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first of all, scan your computer with good antivirus and antimalware software (if you haven't already done so). I recommend free Avira, free Malwarebytes', and free SUPERAntiSpyware.

Always worth it to do a virus scan in safe mode (repeatedly tap F8 on startup while there is still black screen, then you will be offered to select a boot mode. Select Safe Mode). Do a scan, hopefully get rid of the problem, reboot and tap F8 again, select normal mode.

If the program is still in the add/remove list, try an uninstaller, like free Revo. Hopefully you'll get rid of that unwanted program.

You might also want to cleanup the registry to remove any leftovers. Backup the registry first (usually registry cleaners offer you to backup, or you can create a system restore). CCleaner and Auslogics Registry Cleaner (both free) are very good.

If it's a driver problem, then try updating it or reinstalling it.

first I'd recommend that you research that error you are getting. [URL="

Hi if you are still having problems with explorer.exe, have a look at [URL="

Hi, if it's lsass.exe, then check out [URL="

Here's a good article on how to fix high svchost.exe CPU usage - [URL="

There's a website [URL="

For Vista and 7 users: found a very useful free sidebar gadget. It shows the most resource-heavy processes in real time. Can be downloaded [URL="

You can go and check running Windows processes on [URL="

I found that AVG slowed down my computer (XP) a great deal. When I switched to Avira, the problem was gone.

I think your computer might be infected. Good anti-virus programs are Avira and avast.
Also check your running processes at [URL="

Might be a Windows Explorer problem. Check out [URL="

Avira, avast, AVG. Whichever you like best. I prefer Avira. Also AdAware and Malwarebytes to get rid of spyware and adware.

I found that AVG slowed down my system, so I switched to Avira. Try downloading Malwarebytes and run a scan. Also have you cleaned and defragged your hard drive? If not, do that (and browser cache too). CCleaner is a great free tool for that.

Sometimes lsass.exe is a trojan. Read [URL="

Good free anti-viruses are Avira personal edition ([url]www.freeav.com[/url]) and avast! I prefer Avira because it's lighted on resources.

Sounds like Vista superfetch to me. Or maybe it's some malware - you can run a scan with malwarebytes and/or adaware.
Also you can try to speed up Vista startup and shutdown using the tips [URL="

There's a good blog with speed up and optimization articles: [url]http://www.auslogics.com/en/blog[/url]

Anti-virus: Avira Personal
Audio editor: Audacity
Defragmenter: Auslogics Disk Defrag
Email: Thunderbird
All-in-one utility: BoostSpeed

Hi all! I've read about BoostSpeed on CNet. It sounds all good and it supports 64bit, but I'm kinda careful about all that optimization software. So, has anyone tried it? I'm particularly interested in the latest version, because it has a new tool to manage Windows services.