Please how can i code a combobox in my software to be able to update itself whenever a new item is keyed in so that it automatically becomes a member of the combobox dropdown list.the combobox should be able to update itself with new items so that users will be able to choose an item from the combobox dropdown or type a new item to be saved.I know that SQL might be used.Please how can i code that.

Please friends am working on a project in which am trying to make it possible that when the first letter/alphabet of a name is keyed into a textbox linked to a search button and when the search button is pressed, all the names/rows begining with that first letter will appear in the Data Gridview provided for it.
Please i need the right SQL Select command statement to achieve this.You can also email me to [email][/email]k you!

Please fellow programmers am relatively new in programming and am currently working on a Library Maintainance and Administration software and am finding it hard inserting pictures with other data's into the database The picture insertion should be optional.Please i need to know the codes i need to achieve this
Please also, is the Report Viewer enabled to print pictures with other data's?Please if possible how can i achieve this.
Please I would appreciate if my questions are giving early response.Thank you!