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Hi all,
Can someone help me with this...

I bought a new modem and installed it into my desktop PC. I installed the modem driver and it was successfully installed.

i tried to dialin to our ISP but it gave me the error 633 - "the port is already in use"

I've checked on the device manager and there's no question mark or exclaimation mark on the modem.
Also when i tried to query the modem, it gave me an error message -"the port that the modem is attached could not be opened. this may be the result of a hardware conflict. check the device manager to verify all devices are functional"

I also uninstalled and installed the driver but still the same...



Since you formatted your Laptop, every settings went back to default...what you do is reset the router then log into it (Router) and reconfigure it using the previous configuration for it to access wirelessly...


I tried but still can't access the router page...
I'm suspecting a IP address conflict...


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Hi All,

I am trying to configure a router which is connected to a 8port ethernet switch with two other printers and two PC's. when trying to access the router page, it asks me for a username and password which i understood it to be no username and password is admin for linksys WRT54G routers...unfortunately i was not able to access the router page and the dialogue box for username and password keeps on appearing on the screen asking for domain username and password...

Any idea's on this???



Do a simple check @ the router...make sure the internet (cat5) cable is plugged properly into the back of the router internet port or check the wireless properties in the TCP/IP and make sure it is configured to DHCP...