I don't see anything.....

try another browser and see if that works.... something like [URL="

Could be ram slots, try the each ram stick in all the slots....

Try 1 memory stick at a time..... and see what happens.

[QUOTE=Denniz;727908]Hi Cohen welcome to Daniweb! So you guys know each other from another forum?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, a few forums actually :P

[QUOTE=jbennet;727885]haha 13k posts soon (and i took aboit a year out lol) ;)[/QUOTE]

Well i hope i won't be like i was on the other forum ;)

I might be.. depending on how i go :P


I don't see any problems....

I tried firefox (version 3.0) & Internet Explorer (Version 7) and i see no difference...

    • Pls download the latest version of Hijackthis [URL="

[QUOTE=jbennet;727871]yeah i joined here when i was like 14 its a nice place[/QUOTE]

Yeah, looks good :)

Hope i'll be here when i'm your age :P

right click on the image... save as... then upload it to your server or photobucket or imageshack.....

In photobucket you can put the URL in and then it uploads that photo to your account.

Done :)

Start Fresh!!! Easiest thing to do!

Convince your cousin to do it :P

What is the current OS?

Hi William,

Welcome, hopefully we can help you out with some homework ;)

I'm wanting to do something in IT in the future...

what area are you studying???


Welcome and i'm sure you will get plenty of website help...!



[QUOTE=jbennet;727863]Hey Cohen!

thaght maybe looking at a bigger site may give us some ideas of stuff for pccom
(thats is you are indeed the Cohen i think you are...)[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that would be good, happy to do some things here... and yes i am the cohen that you know....

hopefully this forum i'll be more "accepted" and can help out a bit more :)

Welcome to the forum, i'm a new comer as well... so i hope we'll see each around the forum :)

Enjoy & Cya around,


The best program to use is [URL="

You don't need HTML experience really to use Dreamweaver, it is very basic and very good!

As for converting... why don't you just copy the HTML code from Frontpage over to dreamweaver and paste it into the HTML code area, try that and see if that works...

Otherwise in Frontpage save the file as a HTML and then in dreamweaver open the HTML file...

Try that and see what happens...

Enjoy :)

It would've been a driver problem.

Have you got the latest version of Java???

Instead of using a router, you can get a switch or a hub.

i recommend a switch, that is what i do in my room. I use a switch and then i have a wireless link as well for my laptop :)

    • AVG is good.. for just "basic" stuff....
    • A good one is [URL="


    • Remove Norton
    • Disable Avira - Not sure that Windows 2000 has msconfig.... if not, just remove it!
    • Download [URL="

Hello all,

My name is Cohen....

I'm into computers and i love using them!

I have a laptop and a desktop... and looking at building a home server as well as a quad core PC next year!

I have a few websites.... i build computer for friends... and i love fixing them!

I would say i spend about 10 hours or so a day (depending on the day) on the computer.... and i love my music :P

Anyway, hope i can help around on the forum :)

Cya around