internet but I did not find much help, a lot of the posts suggest to download some software.I don't think is necessary and don't like to keep installing a lot of programs if I don't need to.Can somebody give me the code to insert in my page? The name of m y video is: MVI_2849, the extension I believe is avi?

Hi, here is the code the search form I coded myself, the contact form I downloaded it.Hope this will help.I don't know if I'll be using the downloaded code for the contact form or if I'll do it myself(try it I mean)but the issue will apply in any case I like the 2 forms to have a different background color.Thanks a lot.

Hi I am working on this site for hotel reservations. I have a search form and a contact form in a contact page. I set the style for the search form to background:#C00000. When I created the contact page I realized that my contact form background gets the same color because of the css. Is there a way to apply a different background color to the contact form? Seems easy but I don't seem to be able to do it, I get all sortsof strange things.Thank you